The Pii Investigation

After five years of investigation (2 with GRACE and 3 with Pii) the pieces of our stories are finally available. The Pii Report can be downloaded in its 280-page entirety or you may choose to read the 8-page executive summary on pages 6-13, which unfortunately does not contain a lot of what was vital information, but does cover the bases. It’s simply impossible to explain decades of abuses and cover ups in 8 pages.

We want to warn you that the contents of the full 280-page report may be deeply disturbing to readers and are sometimes graphic, which may be triggering for abuse survivors. (Note: Victim’s names have been protected.) The brief executive summary is also available.

FINAL Pii REPORT: Donn Ketcham & ABWE (pdf file)


Information previously on this page regarding the interview process with Pii has now been moved and can be found here.


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