May 2016 Pii Report:

After five years of investigation (2 with GRACE and 3 with Pii) the pieces of our stories are finally available. The Pii Report can be downloaded in its 280-page entirety or you may choose to read the 8-page executive summary on pages 6-13, which unfortunately does not contain a lot of what was vital information, but does cover the bases. It’s simply impossible to explain decades of abuses and cover ups in 8 pages. (Note that victims and the public received this on May 2 and 10, 2016, respectively, but that ABWE received it March 11, 2016, it’s actual completion date–nearly 2 months prior.)

We want to warn you that the contents of the full 280-page report may be deeply disturbing to readers and are sometimes graphic, which may be triggering for abuse survivors. (Note: Victim’s names have been protected.) The brief executive summary is also available.

FINAL Pii REPORT: Donn Ketcham & ABWE (pdf file)

Past Documents/Investigation Updates in Chronological Order

July 1989 Events: 

July 1989: A young MK visiting the States without her parents tells her sending church pastor that missionary Dr. Donn Ketcham has been sexually molesting her on the field since she was 12 years old. This pastor contacts ABWE, and ABWE immediately hands the girl over to counselor Russ Lloyd and Ketcham’s boss Russ Ebersole to journey alone with the two men back to Bangladesh and the parents–who had no idea why their child was coming back. Lloyd’s diary chronicles what happened in those dark days, from his perspective. 

Russ Lloyd’s Diary of 1989 Events: 

May 2016 Update/NOTE: These diary pages are incomplete and reflect only what was available to us in 2011. For a much fuller picture of this Russ Lloyd diary and 1989 events, we urge you to read p. 209-218 of the Pii Report (link above), where the Russ Lloyd Diary is referred to as “Journey to Bangladesh.”

1989 Confessions:

ABWE’s 1989 Letters to Churches:

2002: A group of grown MKs tell ABWE leaders attending “The Return” conference that they were also abused by Donn Ketcham as children. The women are promised an investigation, all that is delivered is free counseling (update: counseling not paid until 2010).

2009 SBB Emails ABWE Lawyer:

2011 Blog Launch:

Ketcham victims SBB and the 1989 victim launch this blog to tell their stories and invite truth and transparency to ABWE. ABWE denies wrongdoing until the documents above were released to the public. At which point the board of ABWE acknowledged for the first and only time that the abuser and abuse were mishandled. (Michael Loftis is the only ABWE employee dismissed at the time of the confession, and ABWE denies that his leaving had anything to do with this matter.)

2011 ABWE Confession:

2012 Update:

Despite their initial claims in 2011 that Loftis’ departure had nothing to do with questionable leadership ethics, ABWE made this admission in October 2012. They concede to having also removed Don Davis as council and Russ Ebersole as well. They also concede to dismissing any board members who were around in 1989. 

2013 Update:

On Feb. 7, 2013, ABWE summarily dismissed GRACE as the investigative team and hired Pii, a private firm that specializes–according to their own electronic brochure–in confidentiality with their client (read: their job is to protect ABWE). On Feb. 11, 2013, GRACE gave a detailed and thorough response to every allegation slung by ABWE.

The GRACE report was just a few weeks from completion.

Without GRACE, we the victims are no longer guaranteed:

  • That the identity of interviewees (victims and whistle-blowers both) will be protected from ABWE and its current staff
  • That our interviews are not just fodder for ABWE’s lawyers and their potential defense files
  • That there will be FULL public access to the final report* (with victim names protected)
  • That MKs will be granted equal footing on a committee with ABWE employees to determine final outcomes of the report

*NOTE: ABWE does claim that the Pii report will be “public,” however after repeated inquiries, ABWE still refuses to offer us even the smallest detail or guarantee of what that will look like, which means it could look like their Simms Showers report from 2012. That report gave the public, including supporting churches, absolutely no pertinent information regarding the number of pedophiles, names of pedophiles, the countries affected, the number of victims, the employees involved in covering the abuse, etc. That report can be summed up essentially as “we found stuff and we took care of it.”

That is not at all what it means to make report findings public, and yet that was ABWE’s idea of making findings “public” as recently as the fall of 2012. 

2014 Update:

Over the past few months ABWE’s private investigative team has finally begun contacting Bangladesh missionaries and MKs for interviews. This firm is called Pii (Professional Investigators International) and is a Mormon-run firm in Spokane, WA, with close ties to Scott Ross who was roundly condemned for mishandling New Tribes abuse cases in GRACE’s New Tribes report. Please consult the TIMELINE icon at the top of the page for more details about Pii and ABWE’s ongoing response to MKs, most notably their refusal to answer reasonable questions regarding the investigation.)

When Bob Jones University terminated its agreement with GRACE on February 7, 2014, a year after ABWE did the same, many questions were raised about the legitimacy of ABWE’s claims about GRACE. Hopefully those questions were put to rest when BJU rehired GRACE officially on February 25, 2014, under the exact terms of their original agreement.

We are happy that the BJU survivors have been spared the pain we’ve been through and remain deeply concerned that ABWE has had A FULL YEAR to demonstrate a transformed heart, trustworthiness and transparency to the MK victims, but has failed miserably on all counts.