What OTHERS Are Saying

Here is a list of relevant blog entries and news articles, in no particular order at this time, all of which discuss Donn Ketcham, ABWE’s failings, Wendell Kempton, and/or Bangladesh MKs Speak.


9 Responses to What OTHERS Are Saying

  1. Diana Durrill says:

    Thank You – awesome to see them in one place and I am sure there are more. I actually know of more and will send them over….

  2. Peter Waud says:

    Thank you for the update.
    Continue in prayer for you all.
    Peter Waud
    Pastor, Burien WA

  3. Pamela E. Bennett says:

    You might want to add SHARPERIRON as it has a discussion about this blog and ABWE’s response. This is where I found Dr. Joel Tetraeu’s comment defending the letter Dr. Michael Loftis sent out. Dr. Joel Tetraeu says he is a board member on the Institute of Biblical Leadership which is one of the orginizations involved with accountability for ABWE. Dr. Russ Lloyd is on that board as well as David Southwell who is currently with ABWE.

  4. Patricia Lee says:

    After reading the letter from the Bennets, I was reminded of the wisdom of my dear father. He was so heartbroken when my sister and brother in law (went through a similar experience as the Bennets), cut their ties with ABWE only to receive anything but a Godly parting of the ways. Included in that treatment was their continued illegal activity of “holding retirement funds hostage” over the heads of a missionary.

    My Dad ( now with the Lord, a former Pastor in Iowa), shook his head, and said; ” their is something more going on here, there is more deceit, more disgrace, if you are dishonest in your dealings in one area, then you can NOT be trusted as a person/organization of integrity in another.”

    Well he was right, why did they have to do something so cruel, keep the money of elderly missionaries leaving the org. because they no longer agreed with policies and practices of ABWE.

    Well now we KNOW!!!!! Were they anticipating the uncovering of the sin, and a huge pay off in the future?!!!!!!

    Again, no organization can “police” its own. And that is what we have here. Go back into the history of the GARBC, (and this can NOT be overlooked), several board members served on several boards, or college Presidents, or Presidents of org. institions etc.) and if they asked questions, they must have feared their org. would also be looked at, so the GOOD OLE BOYS had meetings, their PR people would put out news items and the garbage was swept under the carpet!

    I would be more than happy to go into detail, let me be more specific, there is currently a leader of an org. that is on the ABWE board, his Dad was on the board before him, this has been true of SEVERAL colleges, institutions etc in the GARBC (are you ready for this one), “APPROVED” groups/agencies. Although they no longer have the approval process, you will have to dig into this issue to get to the heart of the problem. Unless GRACE has access to ALL the connections I am noting, they will not be able to connect the dots!

    I am so sad that the HURT inflicted seems to continue. If ABWE was really trying to “right” this huge WRONG they could have done things much faster, why are they dragging their heels. How much sanitizing of their org. do they have to do before they let GRACE open the huge mess to light. I am praying for each vicitm, as a Mother I can not imagine the pain the Moms of all these young girls have gone through over the years, and the pain of the victims, unthinkable. How it must hurt our Lord to see these org. claiming to be working for His kingdom to continue to bring pain!

    When someone disagrees with you, leaves the mission, org. etc., they evidently all use the same template, label them as heathens, hinder anyone from talking with them or they will be punished, oh, except if they have committed grievous, horrible sexual sins and then the GOOD OLE BOYS will keep it under wraps and financially support the sinner!

    • Bemused says:

      I’m a fish who has not swum in the ABWE pond, my lot was to swim in the New Tribes Mission pond, but from where I now sit, the ponds look very similar. Murky, deep and hiding who knows how much filth.
      It has been 30 years since I was an MK in PNG, and for those 30 years my father told me that what I saw and experienced never happened. Then last October I discovered (courtesy of the Fanda Eagles Website) that I was by no means one solitary dissgruntled MK, trying to make sense of what I knew deep down to be very true, that in fact NTM boarding schools worldwide were cesspools of child sexual and other abuse.
      So of course I wrote to NTM and they confessed all, offered me wonderful counseling and all is just wonderful now. Of course not. I get to deal with NTM Australia (or Crossview as they call themselves), who do not reply to e-mails. So are they apathetic or just plain lazy. Neither, they are scared! Why, because when the big questions get asked it is easier to hide. Questions like, why was a jailed padeophile’s offences deliberately covered up? Who did this and why all the lies about it. Ooh and one big question, what is my own fathers involvement in all this?
      Anyway I could ramble on and on with my musings, but why not pop over and have a look at the Fanda Eagles site, you’ll find me (the one with the pic of the cute dog on the back of the bike) and many caring MKs and parents. You’ll even find a thread called ABWE.



  5. Patricia says:

    I am amazed that it has already been 11 months since started reading this blog.

    I am amazed at the things that have been accomplished already by the brave ladies and their families, with modern technology and because of this blog, there is now a list of abusers and churches that hide abusers as posted on the forum.

    No longer can individuals, churches, camps, colleges, or agencies hide behind the cloak of “we must not spread rumors, it is a sin to gossip.”

    The message has come out loud and clear; WARNING! It is a SIN and it is ILLEGAL to abuse children AND to cover for the abuser!

    I am amazed how this forum has allowed light to shine on darkness.

    I am ready and waiting to rejoice with you as GRACE concludes their investigation.

    Praying for each of you as you reach the one year milestone!

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Thank you, Patricia. We, too, can’t believe it has been a year. It has been a tough year, for sure. God has brought us to some mountain top victories, for sure, but we have also all been through some pretty serious valleys (some related to this issue and some personal). This is spiritual warfare! We covet your continued prayers as we forge ahead in our pursuit of Truth and Justice. GRACE has a lot of work still ahead of them so keep them in your prayers as well. AND – we should continue to pray for ABWE to make right steps to right this wrong and prevent it from happening again. Thank you for your support and prayers – they are appreciated!

      Diana Durrill

  6. Jim & Pam Leffew says:

    We just want you to know that we are still praying for you all. We heard this song today and hope it will be a blessing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X6h6QiFqi4&feature=related

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