Previously Published Discussion of Pii

The following was published on February 26, 2014, a year into the long Pii Investigation, but is kept here for reference and because it was not our intent to hide this page in any way after the fact. Note that it is currently irrelevant, given the Pii investigation has concluded. 


What’s the harm in interviewing with Pii? 

We get asked this question privately on a weekly basis now.

Most missionaries and MKs imagine that the worst case scenario of the Pii investigation is ABWE withholding the final report of this investigation from the public.* And of course, that’s a very legitimate concern.

However, the worst that can happen is actually that the information gathered by Pii could be used to hurt victims and other innocent parties in order for ABWE to maintain control and defend themselves at all cost.

While ABWE fired GRACE with the allegation that it seemed GRACE was “building a case” against them, it now seems that those who participate in the Pii investigation may actually be helping ABWE build a case to defend themselves against accusations, padding their legal team with interviews and transcripts to give them power and control and the ability to peg others as the scapegoats. We can say this, because all the necessary written assurances, public information, and safety nets that should be built into an investigation like this to prevent such a twisted outcome are simply not there. (We must be promised–in writing–protection of victim and whistle-blower identities from ABWE, assurances of who will see and “own” interview transcripts, assurances of what will be included in the final public report, etc.)*

THIS is the harm in interviewing without more written details and public promises from ABWE and Pii as to how this investigation is being conducted and what the plan is for every aspect of it from interview transcripts to the final report. This is the problem with ABWE’s shroud of secrecy on this investigation. What you don’t know can absolutely hurt you–even you who are just trying to help.

Those who have insisted on answers about the investigation’s design prior to interviewing with Pii have not been interviewed, because the answers are not being given. This–along with ABWE’s odd silence regarding the progress of the investigation and any details thereof–should be a huge red flag to anyone paying attention.

We are not suggesting that anyone refuse to interview with Pii. We ourselves have not refused to interview with Pii, indeed, they are excluding us by refusing to answer reasonable questions.

What we are suggesting is that participation in this investigation should hinge on Pii and ABWE’s willingness to be forthright and transparent regarding the details of the investigative process.

* A NOTE ABOUT ABWE AND “PUBLIC” REPORTS: Given ABWE’s very recent version of making results “public” (the Simms Showers investigation of historical abuse in 2012) there is zero evidence of a new commitment to transparency and public accountability. No pedophiles were named in that report, the exact number of pedophiles found was not reported, number of mission fields affected, exact number of employees involved in mishandling, etc., and what’s more, we have not found even one supporting church who was informed by ABWE of the pedophile’s identities. Therefore it is with very good reason that we doubt ABWE’s vague intention to make the report “public.” Without specifics given to us in writing, ABWE’s word simply cannot be trusted.