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Please see the following update on administrative changes at ABWE, which went live on October 17, 2012:

ABWE Announces Leadership Changes

The changes include the board seeking and receiving the resignations of Don Davis and Russ Ebersole, as well as removing any board members active in 1989 from any existing current ABWE boards.

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A Joint MK Statement to ABWE of Solidarity on These Points

Though recent allegations have divided the MKs of Bangladesh, we believe in these last days of the GRACE investigation it is important to remember that which unites us. We do not wish for Satan to have yet another victory in this saga by placing walls between us in these final hours.

So, we wish to remind you and remind ABWE of the things we stand for, undivided:

1. ABWE has not only failed in the past to address child sexual abuse properly–as they have admitted–but their mishandling continues to this day with half-hearted internal investigations with secret outcomes, as demonstrated in the Simms Showers investigation. We ask for thorough investigating by true third parties in the future, for a full disclosure of the Simms Showers report(s) and any future reports, including a response from the accused, with only victims’ names protected. We also agree that the child abuse policy/guidelines at ABWE should be balanced enough that there are protections built in for both the accuser and the accused. We hope that ABWE will allow GRACE to inform such policies and allow for input from adult MKs.

2. ABWE has not properly and publicly addressed their handling of administrative employees who were involved in child sexual abuse mishandling, including Michael Loftis, who they maintain publicly left for unrelated reasons.

3. ABWE has not properly and publicly investigated and addressed concerns of sexual misconduct by nationals on the field of Bangladesh and concerns that nationals may have been abused by Donn Ketcham. All victims matter, not just MKs.

4. We do not desire to destroy ABWE, but rather to see it restored to its former reputation of integrity.

We hope that our fellow Bangladesh MKs will agree with us on these points and join us in praying that God would work in all of our hearts at this time. Signed as one …

  • Rick Adolph
  • Susannah (Beals) Baker
  • Nathan Barrick
  • Deborah (Barrick) Beddoe
  • Scott Benedict
  • Daniel DeCook
  • David DeCook
  • Stephen DeCook
  • Diana (James) Durrill
  • Diane (Walsh) Ford
  • Mark Goddard
  • Kimberly James
  • Debi (Totman) Martin
  • Lynda (Adolph) Miller
  • Tamara (Barrick) Rice
  • Cindy (Adolph) Smith
  • Anne (James) Smith
  • Eric Tower
  • Jonathan Tower
  • Debbie Walsh
  • Doug Walsh
  • Phil Walsh
  • Susannah (Goddard) Weldy
  • Linda (Walsh) Zylstra

If you would like your name added as a Bangladesh MK, please message us on our Facebook Page: and we’ll be sure you get added.


NOTE: The blog will take an indefinite time of silence to be in prayer. We ask you to join us in petitioning God for our unity, peace and comfort in God’s sovereignty. We will continue to post verses on Facebook as reminders to pray, but it will not be a place for discussion at this time. 

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Who Can Hold ABWE Accountable? Churches, Denominations, Affiliations and YOU

We need your help to spread awareness to various denominations and evangelical affiliations with ties to ABWE. They have the influence necessary to inspire action at ABWE headquarters in ways we have not been able to.

Below you will find suggestions for your emails (please speak from your heart) and a list of contacts to choose from. We encourage you to make your voices heard.

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little—do what you can.”   —  Sidney Smith

Points to Bring Up:

  • The Simms Showers investigation. We’re concerned about the vague number of cases, the quality of the investigation, and lack of transparency. How can we be sure ABWE did due diligence when they have not in the past? Continue reading
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A Healthy Mission Board for MKs

We are often asked what a healthy mission board/field for MKs would look like. While we don’t have all the answers, we definitely have some thoughts.

  • In the initial hiring process of missionaries several things should happen:
    • Thorough background checks of prospective missionaries
    • Thorough sexual abuse prevention and response training
    • Waivers signed stating that the mission knows of no allegations of abuse regarding any of the coworkers (nationals and missionaries) on the field where the missionary will serve and that they will be notified immediately in writing if any come to light at any point, even if no longer with the board. Continue reading
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Another Article: “Helping Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

This article comes to us from and I believe it is really important reading for the pastors who come to this site wanting to understand what is happening and how abuse affects victims as adults. (A warning for abuse survivors that there are a few sentences in the article that describe what constitutes sexual abuse, and this may be disturbing to some.)

But there is great stuff here. Including …

These truths about childhood sexual abuse and its effects have enormous implications for pastors. They will keep a pastor from telling a victim, “That was such a long time ago. Why don’t you just get over it and move on?” These truths will remind a pastor that survivors are often sexually promiscuous or struggle with chemical addiction, so he can address the underlying issue and not just the obvious behavior problems. They will also prevent him from shaming the survivor for her sinful actions, and thus adding to her despair.  Equally important, the informed pastor will realize he must always refer sexual abuse victims for additional help.

Please check it out and let us know what you thought: “Innocence Lost” Helping Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Marnie C. Ferree

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Interesting Article: “What to Do When Your Minister Is Accused of Abuse”

This article is a re-print from this link at SNAP (The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests). I found it especially interesting that they caution people in how they respond to abuse allegations, if they believe in the innocence of the minister. In summary, the problem is that little eyes are watching. And in these tense moments the little ones around us are getting a message loud and clear: This is how people treat you when you come forward. People won’t believe you. People will turn on you and attack your family. It’s not worth it. It’s too ugly. You’ll be hated.

Please take time to read and share your thoughts with us:

What to do when your minister is accused of abuse

1) Remain open-minded.
The natural human instinct is to recoil from alleged horror, and to immediately assume that the allegations are false. But the overwhelming majority of abuse disclosures prove to be true. In every case, the proper and Christian response is to remain open-minded.

Continue reading

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Ed Stezter Speaks Out Regarding ABWE and Abuse Scandal

We are so grateful popular missiologist Ed Stetzer broke his silence. Incredibly grateful, especially at this time.

I waited, not so patiently, I know. But I believe God’s timing was impeccable. Thank you, Ed.

Please read it. It’s great: The Price

— Tamara

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