Another High-Profile ABWE Missionary Disciplined for Child Sexual Abuse

From the James Family, Former Missionaries to Bangladesh:

It is with sorrowful, broken hearts that our family shares tragic news with you today.  On August 30, 2012 we were made aware that another missionary and our coworker from Bangladesh sexually abused our daughter/sister, Kim (also known as the 14 year old victim of Dr. Donn Ketcham).  ABWE has been aware of this information since Russ Lloyd and Russ Ebersole interviewed her in 1989.  They made note of her accusations in their files but never shared the information with us.

There are no words at this time to describe the pain and betrayal we feel at the hands of so many, nor is there any way we can communicate the overwhelming grief we feel for our MK friends, the Walsh children.

ABWE has disappointed and betrayed us in the severest of ways.  Why Russ Ebersole, Russ Lloyd, and Wendall Kempton did not take her accusations seriously, in light of the accusations made by other children in 1980 and prior is beyond our understanding, but to not have shared these allegations with her parents in 1989 is unthinkable.

Diana Durrill, daughter of Ken & Sue James and older sister to Kim, has reached out and responded to ABWE repeatedly over the past year, trying to work with interim president Al Cockrell, at his request, to build a bridge of communication between the MKs and the current ABWE administration.  She met personally and face-to-face with Al on two occasions.  She was aware of the allegations by other women toward Jay Walsh and had even discussed the issue with Al.  He never let on that her own sister was also a victim of abuse by the same hands.  Ken and Sue James also met with Al Cockrell personally in February of this year, at which time the “historical investigation” was underway and the other victims had been, or were about to be, interviewed by Simms Showers.  Al never shared with Ken & Sue that Kim had previously made allegations of abuse by Jay Walsh.

Diana has had more than one phone conversation with Ron Berrus, ABWE Board President, the most recent of which was yesterday morning.  Ron indicated that he was unaware of Kim’s ’89 testimony of abuse by Jay Walsh that, if true, he agreed would change the outcome of their “historical investigation”.  Immediately following that telephone conversation Diana received an email from one of the other victims with the following letter attached.  After reading the letter and seeing Kim’s name in print, our family cannot interpret Ron Berrus’ verbal response as anything but insincere and deceitful after observing his signature on the hand-delivered letter of discipline addressed to Jay Walsh.

Our minds and hearts cannot comprehend why ABWE and these men would keep this information from us, beginning in ’89 and continuing to the present day.  What we have learned in the past 18 months is that all of the sexual assault committed against our daughter/sister could have and should have been prevented had ABWE responded correctly to the allegations against both Dr. Donn Ketcham and Jay Walsh before we even began our first term.

Added to our own grief is the knowledge that another family has borne the burden of this knowledge for decades.  The testimony of their daughters who were also assaulted by Jay Walsh breaks our hearts.  We know and understand the trauma of not being believed and fully understand the pain involved in the process of trying to establish truth.  Our love and prayers go out to this family and we trust the truth will bring some measure of healing.

Truly, there are no adequate words to describe our heartbreak.  With tremendous sorrow for so many we share the following information with you.

The James Family

Ephesians 5:11


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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145 Responses to Another High-Profile ABWE Missionary Disciplined for Child Sexual Abuse

  1. Tamara Rice says:

    I am saddened deeply and there are no words. Later, I’m sure, the words will come. Prayers with both families.

  2. paulspassingthoughts says:

    None of this comes out if not for your actions and this website. And other predators would have total freedom to operate. God only knows the number of children who will be spared what you have endured. Furthermore, it is clear: leaders cannot be depended on to protect the children; only the predators. Parents and missionaries need to take note.

    • Jo says:

      Amen and Amen. Too stunned to speak further.

    • Rebecca says:

      Exactly what you said. The work these women have done is heroic and courageous. Their willingness to look evil in the face, unflinchingly, and consistently stand for the good is an inspiration and truly God’s work.

  3. Rebecca says:

    May our Lord have Mercy. My thoughts and prayers are with you all today.

  4. Deb says:

    My heart aches and my head is spinning. So much sin, so much grief. Praying.

  5. still praying says:

    Such sorrow…still praying.

  6. Patricia says:

    Prayers, that is all I can do right now is pray, how deep, how wide, how many other evil secrets are hidden in the organizational

    • D.S. says:

      What worries me is – is it everywhere? I’m having a hard time believing I can trust ANY organization.

  7. Jo says:

    “But we do not feel it is our place to release the information except in an appropriate forum such as to sending churches and appropriate authorities.” This was from the ABWE website regarding the Simms Showers investigation. I understand “personnel matters” per their comment. HOWEVER, individual people sent their money to ABWE via their churches for the support of missionaries. No doubt some sent money directly to ABWE for their designated missionary. And a certain percentage of that money was used to support the offices and staff of ABWE. I dare say these giving and trusting people should be told a whole lot more information than they have been thus far. At the very least, I would urge the SENDING CHURCHES and whomever else gets this ‘confidential’ information to make it public to their people. (Or are we going to go all New Calvinistic and say that mere pew sitters can’t possibly be capable of discernment. They should merely ‘trust’ their leaders.) Every current member and every member of whatever time period that was involved should get a copy of that communication as well as any other such ‘confidential’ communications. A sending church is made up of people who give their money and who believe it will be used wisely and with great discretion. Yes, I’m talking a lot about money…..I’m wondering if there was a lot of talk about money and control and appearances and prestige during closed-door meetings back in ’89….when even the PARENTS of this child were not notified. So much for the usual Baptist rhetoric about the authority of the home and the authority of parents. Sorry this is so lengthy, but I’m sick to my stomach at the moment. God help us. I used to think ABWE was the “cream of the crop”. I had ABWE missionaries in my home for dinner. I was busy in the church facilitating events when they came on deputation, etc. Now, sadly, I’m wondering if they aren’t all suspect. I know there are those who never ever had a clue. Not even a hint. But I’m angered that now those dear people are forced to prove their own innocence. Maybe they’ll understand how horrible it is for a very young girl(s) to have to speak of the unspeakable and nobody believes her and nobody stands for her.

    If whoever is monitoring this thinks I’ve “gone over the edge”, I’ll totally understand if it never makes it into print. It’s ok. I’ve spoken my mind.

    • David says:

      “Or are we going to go all New Calvinistic and say that mere pew sitters can’t possibly be capable of discernment. They should merely ‘trust’ their leaders.” What an ignorant and offensive thing to say. I am what some might describe as a “New Calvinistic” pastor and “New Calvinism” is by no means a monolithic movement. Most of the pastors and churches I know are very loving and humble. For the record I am horrified and sickened by all the has happened at ABWE and our church (leadership and congregation) is in the process of reconsidering our support of the organization in light of all that has happened.

      • D.S. says:

        Well.., David…what Jo said may be ‘ignorant’ as in “lacking knowledge” and it may have ticked you off (offended you), but I think you should consider that Jo is speaking with great emotion. When that is the case, it’s good to let exactness slide. For all you know, she has experienced “New Calvinistic” that is exactly as she portrays. When you’ve been bitten by a dog it is easy to be afraid, even if the next dog is friendly.

    • Susana says:

      Jo, you are so, so right. Reading about Jay Walsh sickened me this afternoon. He used to be a revered leader in ABWE! When will it all stop? I highly doubt they will understand what it is like to be violated at a young age and it’s even more devastating to not be believed!

  8. amazed says:

    Just posted on ABWE facebook: Be it known that ABWE does not protect children and therefore is unwilling to acknowledge past problems by recent actions as recent as yesterday a lie was told about a situation. We repudiate this and will do our best to not support any ABWE missionaries in future- why? Lie not one to another. Stay Biblical a lie is never the answer. To all ABWE honest workers we cry for you to step forward and find out the truth.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Sorry to break the news to you but it will be deleted and you will be blocked. Been there done that but thanks for standing for us anyhow. You all are huge encouragements to us!

      • amazed says:

        Oh, I know I will, but being blocked from a sinful institution is not a hard thing to endure. 🙂 Standing with right is more important.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Friends, you can also show support by liking us on Facebook:

        It sounds weird, we know, but the number on our screen there can send a powerful message that people are watching and encourages the victims that they are not alone, so share it with your friends.

        Since messages on ABWE’s wall get deleted, feel free to leave a message for them on ours.

    • C.J. says:

      It is beyond deciding what is Biblical or not, these are CRIMES and should have been reported to the authorities. The Church has nothing to do with CRIMES that is why we have legal authorities.

      • amazed says:

        True, absolutely true. However, I was dealing with the current lie about the crimes. The current abwe board president. If you wish to state that his crime imay be covering up- yes. The legal aspect though, may be that the statute of limitation runs out on human law. While in God’s law there is no statute of limitation! The churches need to know that abwe lies- this is important so that people will finally have their eyes opened to the crimes. Please don’t be to hard on a supporter for not mentioning every aspect of the situation.–Know that I agree that these were crimes!

      • Lynda (Adolph) Miller says:

        You weren’t on the mission field. Why didn’t you contact the legal authorities?

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I don’t believe CJ needs to defend the decision of her parents. But I will say that her parents, like most good Christians in ministry at that time, believed it was a matter for their church, and they did take it to their church. Not once, but multiple times. We have all learned the hard way that confronting abuse without legal authorities was the worst possible way, but it was the way of many churches at that time, especially when the abuser was a fellow minister.

  9. D Bos says:

    We are still here, still watching closely, and still praying for the grieving families. As others have said, it is almost impossible to put thoughts and feelings into words. Just know that you are not alone. You are surrounded by many loving brothers and sisters in Christ who support you and who stand with you.

  10. twiga92 says:

    I’m appalled! So sad. So sorry.

  11. Reblogged this on Speakingtruthinlove's Blog and commented:
    More outrageous behavior by those who call themselves Christians.

  12. Judy David says:

    How many more have been harmed? What of the Bengali and tribal families touched by Jay and Don? What of their own children. I have experienced first hand the damage to a child from the trauma of sexual abuse. If a child speaks of abuse why does it require ” witnesses” to be believed? Just because a child ” can’t remember all the details or gives a distorted version or even recants” does not mean the abuse did not happen. Many kids disassociate or fear the consequences of others knowing; “what will people think about me” It’s my fault” etc. The Evil One preys on their innocence and naivety and keeps many victims bound in depression and fear. ABWE let’s just cut to the chase and admit, “we screwed up” Now lets move on and reach out to all victims ( I still worry about the impact to the nationals) and take ownership for their healing and restoration. They can never give back these children what was lost but they can say sincerely, “We are sorry, please forgive us and lets work together to insure this doesn’t happen again on our watch.”

    • D.S. says:

      When I read the letter I initially thought that when they said not enough evidence, they meant it didn’t happen. Then I remembered the Sandusky trial. The jury did not convict him for his abuse of the boy in the shower because that man was unable to recall what had happened. It doesn’t mean Sandusky didn’t do it. It just means that they didn’t have sufficient evidence to convict.

    • C.J. says:

      Be assured, if there are 4 of us that have been molested/assaulted by Jay Walsh, there are 100’s more. It just goes with the profile of a pedophile especially after decades and decades of time.

      • Phil Walsh says:

        I’m glad you used the word “if”, C.J. [name abbreviated by moderator] That is the key word here. However, since you have decided to be the judge, jury, and executioner of my dad in the court of public opinion, you have now opened yourself and your family to a vigorous cross examination of your lives and motives also in the court of public opinion. We know your family well and many others who have written to us do as well. We feel the whole story needs to be told, not just your allegations. And we’ll wait with you for the 100’s more that you think are out there. Ask Diana and Tam if they were abused by my dad. Tam even stayed with my parents for a while when her parents were out of the country. That would have been a prime time to take advantage of her. Did he? Please don’t continue to demonize people and use others as scapegoats because of the many problems in your own family.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        While I want to give you a voice here, Phil, you know that putting the victims on trial is not something I can allow you to do. Please refrain from disparaging CJ’s family in this space. I appreciate that you are in pain, but it’s something we won’t allow, as this is to be a safe place for victims. Thank you.

        – TR

      • Phil Walsh says:

        I realize that you will not allow me post anything because it is contrary to your personal agenda/vendetta. But that’s okay. I will post everything on the blog I am setting up now and will name all the names there. Unfortunately, you have started a dangerous game and have opened yourself up to things you probably didn’t wish for. I knew some time ago that you had lost your integrity and your hypocrisy and condescending comments will be there for all to see. Don’t let bitterness overwhelm you, if it isn’t too late.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        We allowed you to post quite a bit. Perhaps your spirit will quiet as a result and the loving man we once believed you to be will return. We understand you are hurting. But we did not investigate your dad. ABWE did. We did not dismiss him from fellowship. ABWE did. No one there even asked us if we knew him. If you would like to vilify us, rewrite history, and attack us that’s okay. Our consciences are clear. Our hearts have always been for truth and justice. TR

    • Susana says:

      To Judy David: When you said, “I have experienced first hand the damage to a child from the trauma of sexual abuse. If a child speaks of abuse why does it require ” witnesses” to be believed? Just because a child ” can’t remember all the details or gives a distorted version or even recants” does not mean the abuse did not happen. Many kids disassociate or fear the consequences of others knowing; “what will people think about me” It’s my fault” etc. The Evil One preys on their innocence and naivety and keeps many victims bound in depression and fear,” you spoke the truth! I, too, have experienced the damage of childhood sexual abuse. Believe me, ABWE’s response to these heinous crimes is despicable!! My comfort comes from Matthew 18:6 where it says, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  13. Rebecca says:

    I think you can safely say at this point that ABWE had a nest of pedophiles and their enablers. It certainly appears the Bangladesh field was. Horrifying.

    • Phil Walsh says:

      Bingo! This is exactly what the MK blog has been trying to do. It simply isn’t true, but in the court of public opinion you can say anything you want without any proof, as Rebecca so aptly demonstrates here. The is ample proof that this blog has become like any run-of-the-mill political blog, except worse…because it tries to hide behind the name of Christ.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        The proof in this matter, as we’ve stated is just this: ABWE investigated and felt the allegations against your dad were credible enough to sever ties with him and consider him in breach of the child sexual abuse policy. That’s fact, because it’s written in a letter. Could he still be innocent? Sure, but the letter means ABWE didn’t think so. There will never be the kind of proof you want to see because these are decades old. No DNA. Nothing like that. An investigation making a conclusion and an organization acting quietly on it says something, even if you don’t like what it says. It’s not a court of law, no. No one is saying it is. But we can’t disregard it simply because it wasn’t a jury verdict.

      • Rebecca says:

        Phil, what you read here was a reaction — an honest reaction to news that my friends are feeling more pain. In fact, even before I saw your comment this morning, I thought last evening of asking the moderators to take it down, not because I doubt the veracity of what I have read here, but because my reaction was not constructive.

        Please do not accuse the blog, however, of that which is not–a run-of-the-mill political blog, or worse. They are not hiding behind the name of Christ. They are not trying anyone in the court of public opinion. While I have often said these women are doing journalism here, they are also doing something more: They are putting their hearts and souls, unedited and open, out here for public consumption. It is messy, but that’s actually what the Christian life is. We are not called to have it all together. We are not called to be perfect or without emotion. We are called to be truthful. And I believe they have been.

        I cannot begin to know what you are feeling. But know that since I read the above entry by the James family, you have ALL been in my prayers. Even though we have never met.

  14. isaiah 618 says:

    If you know ABWE missionaries–current, past present–ask them if they follow the blog and are aware of the recent developments. It will not surprise many of you to know that on the Bangladesh ABWE field reading this blog is strongly discouraged. I can’t say whether that comes from leadership at headquarters or overzealous missionaries, but it has been explained to us. A few current Bangladesh ABWE missionaries read it and support us, we know that. But most are discouraged from having any part in it. NOT talking about these things never got us (Bangladesh “family”) anywhere. Please encourage them to start talking. If you support any ABWE missionaries, please encourage them not to ignore these developments. Remind them that silence has hampered the cause of justice. Trusting ABWE to “handle things” hampered the cause of justice.

  15. Aunt Jan says:

    In my study today of Psalm 82 regarding the shortcomings and failings of Israel’s judges (“gods” in vs 1 and 6) the last verse says ‘Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance.’ Comment by James Montgomery Boice in ‘Psalms – An Expostional Commentary’ ; “Is this a prayer for God’s intervention in history in what we call the Last Judgement, when he will pour out his wrath upon all evildoers? Probably. But it is also a prayer that justice might be done by God through his people, who, whatever the failure of civil rulers may be, nevertheless are called to show mercy and exercise justice in the sphere of their more limited influence and to the extent of their responsibility. This is a challenge for what each of us can do. We must not avoid it.”
    Thank you MK bloggers for doing the hard work where those in authority have failed. We place our confidence in the righteousness and justice of our good and almighty God.

  16. concerned reader says:

    To the James’ family and all in the blog they represent, I want to say how much I respect the restraint, care and concern you have shown throughout all of this. Much prayer for you all as this is processed by family members, friends, and others. No one wants innocent people to be accused, which is why there needs to be credible investigations by 3rd parties. I am sure because of close relationships, past and present this was incredibly difficult burden you have had to endure.
    If a teacher is accused of abuse, a suspension (often even with pay but removed from sitiation) is followed by law enforcement investigation. Who ever heard of an organization that decides for itself what is judged to be worthy of a crime. The lawyer that does that is called a prosecutor..
    When teachers suspect child abuse, they are legally mandated to report it whether or not they have the proper evidence. Others do the investigating… they are to error on the side of protecting the child. It can be confidentially done in case there is an error.
    Suggestion for ABWE: 1. Start with reporting all previous/current cases to Penn. authorities/investigators. Let them look into the abuse claims.. 2. If it is too late to prosecute, turn all cases over to GRACE. 3. Open up all records for them to investigate. They have certainly been confidential so far. 4. All employees involved in the deceit, cover-up, or other inept decisions need to be removed. Also this is no time to be naming a hospital after Dr. Kempton!
    By the way the actions to punish are really over the top… not publishing books written by him (about you); no access to your money– but your wife can get her support… Really no requirement of repentance… or letter of apology.. maybe that has happened I don’t know but seemed like the same thing that was done in past.. wipe their hands of it..

    Remember God can take care of His own reputation… the closer truth is you are protecting you own reputations and those of past leaders… and doing so in God’s Name. God takes His Name seriously…

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Is there truly a hospital being named after Wendell Kempton? I am dumbfounded.

      – Tamara

      • twiga92 says:

        I think in Togo there is a hospital being built and named after Kempton. Unfortunately I think my alma mater BBC (Baptist Bible College in PA) is also naming a building after Kempton.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        That is like Penn State naming a building after Paterno. Were men like Kempton all good or all bad? No. But the bad they did outweighs the good. They should not be honored. Honoring them is an insult to the people who were wounded under their watch. Clearly Kempton did not concern himself much over the well-being of any children he wasn’t related to. Clearly he lacked the courage to do hard things. Clearly he was not the man many believed him to be, and we ask again … what other skeletons is ABWE hiding?

        – T.R.

      • isaiah 618 says:


        Write to to protest this highly inappropriate name for their building. It is literally like Penn State naming something for Paterno. Children were victimized because Kempton lacked courage and integrity. Again, again, and again.

        Please write and tell them. It is not too late.

        – T.R.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        And the hospital in Togo is for Karolynn Kempton.

      • twiga92 says:

        I have written to BBC to protest the naming of this athletic center after Dr. Kempton. I urge others to do the same, especially those who are alumni of this college. BBC did the right thing by removing an award that was given to Donn Ketcham many years ago. Hopefully they will listen now as well.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Thank you! It is so appreciated. And you are right, they were very willing to listen to reason last year. I have high hopes that they will do the same again.

        – TR

      • isaiah 618 says:

        PS A super, duper easy way to make your voice heard on this one is to go to BBC’s Facebook page:

        Find my “recommendation” to them on the far right of the wall … click “like.” Done. Voice heard.

        What could be easier? Imagine if we could get hundreds to “like” it before Monday morning. They’d have no choice but to at least consider the suggestion. And as they scroll through to look who “liked” it imagine if they see alumni, ministers, and others in Christian ministry. It is a peaceful message, I promise. And a tangible way to show concern for victims.

        Let’s try this together.

        Tamara Barrick Rice

      • Margaret says:

        no, it is after his first wife, Carolyn Kempton.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Ahh. Makes sense. Thank you for the info!

        – TR

    • D.S. says:

      How can you require repentance and who wants a forced apology? Maybe thats not what you mean.

      • concerned reader says:

        D. S. I assuming you were referring to my post. You are right no one wants a forced, empty apology and I should have left that out. Thank you. I was just feeling ABWE’s response was so lacking.. all legal terms. and no accountability.

  17. amazed says:

    Here is a link showing that the entire complex is named for Wendell Kempton, while the Hospital is named for Karolynn kempton.– If I have that right.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Interesting. Sadly, a lot of other Christian organizations have learned the hard way that it is unwise to glorify men in that way. Sometimes people have to be dead a LONG time before we can ever truly know what their legacy was.


      • ashamed says:

        Tamara; has bbc already blocked your recommendation from being “liked?” A couple of us have tried to “like” and there seems to be no option when you get to the bbc facebook page.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Great question. A few people just liked it in the last hour, so I’m assuming it’s okay … but perhaps I’m wrong. I will check it out. I’m sure they have ways to shut it down. Was hoping on a Saturday it would be easy to get something accomplished without the watchful eye of their IT and social media people. 😉

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Okay … looks to me like it still works, but you have to click on my comment first, THEN you’ll have the option to click like once it opens in a new window.

        I think … let’s try that. Thank you!

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Figured it out. Only my FB friends have been able to “like” my comment. Oh well. You learn something new every day. But please anyone who can, go and write your own note to BBC and have YOUR FB friends like YOUR note. 🙂

      • D Bos says:

        I’m not sure if I’m your FB friend or not, but the clicking did work! There were actually quite a few replies to click on.:) Commenting was also possible. I’m praying the message is heard loud and clearly!

    • D.S. says:

      I think…, Mango is a new hospital in a different part of Togo. ABWE is giving it some crazy long name honoring Kempton. The local people call it something like “hospital of hope” What? Let the locals name the hospital? What a concept.

      • amazed says:

        Thank you I was having trouble pinning down what the difference was. Still I think I should look into where these are defined for sure. It is kind of confusing. Also, I totally agree let the locals name the hospital.

  18. I heard a several months ago that ABWE had asked GRACE to preform an investigation into ABWE.

    1) Was that ever true? Or was it a rumor?
    2) Has GRACE completed its investigation, or did ABWE break it off with GRACE and hand it over to this Simms Group?

    Please excuse my ignorance if these questions have already been answered elsewhere.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      GREAT questions. Thank you for bringing them up.

      1. Yes, ABWE hired GRACE last summer, but only to investigate the Donn Ketcham matter. They have not allowed GRACE to be involved in any other case and we understand there are several. GRACE has been working on this for months now. They are being very thorough, not rushing.

      2. GRACE is not done, but are nearing the end. I don’t know how close, I just know that many of the interviews have already been done. ABWE has not broken off with GRACE in the Donn Ketcham matter.

      3. (I’ll add this.) Simms Showers was hired by ABWE earlier this year when they realized Donn Ketcham was the tip of the iceburg and that there were others. Unfortunately, the Simms Showers firm specializes in protecting non-profits best interest. They were accountable ONLY to ABWE for their findings, no one else, whereas GRACE MUST make findings public record. Simms Showers rushed their investigation, and no doubt intend to use what they know to protect ABWE against lawsuits and the like rather than using what they know to hold ABWE accountable with the public. Their investigation was completely internal and was not a true third party.

      Great questions. Thank you for asking.

      • D.S. says:

        Yeah, and if they were going back in history…., why weren’t every MK and missionary (still living) contacted and asked if there was abuse? To ME, that is a thorough investigation. Why in the world would they think they would know who to contact and not?

  19. ashamed says:

    The president of Baptist Bible College appears to be unwavering in his obsession with naming the KEMPTON Athletic Center. You can contact athletics, but this is NOT an initiative that started there. This is the personal mission of President Jim Jeffrey. Contact him and share your concern. How can Penn State have a higher sense of “doing the right thing” than a Bible College? The dedication ceremony for the as of yet unfinished building is October 13. Contact the President or contact athletics, but CONTACT SOMEONE whether you are an alum or not. BBC has always prided itself on its tight bonds with ABWE. Time to put their hero-worship aside and show some moral integrity.

  20. canadianreader says:

    I wasn’t able to “like” your comment on the BBC page, Tamara, so I left one of my own. Blessings on you for standing up for what’s right. Many of us are watching and praying for those in positions of leadership to make wise decisions.

  21. ashamed says:

    Some BBC trustees to consider contacting regarding the naming of the KEMPTON athletic center: (maybe you know others?) Steve Viars (IN), Duke Crawford (OH), Don Shirk (NY), Jeff Howell (PA), Pat Nemmers (IA), Dan Kallman (MI), Ruth Trott (PA)

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Very good to know. Thank you! If I am not mistaken, Shirk is also on the GARBC council of 18.

      – TR

      • ashamed says:

        his church website also links him to abwe!

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Sadly, that does not surprise.

        Scroll to the very bottom of our timeline to see how closely tied GARBC and ABWE really are. Fascinating story. We are desperate for GARBC’s help in calling ABWE to accountability, but it is tricky because they are so interconnected.

        – TR

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Friends, you can also tweet your disapproval. Why so public? Because we know sometimes it is the only way to get leaders to act. Is it bad publicity for BBC? Yes. Let them rise to the occasion and right the wrong, because THAT is GOOD publicity.

        I tweeted this:

        @BaptistBibleCS // Please no buildings named for Kempton. He failed to protect children. He failed ABWE. #STOPKemptonCenter

        Would be wonderful, if you are on Twitter, for you to do the same.

        – TR

    • Jo says:

      I sent an email to Steve Viars ’cause I recognized the name, mutual friends, etc., and he replied that he was not a Trustee. Hopeful that he at least forwarded my email. Maybe we should verify the complete list somewhere; sorry I couldn’t find one.

  22. The question I have for you is, could you put together a set of demands that could be used by supporting churches to leverage ABWE into dealing with this abuse properly? I am prepared to bring this up to our church for a vote and give ABWE a specific time frame to take action or we will drop funding for their missionaries.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      That is a wonderful idea. We will work on something more formal, but I would suggest you start with these:

      1. Names of the pedophiles discovered in the “historical investigation” and details about their discipline and the reporting of their crimes.
      2. Names of the administrators who had information but failed to act properly. Details about their discipline and (if applicable) reporting of their crimes (ministers have been mandated reporters for many years).
      3. Details regarding the investigations on the fields where the pedophiles served. Ask to know WHO has been included in the investigation and ask to see WHAT BASIC QUESTIONS they were asked. (Be SURE this included nationals in the countries, without missionary interference.) Inquire about law enforcement in these foreign countries, if crimes were committed.
      4. Ask for a response percentage. How many people responded to requests for information? How many people were actually surveyed by Simms Showers?
      5. Ask for a full and final report from the Simms Showers investigation (which should include much of what is above).
      6. Ask for ABWE to do a third party spiritual audit of the organization. Many Christian non-profits do this. These audits can be extremely telling. Results must be made public to any and all supporting churches. (It’s your money!) But remember this is a spiritual audit. It will tell outsiders what things are really like on the hill. It’s a spiritual climate survey.

      That’s a “for starters” list. Maybe others will have more to add later. Thank you for your concern. I hope all churches take this as seriously. It is truly the hard-earned money of generous church goers that keeps ABWE afloat and missionaries on the field.

      We would also suggest–and I think my co-moderators would agree–that if you do not get compliance, instead of dropping the funding for the missionaries, you switch to sending the funds directly to the missionaries. You cut ABWE out of the equation, and you encourage your missionaries to find a new board within a certain time frame. We don’t want to see innocent missionaries faulted for ABWE’s sins or stranded without support, but we do know that money talks. If ABWE doesn’t touch the money, they can’t get their portion for running headquarters … and that should send a clear message, while hopefully not penalizing any innocent missionaries.

      But, BTW, I would encourage you to put pressure on the missionaries themselves to get ABWE to act. Not enough current ABWE missionaries care about this, which is quite sad. Young families are still joining ABWE. It boggles the mind, but they truly seem not to consider how this may well affect THEIR children one day if ABWE does not have a TRUE change of heart.

      – TR

      • D.S. says:

        Might be good to look at the GRACE report on NTM and see what they reported. They certainly put it out there. Would also give you an idea of when it is good or not good to list specific names…, so what you can ask ABWE to reasonably do.

      • D.S. says:

        I suspect it isn’t as much a “don’t care” as much as a “don’t know” or “don’t comprehend” — although, there is probably also “don’t care” among them. — I would vote for “don’t know” being the largest part.

  23. Smiller says:

    It seems the Simms document is saying – yes something happened – probably. But on the other hand, we don’t know if anything happened. Everyone wins – ABWE has covered their butt, Jay Walsh can say it never happened, and the “victims” can claim it happened but they lacked proof.

    What we are left with is a community torn apart – angry and grieving. It will take a true miracle for healing to occur. I pray someday we will witness this reconciliation.

    • Lynda (Adolph) Miller says:

      Amen to that! I was a victim of Donn Ketcham and have found my own way through God’s grace to be healed. Sure there is still pain and grief but ruminating and speaking ill of others doesn’t bring healing. “Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord. I will repay.”

  24. D.S. says:

    I’m confused. This isn’t the Simms document at the top of this page is it? I thought it was a letter from the James family posted to this site.

    This letter also confuses me also. It sounds like the James family didn’t know about Kims abuse at the hands of J Walsh until the day before they posted this letter. Yet, from other parts of the letter, it sounds like they did know before then.

    This is the chronology as I read it. Please correct me where I am wrong.
    In 1989, Kim told Lloyd and that both Ketchum and Walsh had abused her. K’s parents were not told about either of the abusers and thus did not understand why their daughter became deeply depressed and suicidal in the coming years. Of the 2 abusers, only Ketchum was sent to USA. Walsh continued as if nothing had happened (probably abusing more through the years) Did Lloyd and Ebersole file a report with headquarters? What “historical” records did Simms use to contact people?

    Various efforts were made through the years to get ABWE to correctly address the Ketchum issue. It wasn’t until this blog began that ABWE finally got moving. Kim’s parents did not know about the Ketchum abuse until this blog revealed it As this blog continued, other women revealed that they too were abused by Ketchum and/or Walsh.. During this time, Dianna was acting as liaison between the hurting women re: Ketchum (also Walsh?) and the mission. She spoke with ABWE about both Ketchum and Walsh victims.

    At the time of the confrontation of Ketchum (1989), ABWE did not notify the James family that Ketchum had sexually abused their daughter. They (Lloyd and Ebersole) also did not inform her parents about K’s charge of Walsh. ABWE did no follow-up on the charges against Walsh.

    During this last year while acting as liason with ABWE and talking about both abusers and their victims, Dianna was not told that Walsh also abused her sister.

    Kim’s parents did not find out about this abuse until the day before this letter was posted on this blog. Several things confuse me. I agree that K’s parents should have been given full knowledge about what was going on with their daughter back in 1989. Is Kim dead? Otherwise, I don’t understand why the family would expect ABWE to give them information now, about their now adult daughter? ABWE has no legal right to do that at this point. Any information must come from Kim herself.

    Please help me understand. Thank you.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      There is a lot you have wrong.

      In 1989, the family was told that fondling transpired with Ketcham, they were not told of the extent of the sexual abuse nor that a second man had been named, and that their daughter had been harassed under duress until she recanted. They were told precious little and they were advised not to bring it up for their daughter’s healing. They know this was bad advise now … they didn’t then, because this advice came from a trained biblical counselor.

      Your comment about the girl being dead comes across as a lack of compassion. Imagine what this victim has been through in her life. Imagine what it’s like to think in your mind that people might blame YOU for “taking down” a missionary of the highest level like Ketcham. She is fragile and the weight these things have put on her is almost unbearable. Remember, ABWE employees forced her to sign a confession of adultery at age 14! Consider for a moment what that might do to a person. And she believed her parents knew. Why would she not think they knew ALL of it? She told the counselors, the counselors talked to mom and dad … why would she ever think they weren’t told everything she told the counselors? It never occurred to either of them that the counselor and ABWE were withholding information. Not until last year. That is the absolute truth. Why communicate when you think you already know the whole story and she thinks you know the whole story … you can see how this poor family was basically missing an extremely important piece of the puzzle for decades. And even when they spoke of it, they had no idea they were not actually talking about the same things. It’s like being given two different definitions of a word. Each of you is using the word, but neither of you actually realizes what the other person means by it because you have an entirely different definition.

      This is what ABWE’s decision to withhold information did to the family. This is what Russ Lloyd’s “sage” advice did to the family.

      Please, I beg you, speak with more compassion. These are REAL people.

      ABWE got that information from a minor in 1989, they owed it to the James family to tell them what they knew, but they did not. ABWE failed, end of story.

      Now, as for your question, as you can see above the first is a letter from the James family and the second is a letter from ABWE to Jay Walsh, containing information obtained from Simms Showers.

      I would advise all who post here to speak more respectfully of ALL victims and their families and even of the alleged perpetrator’s families. The families are not on trial. This is not an easy time, this is not an exciting game of sleuthing, this is our lives and it is achingly painful right now and raw and real and we are grieving, and I ask that all who post here remember that.


      • isaiah 618 says:

        And as for why she herself would not bring it up … well, going through the agonizing guilt of sharing information that hurts people you love, families you love, is not something she really wanted to do again. Please remember she is a real person, all of these families–the Ketchams, the Walshes, the James family, CJ’s family, and others–are real with feelings and communication issues like any of the rest of us. We must all try to have compassion and grace for them in these dark times.

        – TR

      • amazed says:

        The parents should be informed of everything that transpired when she was underage, and abwe was responsible at that time to reveal it. My heart goes out to these parents and to Kim as the heart rending separation that occurred because abwe leadership broke trust and protected a couple of pedophiles. I find abwe in this matter reprehensible. They committed many crimes and also many emotional blows to these missionaries. Praying that trust can be re-established between parents and now adult child. These things have weighed too heavily for years, and I don’t even comprehend how deep. Praying for Kim. On balance I don’t think DS meant to be hard, just uncomprehending of the situation.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Thank you, Amazed. We have appreciated your support and understanding.


      • Frustrated says:

        And THAT it’s why no one ever asks a reasonable question on this blog. Always met with, “You horrible person, how dare you ask a question or worse, question our motives! You must lack compassion!” Seriously, get a grip, people. Can’t someone be compassionate and still have a brain and ask a question? That is why so many people disregard the good work that is happening right now because of this blog! If you want people on your side, you might try a little of your own highly esteemed compassion for those seeking answers.

        Just had to say something because it needed to be said. Ok, done. You can start bashing me now…

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I have no wish to bash you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry we’ve let you down, but glad to know that you think the blog has accomplished good.

        – T.R.

    • ashamed says:

      I’m not sure “confused” adequately describes what you are…

    • isaiah 618 says:

      I want to assure the audience that my sister is alive and well. She is a strong woman. She has good days and bad days, ups and downs but she is a fighter. In part, she is strong because she has an amazing support system. The man who loves her has demonstrated the most unconditional love of any human I imagine has ever walked the face of the earth. He is faithful and committed to her and provides her with unyielding strength and courage. Her parents, though not perfect, have been by her side during extreme highs and severe lows. They have given their best in light of the information they had at each step in this long journey. She doesn’t doubt their unwavering commitment to her well-being, nor does she question their love and care. Her sisters (myself included) are committed and faithful friends. Again, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we have each spent a lifetime “being there” for one another, even when it’s ugly. The extended family – brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. – have all stood with us, providing support and encouragement since 1989. God has blessed our family with a closeness in spite of (or perhaps as a result of) the circumstances we have had to deal with as a result of ABWE’s criminal negligence. We give Him the glory for doing that work in us for it is nothing short of a miracle.

      That is why, as a family, we stand unified in this latest revelation. We are weary of the lies, the deception, the insincerity of ABWE leadership, and last but not least – we are all weary of the anonymity. The Bangladesh family and many others of the ABWE family already know who we are and who she is. Many already pray for her by name. My sister has decided that it is time to boldly stand and face the demons of her past, to no longer let them defeat her and keep her silent. We proudly stand beside her as she desires to show the world how strong and courageous she really is. We invite each of you, now that you know that her name is Kim, to pray for her by name as well.

      I have not behaved perfectly in this journey. Nor has any one of my family. We take one day at at time and as we learn new information we must take time to process. There is grief, sorrow, anger, confusion, pain, denial, etc. There is joy, understanding, peace and comfort. Lights have come on, puzzle pieces have fit into place. It will never come together for each of you as it will for us…that would be impossible as you have not walked in our shoes. (Count your blessings.) Tamara is right – WE are REAL people. We hurt.

      Out of respect for my family and the families of others (including those who’ve hurt us so), the blog moderators would like to remind you that we will not tolerate anything we perceive to be abusive, unkind, manipulative or disrespectful. We realize that this is a subjective process, but we will not publish anything that appears to be any of the above when directed toward the Ketcham, Walsh or James children.

      We are very thankful for your support and encouragement, but most of all we are thankful for your prayers. Please pray for continued strength and courage.

      Diana Durrill

      • D Bos says:

        This is just one more example of God’s grace and power. Seeing how your family has been drawn together and has grown together in the midst of such terrible suffering is an encouragement and an inspiration to all of us to love others as Christ does.

        I want to express my support and love to you and to Kim. While I can’t imagine how hard the decision was, how much it cost emotionally, I think you were right in shedding the anonymity and sharing her name. People react differently when talking about a “faceless victim” than when it happens to someone they know and love. Sharing Kim’s name helps people to see her as a real person, someone who could have been my sister, my cousin, my friend.

        I also very much appreciate your comments about not making hurtful comments about the Ketcham or Walsh children or about your family. Children are not to blame for the actions of their parents and have/had no control over the actions of their parents. I’m sure all the families involved in this situation need the love and support of their families and friends now, more than ever. We need to uphold them in prayer too, as they go through this time of grief and pain,

        Donna Bos

  25. Pamela E. Bennett says:

    It appears the only churches that will be notified about Jay Walsh is his sending church and current church. I would think all his supporting churches should be notified. Full stop.

    • Jo says:

      Absolutely….at the very least!

    • amazed says:

      All camps and camp directors also!

    • Phil Walsh says:

      Pamela, you and your husband have had nothing but vile postings from the beginning of this blog. I was a moderator for months and could tell that you were filled with bitterness and anger. Please step back and consider where you are before the Lord. Why do you hate so much? Are you sinless yourself? For you information, all of my dad’s supporters were notified. Now please move onto something more constructive in your life instead of nurturing this desire to destroy anything and everything you consider to be “evil”.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Phil, there was a time when you too were concerned about what was evil at ABWE. Pamela has been very supportive of every victim, including those you love. As far as your dad’s supporters, we dug into that and were being told that none of the proper churches knew. Even ABWE’s letter says sending and current churches only. If that is incorrect, and we are offered some evidence of that, we will retract things said about churches not knowing and we will humbly stand corrected.

        Thank you.

        – TR

  26. ashamed says:

    If you want a listing of Baptist Bible College Trustees–here it is! If you know any of these folks, encourage them NOT to name the new athletic center in honor of Wendell Kempton. You may recognize some names of individuals who will also have a vested interest in protecting ABWE (and themselves?). * Bob Allen, Benefiel, Tom, Christen, Dick (Emeritus), Crawford, Duke, Davis, Don, Farr, Scott, Floyd, Ken, Green, Larry, * Greening, John (Board Chair), Hauser, Donn, Howell, Jeff, Jeffery, Jim (President), Kallman, Dan, Logan, Karen, McNeal, John, Moosey, Gary, Nemmers, Pat, * Park, Bill, Phelps, Russ (Emeritus), * Pierson, Bill, * Shirk, Don (Board Vice Chair), Trott, Ruth, * Vogel, Jim (* Denotes Executive Committee)

  27. Alice Payne says:

    GRACE is still interviewing missionaries. Some of those have been done in person and some by telephone. I know this is true because I had my interview yesterday. I have also heard that at least one family got a letter and questions several months ago probably from Showers, however most of us who worked with Jay Walsh did not get asked by Showers about anything.
    I have loved you gals for a long time and still do and continue to pray for you and your families.

  28. ashamed says:

    John Greening–BBC Board Chair can be contacted at

  29. Patricia says:

    And so it continues, proof positive of the incestuous relationship of the former GARBC agencies, org., Council of 18, and their past and present churches. IF you do not believe the “CONNECTIONS” of the INNER CIRCLE and the hidden sin, you have not followed the dots! IF there were a monument, and a name was raised, worthy of that honor, I wonder who the MISSIONARY CHILDREN of the PAST several decades would honor. It is very evident that these brave ladies of the blog, have allowed and encouraged the adult children a voice to speak, and a hope to be heard. Maybe, it would be WISE not to name any monuments to ANYONE that served as an org./agency leader or board member UNTIL the investigation is completed. I have EVERY reason to believe THERE IS MORE TO COME!

  30. SlMiller says:

    Those who follow this blog should carefully read the report from the Simms law firm. None of the incidences that they investigated regarding Jay Walsh had ‘clear and convincing evidence to support’ the accusations. ABWE is running scared after the DK affair; they have taken the low road and chosen to dismiss Jay because of unproven accusations. This reminds me of the Salem witch trials when hysteria trumped reason and accusations became facts. Jay Walsh is one of the most honorable men I know and I cannot believe these charges.
    This blog community was united in its desire to see justice for those abused by DK. It might now become divided between those who believe in Jay’s innocences and those who say he is guilty simply because he has been charged. If that happens, then this community will also be a casualty. There is enough tragedy for everyone.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Thank you for posting your thoughts. We know this is hard, and it’s hard for us too. This is a big shock for many people, but actually not a shock for others. We feel the document speaks for itself, and as ABWE never meant it to be public knowledge (never meant for any of us to know) we can be assured this was not a PR move on their part. Sadly, accusations against Jay have been around since the late 70s. There is no conspiracy and there is no witch hunt, but there is a desire for a full reckoning of truth. We can fully appreciate that you are hurt by the revelation and we respect your conclusion, and we will be here for you whether or not you change your mind.

      Tamara Rice

      • Lynda (Adolph) Miller says:

        It has been very misleading to speak of this in terms of MKs and ABWE. 3 of the 4 alleged victims had no connection to either and those incidents were dealt with 35 years ago. This blog may be a support to some but I see it as an unhealthy forum of hate that is used to further things other than the truth and little of speaking in love. I grew up with Uncle Jay and there was never a hint of impropriety over the decades that I knew him. I was as much a part of the Walsh family as anyone could be and I love Uncle Jay and Aunt El and support Uncle Jay completely. All of us that know him well will.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        We are working very hard at focusing on the truth and on love, Lynda. It is difficult, but we are trying.

        You are right that 3 of the alleged victims were not MKs, but they did have connections to the world of ABWE, and the incidents were not properly dealt with at all. Still, one victim was an MK. MK or not, these victims deserve our love and support.

        We too love the Walshes, we too grew up with them, we too know them very well. However, when it comes to Jay, we cannot be party to hiding sin of this nature. We truly believe that, and we are seeking to do what is right, even if it is one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

        We grieve with you, Lynda. Even if those sound like empty words to you right now. We pray one day you will see how much we mean them.


  31. Patricia says:

    As I read some of the above posts, I find that there is often a lack of understanding on the part of all of us that have NEVER lived in a foreign land as children, never lived under the hierarchy set up as “THE TEAM” under ABWE.

    I do not claim to totally understand all that is involved, but I will admit to this. I attended a Christian college. I remember thinking that it was rather odd that there was a group of MK’s that gathered as a group on a regular basis, and it seemed to be quite beneficial, as they talked about missing their homeland, their culture and their language. I wondered why they needed a “special” group.

    It was not until my sister and her family became missionaries under ABWE that I begin to see the effect of such a life. Gone for four years, home on furlough for one, does not really allow you to get to know your nieces and nephews in the same way you would if they lived state side.

    I remember hearing them talk of Uncle so and so, and Aunt so and so, and although I felt sad that they would never know me, their real aunt the same way, I thought the plan might be a way to give them some sense of a normal family unit on the field.

    I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TO BE TRUE any longer. It may have been the original plan, but Satan is the GREAT DECEIVER and he can distort, deceive, in every situation to his advantage, and he sure has with ABWE!.

    I can not imagine watching my parents fellowshiping with Aunt so and so who is the wife of my abuser, and patting the back or hugging Uncle so and so as he returns from deputation knowing what evil things he has done.

    And, it could only be punctuated by a DOCTOR that deceived everyone!

    IF a victim of abuse goes through a horrific, life altering experience when you have REAL family members around for support, and you can share the information with anyone that will listen, I can NOT even begin to imagine what it would be like on a foreign field, where you must wonder who is on your side.

    IF I understand the “hierarchy” of the ABWE “team” the filtering of information/system is controlled by the home office and we all now know it was a FAILURE and did NOTHING to benefit the abused but EVERYTHING to aid the ABUSER. And the sad truth is, IT HAS NOT CHANGED!

    I am so thankful that my family had enough discernment years ago to see this mission was NOT what the claimed to be, what I can not understand is why there are STILL PEOPLE PROPPING UP SUCH AN EVIL ORGANIZATION.

    It has always been the trick of the abuser to CLAIM TO BE THE VICTIM, and paint those abused as the troublemakers.


    We can pray, but we will NEVER understand the path that these ladies of the blog have walked, but they are victorious, they are raising a voice for other victims. Other adult children of missionaries now are speaking of memories they now feel they can share………..

    And that is what ABWE fears!

  32. concerned reader says:

    As I prayed this morning for the Bangladesh MK’s/families involved, the Holy Spirit reminded me I needed to be evermore diligent to uphold the GRACE team members, especially as the investigation takes its final steps in the process.

    This wonderful group by all accounts has walked with those involved with amazing Integrity and Grace. May God’s Spirit also lift them up today along with the Mk’s and families. Jesus said he was the light to the world and had overcome darkness.. so we could live in the Light. He came to proclaim the truth! Amen

  33. If I don’t believe something it means it isn’t true, right? Of course not. Pedophilia is so wicked, so many lies, so much hurt. Things have changed, social media has brought this wickedness out in the open. It is so hard to bear but we must bear it. The world puts a high price on those who abuse children, we must do no less. Full stop.

  34. whatyareckon says:

    It is a very sad time for missions when God’s people have given (some very sacrificially) and the missionary is exploiting young girls and the mission covers it up for twenty years! If the churches who support this couple are not told of this discipline by ABWE how will the church know only to send half support? Or will ABWE keep the other half? Nothing would surprise me!

  35. ASypatheticLeader says:

    At least BBC is listening. Maybe the inner circle conspiracy will subside and the real issue of protecting children and the cause of Christ can continue.

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  37. isaiah 618 says:

    I haven’t said much lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not actively praying for light to shine in the darkness. My heart is broken and aches for all the families affected by this. The problem with sin is that no one wins… the path of destruction sin leaves in its wake will impact generations.
    Praising God that He sent the Healer- whose love is deeper than the sea -whose mercy is unfailing…His arms a fortress for the weak!
    -Susannah Goddard Weldy

  38. Crushed and Disappointed says:

    Its been a while since I have commented on this blog. However, I have been keeping informed as to what has been going on. When I was told that new information had been posted on the blog and ABWE’s web page, I felt the need to see what was going on. Did ABWE’s findings about Jay Walsh surprise me? No, Not at all. And not because it was Jay Walsh. Only because when someone sins against another person and they ask you to keep it quiet, that in my opinion, is a red flag. It is a flag to tell you that there are other things that are being hidden and kept in secret.

    When the blog first started and as I read what took place, in my mind, I remember thinking…That BIG of a secret, in that BIG of an organization? What else are they hiding? Finances? Book keeping? Other same situations? Maybe on other fields? So did the new information really surprise me? No, not at all. I spoke with my Pastor and his wife about it and they have said they have seen it over and over again. They have seen it happen from small families, to churches of any size, to organizations like ABWE. My Pastor said that when a sin is covered up you know that the chances of finding other things out are very great. What’s the verse….? Be sure your sins will find you out! But one person asks someone to cover up a sin and then it trickles on down to others and before you know it you have got one ugly disease! But everyone is quiet because they do not want people to find out about their sin.

    The crazy thing is, is that GOD already knows each sin. IF you don’t deal with your sins or help others deal with their sins and get forgiveness from God and the one sinned against, you will never be free. And the judgement day that these so called “Christians” (ABWE leaders), have written in many of their books will not be what they want it to be. They will be ashamed before their brothers and sisters but most importantly before A Holy God! Notice I said “A” Holy God not “their” Holy God. I have to say that I am an embarrassed Christian watching a so called organization (Who I have known and lived with people for over 39 years) continue to leave their sin a secret and not deal with it.
    What IF….They came froward and said it was true? What IF… They wanted to make things right? All of those who have covered up something, over so many years would finally be free from their captivity. I know what sin can do to one person, even if it seems small, if it is not dealt with. But to an organization that is so BIG! And yes, that churches STILL send money to. If ABWE would come forward, And it would only really take one honest person to do so, what God could do with such a big organization. PEOPLE, we all know when there is sin in the CAMP (BANGLAGESH/ABWE) God cannot and will not work! Period!
    So whether you are a victim, a family member of a victim, the molester, family member of the molester, a “Leader” in the ABWE organization, a former or present missionary on or off the field, an MK, a Pastor, a church member of a supporting/sending church, WHOEVER YOU ARE….You/we/me, ALL need to get on our knees and pray! I don’t have to tell you what to pray for. The information is in front of you. But there is power in numbers in prayer. Pull your families together tonight and the rest of this week and ask God to move in this mountain! Ask God to reveal the whole truth so people can be freed from the captivity they have been in for so long. Ask Him to reveal to you what you need to do to make things right within ABWE. Maybe you are being paid to keep quiet. Its time to take a stand and do the right thing. God will take care of your finances. I see the field of Bangladesh, and that is only one field under ABWE that we have, and what the work is out there and how much more God could be doing out there. I have loved those nationals for years! I know many of you have also. Here, ABWE stands trying to hold on to their sins and keep covering up when if they would only turn themselves in and admit to what they have done, how many would come to know Christ! But they only care about themselves, their money and their comfort. And because of that they are sending people to hell. Do you want to be a part of that? Ask God to show what you can do to bring out the truth. And then do it! Be honest with God and yourself and others. Instead of having CHRISTIANS fighting with one another to hide secrets, lets pray for each other. Lets ask God to work and reveal what needs to be revealed. And if you immediately say no way….What are you holding on to? Is there someone within ABWE you need to get right with? Lets remember how we loved each other on the field and trusted one another and keep that going. Ask God to move in this mountain or move you out of the way! I Cor 13:2b…and if I have faith that can move mountains, BUT HAVE NOT LOVE, I am nothing!

  39. Linda Zylstra says:

    I am writing in because I feel like there has been information posted on this blog that was posted out of context without the full story/background. I have been hesitant to post a rebuttal for fear that it either wouldn’t be posted or, if it was, would be ripped to shreds. It felt like a no win situation with the blog not allowing for reasonable input or discussion, let alone claims of innocence, so I remained silent and just prayed.

    When this blog first came into existence, I was in support of it and Suzannah Beals Baker in her desire to expose Donn Ketcham for the child abuse he inflicted to MK’s on the mission field using his position as a doctor to do much of the abuse. I also realized that this situation was not handled well by ABWE and changes needed to be made to prevent this from ever happening again. Now my feeling is that the “agenda” of those currently at the wheel of this blog, has changed – that the main goal is to bring ABWE down, no matter what the cost or who gets thrown under the bus in the process. I pray that this is not the case, but that is how it is feeling…

    I realize that the letter from ABWE to my Dad that was posted, looks “damning” but there is so much more to the story that needs to be explained and should have been posted along with the letter. The 3 sisters who turned this letter over to the blog are not MK’s from Bangladesh. Their parents have been friends with my parents up until this past year. Our family has some history with this family (the girls) that would open your eyes if I were to tell you. My parents feel like they are being targeted by them. If you read each of the incidences it says, “Sister #1- “We believe the facts do not support that this incident occurred…” “We believe it is inconclusive whether these 2 incidences occurred”… Sister #2 – “we believe that the facts do not support that this incident occurred”. Sister #3 – “we believe that the facts do not support that any sexual part of her incident occurred.” One of the sister’s accusations was Biblically addressed years and years ago and there was reconciliation… until a year ago when they resurrected the original accusation and had added more to it. My Dad was never contacted by them in all these years.

    In the case of Kim (whose name wasn’t blacked out) and who is an MK, she had apparently told several people at ABWE that, in addition to Donn Ketcham & my Dad, her own Dad had molested her (as well as a babysitter prior to going out to Bangladesh). If that is the case, he should be held to the same standards of investigation that DK and my Dad was. By the way, my Dad adamantly denies having touched Kim the one time she says he did. Who knows whether Kim in her already wounded state may have misinterpreted a hug or a touch? This does happen to those who have already been molested or sexually abused. Why would Kim write to my parents saying that she said some things in 1989 that weren’t truth and she was sorry, asked for their forgiveness, and tell them she loved them? Why would Kim call my parents and ask if she could come to our house for Thanksgiving (early in the 90’s) if my Dad had done something to her? My sister’s avoid their abuser like the plague! It doesn’t make sense… And, as you can see, in the letter when it’s referring to Kim’s incident – “we believe that the facts we were able to gather do not support a finding that the incident occurred.” It was my Mom who spearheaded her own investigation after hearing about her own daughters (my sisters) abuse and Kim’s abuse by DK. Why in the world would she do that if she had thought in any way that my Dad was involved?

    My Dad did not know that Kim would be listed in the board letter that he received because he had not received any type of indication that he was a suspect in her case. He was never contacted in 1989 by anyone at ABWE about any allegations that Kim made nor was he made to believe that he was involved in her case.

    Again, my point is that just because something is written/posted on a blog doesn’t mean it’s true or factual. And, I do know that it’s not right to try and convict someone based on the “court of public opinion”.

    The man I know as my Dad is one of integrity who has given his life to God on the mission field. He loves his wife (my Mom) and none of us 7 kids EVER saw ANYTHING to make us question his integrity or his love & devotion to our Mom. My parents have had an amazing ministry over the years and, I know, that Satan will stop at nothing (even using other Christians) to destroy it. That makes me so sad. We have been so thankful for the many families from the mission field that have come to our support. They never saw any untoward behavior in my Dad like they did with DK and he should NOT be put in the same category as him! The Bengali’s loved my parents and have gone out of their way to seek them out to spend time with them on many occasions. My brother, Phil, who was a missionary to Bangladesh at one time and who became very close to many of the Bengali’s, gaining their trust and confidence, began to hear more and more about evil happenings in Bangladesh. He tried to expose it, wasn’t believed, and ultimately, resigned from the mission. This was so hard for him since he loves Bangladesh and the Bengali people. In all of his findings out on the mission field, he could not find one person to say anything bad about our Dad. I do not want my Dad’s 50+ years of service to come to a disgraceful end, unjustly. Satan, of course, would love for that to happen.

    I just ask that those of you, who are reading this, pray for the truth, for the Lord to come quickly and that Satan is not the victor! Linda (Walsh) Zylstra

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Linda, thank you for bravely posting your thoughts and your perspective and experience. I cannot imagine the grief your family feels at this time. I am also glad you family has support at this time.

      I find the statements regarding the first case “we believe the facts support a finding that incident did occur and did constitute child abuse” and with the third, “we believe that the facts to support a finding that the incident occurred” to be telling of why ABWE took action. Also, ABWE took action without even truly considering Kim’s story, so her story did not influence their finding. The fact that the girls (now women) are not MKs does not affect our desire that they see justice and that is why we embrace their cause. They have been as hurt by ABWE as we’ve been.

      I do not wish to see ABWE destroyed. I wish to see them show true repentance and a true change of heart in matters of child sexual abuse. As long as they are still handling things secretly as they did in this case, they show they have not changed. We were never meant to see that letter, even though they felt strongly enough to write it and carry out the severing of ties with your dad. It’s not the kind of honesty and transparency we want when child sexual abuse is even in question–guilty or not.

      Your family is deeply loved by many and I know you are being supported in prayer. Please know our desire is also that Satan will not have the victory, that truth will be the priority, and we desire change at ABWE, not destruction.

      Thank you again for taking the time to post your thoughts here, Linda. While I know the words probably seem hollow to you coming from me, know that your family is deeply loved. I am sorry that we are on opposite sides of this issue, but I thank you for posting your perspective with such calmness, strength and dignity.

      — Tamara

      • Linda Zylstra says:

        I think what bothers me the most is the sensationalized headline and then the unsubstantiated and inaccurate statement of “another missionary and our coworker from Bangladesh sexually abused our daughter/sister, Kim” when that was NOT the case. That was jumping to an unfounded conclusion that helped sensationalize the post. Obviously, the damage is done and there isn’t much we can do about it. People will believe what they want to believe. The only thing that might help would be if the James family would print an apology/retraction of some sort… How does one make a statement like that without checking in to whether there is any truth to it or not? It blows my mind how easy it is to destroy someone with words. I realize that the focus is supposed to be on ABWE and their handling of Kim’s case – wanting to bring about change so something like this doesn’t happen again, but, the end should not justify the means of doing that.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Thanks, Linda. I think that the distinction is that the James family feels no need for a retraction because they believe their daughter–in the same way you believe your father–and her story is corroborated by ABWE’s letter to your father regarding two of the other cases. They have no reason to retract what they said, and the letter is real.

        You are right. People will believe what they want to believe. And as for checking into truth, there has been much checking. It is he said/she said for the most part, but there are important things that happened, even decades ago that one can take into consideration that help things to fall into place. But again, people will believe what they want to believe. You will believe your father, and that is fully understandable and honorable. No one faults you for that, and by that same token the James family should not be faulted for believing their sister/daughter, when her 1989 accusations are credible in the sense that others she never knew made similar accusations a decade earlier. She only recanted under duress. The James family has good reasons to believe her, just as you have good reasons to believe your father.

        I hope you can see that, but I understand if it does not make sense right now from your vantage point. I can’t speak any further for the James family, but I’m sure they would dialog privately with you if you want to talk about specifics with them.

        – TR

      • Phil Walsh says:

        She recanted under duress? How do you know? Were you there? What about her claim that her dad sexually molested her? Was that confessed under duress as well? Where were her parents for two years while she was spending countless hours with Donn Ketcham? The nationals knew and saw what was going on. Why weren’t Ken and Sue there to protect their daughter? We’re pretty sure from testimony from several people that at least a couple of the James girls were sexually molested in their own home BEFORE they ever got to the field. How did they ever end up on the field? There is a lot more to this story that is being told by the family. One more thing, your posts seem to indicate that the James family is grieving at these “new” revelations. They aren’t new to them. Ken James has known for a LONG time about the accusation against my dad. My dad told him about it! It was at that time that Ken confessed that Kim had accused him also. Why didn’t the James deal with things then if they knew about Kim’s charge? Again, the court of public opinion reigns in post-Christian America.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        The James Family has asked me to share the following statement:

        “We are aware that allegations have been made against our father. Each of us, including our parents, have shared those allegations with GRACE during our personal interviews. We fully expect that GRACE has included those allegations in the scope of their investigation, and rightly so. Should they be verified, we will be among the first to share it with you and will remain committed to shine light in dark places and proclaim truth. However, we believe the allegations to be false and that is another reason why we are adamant that the reports be made public. Any and every individual at ABWE past and present deserves to have his/her name cleared. And those who have been discovered to be child abusers need to be identified as such. This holds true for every scenario, even if it is our family.”

        As far as “duress” that is also based on the counselors diaries. Russ Lloyd saw it as questioning the victim. The rest of us see it as pestering a fragile and scared girl without her parents present.

        As far as any indication that they knew prior to this letter, I will leave that for the James family to answer when they are able.


    • Phil Walsh says:

      Thanks, Linda! We need to hear the whole story of the James family and the Z.[edited name] family as well. Unfortunately, Tamara only heard the story of C.J. [name abbreviated by moderator] and believed everything she heard without even considering the other side because it fit the narrative of the blog as it has become. To say that ABWE never meant their letter for public consumption is naive at best and disingenuous at worst. They knew exactly what they were doing and where the letter would end up, and the blog moderators were waiting for the day they could post it. I was with them and I know how they think. The only reason why ABWE decided quickly threw dad under the bus is to try to get Diana and Tamara to back off. It had nothing to do with his guilt or innocence. They have proof of NOTHING; just allegations. ABWE is a mess, I agree, and have bungled almost everything they have done since the beginning. Now they have stepped into territory they and Diana/Tamara will probably wish they hadn’t stepped into: trying people in the court of public opinion in order to win at all costs (the end justifies the means). That opens up all the accusers to questions and testimony from others in the court of public opinion as well. I find it especially curious that I reported horrible rapes and serial womanizing by national “pastors” paid by ABWE back in 2002/2003. I was promised an investigation last year after nearly 10 years of waiting (Don Davis called me and told me there would be an investigation and that they were probably going to hire someone soon–a former FBI investigator, I believe). That was well over a year ago and I have heard nothing back since then. You see, it was more important to quickly rush through dad’s kangaroo court and throw the blog moderators a bone than it was to care about things brought to their attention a decade ago. Besides, we all know that for ABWE and the blog moderators, brown-skinned girls always take second place.
      Your “venomous” and “hateful” brother,

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Phil, thanks for posting your thoughts here. I know you have wanted a voice, and you know why we could not allow the things said on Facebook to remain there. First I have to say that what you say initially about me is not true. I heard C.J.’s story a year ago, I also heard many from you. And then we waited as ABWE investigated and we waited to hear what they would conclude. And then we read through transcripts from both sides. And then we waited to see proof of ABWE’s conclusion. There was no rush to judgment. There was hearing the sides.

        The end does not justify the means. And we are not trying people with public opinion. We exposed a document showing ABWE’s decision.

        As far as the women of other countries, you know that we care. You can vilify us and paint us as evil if you like, but the many times I have pleaded with GARBC, churches, and with people on this blog to not forget that investigations on the fields regarding nationals are just as important prove that I care.

        You have tried very hard to paint Diana and I as evil these last few days, and I understand that you are hurting and we are very easy targets for that pain. I hope one day you will see things differently. Perhaps see them as you did just a short time ago when you professed to love us and trust us to “do the right thing” when the time came.

        My heart is heavy for your pain, Phil, whether you can believe in that or not.

        – Tam

      • Phil Walsh says:

        Tam, please stop with the condescension. Have you talked to my dad or any of us who knew the Z. [name edited by moderator] family? No you haven’t. You have NOT heard both sides of the story. What ABWE threw you was a bone, hoping to appease you, but it was in no way a conviction of my dad, just an attempt, without proof, to throw someone under the bus. Have they publicly posted the names of the 16 other people they investigated? Why not? Why only one name? I think when people see the whole picture they will understand what ABWE did and how abhorrent it was. What was even more egregious was you and Diana posting it on your blog (with Boz’s encouragement, no doubt) without any proof of anything. How would you like it if I posted allegations about your parents on my blog, because I HAVE heard some things from Bangladeshis and some missionaries also? I don’t have proof myself, but others say they witnessed things. ABWE has to investigate a lot of things on the field.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Phil, I am not trying to be condescending. Only trying to be kind. I’m sorry it’s coming across that way.

        Have I talked to your dad? No. I’ve read his transcripts and letters. More importantly I talked to you. Many times about this and about your dad. You can’t pretend those conversations never happened. I have heard the sides, I’ve even heard your side on this before you changed your mind. I understand you changing your mind, but please don’t rewrite history. You once trusted us to do the right thing when the time came.

        ABWE didn’t throw us a bone. We weren’t even supposed to have that letter. They lied to us about what was in it. Only a victim cc’d on it gave it to us, exposing ABWE’s lie about what was in it. There is no vast conspiracy.

        As for allegations, you know that we’ve had allegations about your dad for over a year. We would NEVER have posted them without these steps: 1) letting an investigation take its course 2) seeing the testimonies ourselves 3) knowing what ABWE concluded by the investigation. I, too, believe the field should be investigated. Diana and I have pestered GRACE and ABWE on this matter many times. If a proper investigation reveals something painful, the chips will fall where they may. That is the nature of exposing sin and truth. It has to blind to loyalties. It has to be blind to family ties.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I must, reluctantly but with conviction add, Phil, that you cannot throw out random accusations here without any substantive proof to back them. As I said, we did not allow CJ to name your father until there had been an investigation, a conclusion and we had done our own research. Personally I believe you bring up my family because you are lashing out to try and inflict the pain you are experiencing on others, and I can accept that because you are wounded and it’s what wounded people do.

        But if you make accusations against them or any other missionaries here again by name without proper investigations taking place–a courtesy we DID afford your father, holding his name back an entire year–I won’t be able to allow you to comment here again. We have standards that we have had from day one that we still follow.

        I let this slide because I don’t want you to say later that I censored you. But if you attempt it again, please, please know that I will not post the comment. You are not helping your father’s cause with this recklessness, Phil. Please hear me as a sister in Christ–even if you consider me a former sister in Christ–when I say that to you.

        – Tam

      • Phil Walsh says:

        One other comment about me changing my mind on my dad. This is patently NOT true. I had never made up my mind about my dad and you know that, nor did I ever tell you that he was guilty. When the allegation against an unnamed missionary came out, I had the same fears as you, the Susannahs, and Diana had. “Could this be my dad?” I have never taken a stand one way or another. I just learned to fear the worst because of my experience with ABWE. It was the same way with Kim telling me that my dad had hugged her once. She said it in a completely innocent way and didn’t elaborate on what “hug” meant. I saw her hug many men. So when I asked her twice at her home if anything had happened she adamantly said “No” to me. Did she do that under duress? No. She was in a safe place among people who loved her. I did know that she lied a lot because her sister told me that. I understand she did that because of events going on in her life. My own sisters were abused and they tell me that any child who has been sexually abused or sexually active tends to look at their world in a heightened sexual way. They interpret things different than a child who hasn’t been abused. I understand none of these things fit your narrative, but I wish you would open your mind a bit, Tamara. You said that the reconciliation in Kalkaska was “bungled”. Again, how do you know that? Were you there? You place yourself in a very dangerous situation when you condemn others based on allegations.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Again, happy to post your thoughts, Phil.


  40. Steve Haskill says:

    As I read the latest postings on this blog, my heart continues to go out to all who have been affected by these horrible, horrible events. Based on what I now read, the devastation continues, not only with new allegations, but with the responses to them and with the responses to the responses. So much hurt and pain, and the pain continues. Although each one of us knows the tragedy of the affects of sin, I cannot imagine the pain all of you are going through. I lift you all up in prayer as my heart breaks for each broken heart trying to make sense of these senseless acts.

  41. Phil Walsh says:

    Good try, Tamara. You know ABWE knew full well that you would post what they sent out, which is why they sent it out. I know about the conversations between Ron Berrus and the blog. I know exactly how they work. Stop deluding yourself and stop lying to the public. I understand that you are hurting from any criticism of your narrative and having a bully pulpit can be heady stuff. You are wounded, I realize. But you have overstepped your bounds and I’m afraid of what it is going to do to you guys. It’s amazing that any questions turned back on you are condemned as “recklessness”. But your complete bias is becoming more and more evident to all who read your bitter answers. You say ABWE lied to you about what was in the Z[name abbreviated by moderator] letter, but somehow their report on my dad is accurate? That doesn’t even make sense. And you did research? You listened to only one side and believed everything they said. How is it that ABWE didn’t believe everything they said? They just chose a couple things to say they believe they were true? Why not everything they said? Were the Z[name abbreviated by moderator] girls lying about some of the accusations but telling the truth about the others? How did you investigate? Did you go back in time 40+ years and witness these things? Of course not. You just took the word of alleged victims and believed it because it fit your narrative. You cannot do that with integrity. And the reason I said you were censoring what I wrote is because you were censoring some of what I wrote. Tamara, I wish you could see what has become of you. Many of us at the Philly meeting with GRACE were completely shocked when you almost physically attacked another MK girl who said she hadn’t read the blog. That was a “crime” in your book. How very sad and pathetic.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Physically attacked? I left the restaurant in tears. I have never physically attacked another human being in my life. To even suggest that I “almost” physically attacked anyone is ludicrous. Again, you can paint me any way you want to, Phil. You can even rewrite history. I can take it. But I can’t converse with you further, because your own hatred and venom speaks for itself. If you would like me to continue posting your thoughts, I am more than happy to, as I believe your words are actually speaking volumes right now about a lot of things.


  42. Jo says:

    I’m pretty much an outsider here…I doubt that I have ever met anybody who has posted, have never been to Bangladesh, have never had a close relationship with anybody from ABWE except that, “back in the day” I knew all of my former churches’ missionaries by name, including those from ABWE, and of all those various mission boards and agencies, ABWE was the one (it seemed to me) held in the highest regard by everyone. Having said that, I further confirm that I have no reason to be biased other than I hope that the truth SOON comes out loud and clear. And if heads need to roll, so be it. That brings me to my final 2 comments: First – Perhaps ABWE has to remain quiet until the GRACE report is final. OK. But anyone from ABWE reading this has to see the enormous discord that is on this page, real or imaginary, personally biased or not–truth is not winning out yet. ABWE needs to be so transparent and honest that there will be no need for any further discussion. End of story. Secondly – It seems to me that Phil Walsh is unnecessarily hostile. He may feel justified, I dunno. And he may feel that certain accusations are nothing more than bogus, no validity, and they’re hurting him personally. But some of his phrases are inflammatory and lash out at the wrong people. I would say to Phil, “Say whatever you need to say, defend whomever you want to defend, but choose your words and the tone of your words more carefully.”

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Thank you, Jo. Just when I am about to give in to despair, God sends a voice to remind me that mud will be slung, but but it doesn’t have to stick. And you are right. ABWE could dispell a lot of dissension by explaining their decision. But sadly as far as we know they do not concern themselves with actually reading the blog. Which is why letters to them are vital. Thank you, Jo.

      • Jo says:

        Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I sometimes make comments in blogs, and most of the time I delete them after I’ve vented because I might have gone a little over the edge (oh, surely not! ha). But this time, it apparently came out right, and I love it that just maybe I was an encouragement to you. There is just one thing I did, indeed, delete in my above comments, and it was “Can somebody say ‘Storm the Bastille’?” Oh, just pretend you didn’t see it that because I really didn’t send it. I’ve settled down now, and maybe you’re smiling! Blessings….

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Yes, smiling. Thank you. Tr

  43. Phil, I just came across your comment about me this very day being told by someone else. I just happened upon it actually and I am so sorry you feel my comments are vile. As you know I have known about your dad for over a year and besides reporting it to the moderators of this blog I have told no one. I wasn’t even willing to name the person until I felt it would be handled properly by all of you. I have made it clear to the moderators I was not a witness to the allegations and I have in no way personal knowledge of whether your dad abused these girls or not. I, too, was waiting on the investigation to even make myself known about the situation and if you had not mentioned me I was not letting anybody know I was the one who reported this accusation. I have reread every comment I have made and I see no hatred in what I have said. The truth can hurt us all and since there are no witnesses to these accusations we have to go on what has been brought out in the investigation. I felt this was also your heart cry in the beginning of this blog. Not once did I accuse your dad, I only reported this because I felt I owed everybody that. Believe me, I did not do it lightly. This is a sore that has been festering for years and it is time for it to be opened for the good of all. The problem with child abuse is it is seldom done with a witness so we only have the abused and abuser’s words to go by. That is why the investigation was so very important. I thought we all agreed on that. As has been said before there are no winners from the Simms Showers LLP investigation but it had to be done. Full stop.

  44. Judy Smith David says:

    just read article dated August 8,2012 Apparently, there are 8 individuals believed to have committed sexual abuse . Taken from
    “On July 11, 2012, the investigators submitted their final reports to the Board of ABWE International, summarizing their findings and recommendations.

    In four of the cases, Simms Showers conducted their own full investigation, interviewing witnesses, victims, and perpetrators, and presented their factual findings to the ABWE Board. All four of these cases found child abuse occurred and resulted in the Board taking appropriate disciplinary action against the perpetrators, some of whom were former ABWE personnel.

    In four other cases, partial investigations were conducted since previous reports had been made. In these cases, the Board concluded that child abuse had occurred; disciplinary action was taken and the files were closed.

    In the remaining cases, the victim(s) and/or perpetrators were not available because they were either deceased, not identified, or the victims did not consent to pursuing an investigation.

    When the firm began its investigations, none of the ABWE personnel involved in any of the cases remained in the mission field—they were either retired, or had previously resigned or been terminated. ”

    My question.. Why are the other six not identified??


  45. Mike Durrill says:


    I have been an integral part of this wonderful, awful effort by these brave women, watching and praying as they hold one of God’s spotlights on an almost impenetrable darkness. I have met you during this dark time and have had joyful, heartfelt, and honest conversation with you. You certainly know you are loved in Christ by these women as evidenced by their current restraint. I know, that you know, they could very easily defend themselves, as well as the truth that has recently come to the surface. However, they have chosen to be gracious and kind as they understand and even feel the pain you and your family are experiencing. I pray you will step back and realize that you are lashing out at them out of desperate love for your family and an intense desire that these awful allegations not be so. Certainly understandable. May I remind you gently that the conclusions drawn in the letter signed by Ron Berrus and the discipline meted out was by ABWE, not these women. Please don’t continue to shoot the messenger.

    May I again, gently remind you that you were a key part of the moderating team. You decided to get off when hints of these allegations surfaced a year ago, for you knew the impact they would have if the investigation proved them true – as you indicated when you resigned. You resigned graciously, recognizing that no matter what, it would best that the truth be told – as you shared with the rest of the moderating team.

    ABWE and Simms Showers has done your family, as well as the victims a disservice by the way they worded their document. They have straddled the fence with their guilty/not guilty statements based upon their differing methods of determination. Yet, they did deem him guilty enough to discipline him as a result of what was determined. Also, they have done the moderating team, their supporting pastors and churches, as well as their own missionaries a dis-service by not owning their investigation and making it public. They have again had the gall to say to the world, “trust us” when they have still done nothing to warrant that trust.

    These women did what you knew they would do – they posted truth rather than pretending they hadn’t seen it. They hit enter on the computer, writhing in anticipation of the pain they knew it would cause you and your family. They have wept because of it. Not tears of regret, but bitter tears of the loss of a friend as a result of this necessary action. Although hated by some, they are committed to truth – no matter what – for the truth will set people free.

    There will come a day when there will be no more sorrow nor tears. We all wish it were today. Until then we wait, we pray, we work, we hurt, we fall, we get up only to fall again. We fix our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith and say, “Come quickly”. And we don’t – we won’t – give up.

    Your friend,

    Mike Durrill

  46. Not Without Sin Myself says:

    Like Jo, I, too, am pretty much an outsider. I personally know some of the Walsh family and am very familiar with the Ketcham name. As I have read this post over and over several times, I see nothing that gives any indication that anyone associated with the writing of this blog has accused Jay Walsh of anything. Outside of the line in the James’ letter, “we were made aware that another missionary and our coworker from Bangladesh sexually abused our daughter/sister” , which was written, I believe, by the James family as a whole and completely understandable based on the information they were given. Based on what I know of the Walsh family, it is hard to believe it is true and I pray that it is not. But that would negate the testimony of the girls involved, so I make no judgment here. I do believe the letter needed to be made public as if not, the secrecy would continue. What I do find is that Phil’s comments are not helping his father’s case. I never got the impression that Tamara said Phil thought his dad was guilty or came to any conclusions about him, just that, as Phil admitted, he knew the allegations were out there. So many of Phil’s comments contradict what is being said, that I, as an outsider, have a hard time empathizing with the pain that I am sure he is going through. For him to respond to Rebecca’s comment, “… ABWE had a nest of pedophiles and their enablers. It certainly appears the Bangladesh field was…” with, “Bingo! This is exactly what the MK blog has been trying to do. It simply isn’t true…” and then say in a later comment, “Have they publicly posted the names of the 16 other people they investigated…” just shows a sense of delusion, whether true or not. 16 OTHER PEOPLE investigated? How many missionaries WERE there on the field at that time that 16 others is not alarming (or, more alarming) ? If anyone paints a picture of Jay’s guilt, it is Phil’s comment (and I paraphrase) that when the investigation is over and the other 16 stories come out, we will see ALL the guilt. So, Phil, please be quiet. You are not helping.

  47. Linda (Walsh) Zylstra says:

    Just to make things clear, my Dad was not disciplined for anything that happened on the mission field and there have been no other reports of any other missionary kids or Bengali’s accusing my Dad of anything. Kim’s allegation about the one hugging incident should have been written that it was just that – an allegation – not written as if it were an accepted fact when it has not been found to be true. My Dad’s character will stand for itself when the truth comes out.

    Yes, my Dad was disciplined by ABWE for something that happened 40+ years ago – charges that did not involve anyone on the mission field and charges that he denies. These charges were full of inconsistencies and under the definition of the clear and convincing evidence standard, were found to be either inconclusive or to not support the alleged incidences. He has not been found guilty in any courts of law, nor have any charges been brought against him. (By the way, he cooperated fully with ABWE’s investigation, choosing not to get his own lawyer even though we encouraged him to do so, because he said didn’t have anything to hide or be ashamed of.) It was a board of directors at ABWE, under fire, who we feel choose to err on the side of the accusing sister’s. (It was all very subjective.) I do feel like they used my Dad (a high profile, well respected missionary) as their scapegoat in their quest to prove (to the blog) they were doing what they should be doing. The highly paid lawyer that was hired by ABWE only had ABWE’s best interests at heart and was doing what needed to be done to cover their legal loop-holes. It was just his opinion that the board had to go by. My Dad should have had his own lawyer and maybe none of this would have happened. Hind sight is 20/20… I find it ironic that we are seeing a different side of ABWE mishandling things! Maybe it’s time we put our differences aside and work together to bring about the changes needed at ABWE to make it a better, stronger, open & transparent organization who will never again have these kind of charges brought against them.

    P.S. The other missionaries or personnel that were investigated were from the entire mission organization (not just the Bangladesh mission field) and these were cases that spanned back 50+ years. Others besides my Dad were disciplined. Who were they and why don’t we know about them? Why was just my Dad’s name put out there?

    • isaiah 618 says:

      I couldn’t agree more with your PS note, Linda. Thank you again, for posting your perspective.

      – TR

      • I am a Nobody says:

        My husband’s father was arrested for sexually molesting a woman. This accusation came totally out of the blue and was a total shock to the whole family. My husband’s response was exactly the same as Phil’s. My sweet husband wanted to kill the police and then find and harrass the witnesses. There was absolutely no reasoning with him. His role model had been put in handcuffs and was now going through the legal system. So, Phil, I understand where you’re coming from.
        Did the blog moderators attempt to warn the Walsh family that they were going to post this letter? It would have been considerate.
        I really am on the fence with the accusations against Jay Walsh because they were so recklessly concluded by ABWE. They have lost all credibility with me. And I believe any victim does not have to prove a thing.
        I read every post and am praying daily.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        You are not a “nobody,” but I’m sorry for what your family went through.

        As far your question, it’s complicated. But true to say the warning we sent to one member of the family did not allow for much time to process. The letter was given to Jay months ago, but it’s true it would have been compassionate and considerate for us to have given more warning before taking it public.

        Thank you for praying. We need it, as do all families involved.

        – TR

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