Interesting Survey Statistic

The survey results after one day are telling.  We will share this one tidbit with you for today:

60% of respondents to date say that they weren’t contacted by Simms Showers LLP but feel they should have been.

If you believe you should’ve been interviewed by Simms Showers for this investigation but were not invited to participate, please complete our brief survey now:


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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  1. C.J. says:

    I was interviewed by the Showers’ law firm and so were two of my sisters. We are victims of another well known ABWE missionary that should be exposed. We actually had 4 of us in the same family that this ABWE missionary assulted over a period of 10 years IN THE UNITED STATES when he came back from the foreign field. We were very close friends with the entire family and we really looked up to this man as a hero so it was extremely traumatic and shocking when he assulted us. Of course, back in those days these things were not spoken about so when I was the 4th victim, 10 years after the first one and the other two in-between, I had no knowledge of the previous encounters my 3 sisters had. My oldest sister had 4 very terrible encounters with this missionary over a period of years. The first one included violent penetration with his fingers at only 12 years of age! This happened in the late 60’s and this man has gone on as a hero of the faith. ABWE did have knowledge of my assult within days of the incident and still did not follow through. For 17 years I shook and cried anytime I was forced to tell my story to some authority about it. Of course, I did not tell anyone about it voluntarily as most victims would understand you never want to talk about it becuase of the involuntary emotional and physical reactions you experience from this type of trauma. I finally am able to talk about it without shaking involuntarily on the inside but it took many years. After we were flown into the Showers’ law firm we felt we were heard and that they were genuine in their approach. However, none of us ever got a final report or any kind of follow up from ABWE either. Our father was also a Pastor and a Missionary and it is extremely noticable to me that these ABWE missionaries seem to prey on other missionary or Pastor’s children. Maybe it is just me but I have not heard of one case yet in this ABWE ordeal where a child was molested that was not an MK or PK. Does that sound right to all of you? I have some extremely revealing letters written and signed by this missionary and his wife from March of 2012 that show that he admits that he did “inappropriately touch” us. There may come a time when we post our letters signed by this man with our names blocked out just like Dr. Ketcham’s victim’s letter was posted. Our letters are very carefully typed out but the signatures of both him and his wife are there. ABWE should be announcing this man’s name as a pedophile for the simple reason of protecting those that haven’t YET been attacked by him. If I were a pastor or missionary in the Baptist Church I would never let my children even get near this guy. He is still out there and doing preaching and teaching at kids camps which is horrifying to me to even think about. He attacks so fast and in the most unthinkable places that you could never catch him. It is like an animal attacking in the dark. You never see or sense it coming. I pray that soon this one is exposed and taken off the rosters of these camps with 100’s of innocent children waiting to be victims. God Help Them ALL! C.J.

    • amazed says:

      Thank you for your bravery! It must have taken a lot for you to post! Your words are not falling on deaf ears here. I’ll pray for you to have peace and that you do expose this because as a Mom, I’m very concerned.

    • D.S. says:

      Although it wasn’t Don Ketchum, how about you contact G.R.A.C.E. and tell them about him. I think they (Diane Langberg I know) would be a healing listener for you and your words would be in confidence. They wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do, and I think might have some ideas for how you could at least report him while staying anonymous yourself. I don’t know that for sure, but I think it might be true. Can always ask.

      • D.S. says:

        I’ve read down further and see that I’m back in the dust on this. So, sorry for my late advice.

  2. paulspassingthoughts says:

    Did I just really read this? I am not kidding, I scrolled up twice to make sure I was on the website I thought I was on as it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Well, we can all agree on this: the keeping silent, :forgiving and forgiving,” etc, etc, etc, was given the ole’ college try.
    God bless those who are standing up now.

    • C.J. says:

      Hello, paulspassingthoughts,
      Yes, you did read this and it would really shock you if you knew who it was!

    • C.J. says:

      Are you surprised to know it was Jay Walsh? Or did you have a suspicion? Just curious. C.J.

  3. concerned reader says:

    My heart is broken to read the above story.. prayers for comfort and strength to C.J. and family (among others).
    1. Isn’t ABWE legally responsible to report child ABUSE to authorities (and the above incident happened in US)? Instead ABWE takes the attitude — hey they are all either retired, terminated or dead.. we are washing our hands of it. Not great news for the survivors who are left with no knowledge of any report..except case closed!
    2. I hope you all have legal representation or someone trustworthy for advice. ABWE acts as if they are not part of the crime that was committed and trying to put distant between the abusers and themselves.
    Continued support for all of you from those of us on the outside — May God continue to guide you on the steps you take..

    • C.J. says:

      Hello Concerned Reader, the problem is that ABWE claims they did not know but they did. It is really complicated, believe me! Back in those days it was not a requirement for them to report anything. Of course, my pastor just reported it as “one of your missionaries…” and did not give any details. It is a huge and horrible mess. C.J.

  4. isaiah 618 says:

    Bangladesh MKs Speak was made aware of C.J. and family’s alleged abuse some time ago. Because it involved another of our beloved “uncles”, we found ourselves dumbstruck and heartbroken. The knowledge of this information has been an incredible load to bear for the blog moderators as we have waited and waited for confirmation of this claim one way or another.

    We immediately pointed C.J. and family in the direction of GRACE but from what we understand, ABWE would not allow GRACE to look into anything outside the Donn Ketcham matter. We also believe that she was initially encouraged by GRACE to make a report to the authorities.

    Back in February when many of us (but not all) began receiving certified letters from Simms Showers LLP, we assumed that this particular story would be part of their historical investigation. Over time, that assumption was verified directly from someone in the inner workings at the home office and we have been anxiously waiting for the final report.

    Surely now you can all understand why we have a need to see the report. We need to be assured that this story was investigated (C.J.’s post states that it was) and that there was a conclusion drawn regarding her claim. The alleged perpetrator from C.J.’s testimony is someone we looked up to. Naturally, we have hoped with all our hearts that it simply isn’t true. And yet, we also find ourselves very sympathetic toward C.J.’s pain and her desire for truth and justice. We understand because we’ve been there.

    With ABWE reporting last week that there were indeed confirmed cases of child abuse that have been uncovered and investigated by Simms Showers, we find our pain deepened. We have hurt for the innocent people involved on both sides of the issue in C.J.’s story and now we find ourselves hurting for additional MKs and missionaries who were abused in the past. We are outraged that so many cases were insufficiently investigated and improperly handled. We are even more upset that ABWE refuses to be transparent.

    We often find ourselves longing for the Lord to return before this turns any more painful. There are days when the burden of all of this is simply too much to bear.

    Yet we are left waiting, wondering and concerned. Because ABWE won’t make their report public.

    • amazed says:

      Praying for you all, and now praying for the transparency that is so so needed. This has the potential to hurt so many. It has the sting of non-resolution and action only as platitude not servitude. I pray that ABWE will be pressed by myself and others to be fully transparent about the results. Please know that again we are praying for all in these heart-rending times. We also see how gracious and grounded you are in your faith in God.

  5. D Bos says:

    I want to respond but, honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. Even though I speak 3 languages fluently, there are no words for what I think and feel right now. My mind is full of a million questions but goes blank when i try to form them.

    I just don’t get the fact that neither ABWE nor the sending churches seem to be outraged by C.J.’s reporting the abuse to the pastor, to the mission, and to the law firm. We’re not talking about an accidental or isolated brushing up against a child in a way that could be misinterpreted. We are talking about serious, intentional, illegal, sexual assault against a child! If one of our public school teachers were accused of this, there would be a loud cry heard all over the state. Several public teachers have been dismissed, even sent to prison, for similar incidents. What in the world were the churches and the people at ABWE thinking? Don’t they see this as a perverse way for a spiritual leader to treat a child? What difference does it make whether this is dealt with by GRACE or by any other entity. Why can’t they just step up and do what they know they should do?

    I wish I could say something to C.J. and her family that would be of some help. I can promise to pray for you and I will do that. I’m praying for comfort and guidance for you all. I’m praying that a few more people, hopefully a few more people who have the power to DO something, will hear your story and become outraged enough to do something about it. I’m praying that knowing that your story is out and is believed by those of us who read it, will give you the strength, courage, and even boldness to keep going until this matter is dealt with once and for all. I’m praying you and hour family can be used by God to bring confession and repentance on the part of ABWE’s leadership.

    • C.J. says:

      I don’t know who you are but I would LOVE to meet you. This was the best posting! I think Dr. Phil and/or Dateline or some huge news story place should take this story. It is huge and ABWE needs to be brought to their knees. If you live near Mesa, Arizona I want to meet you in person. C.J.

  6. Tamara Rice says:

    C.J., thank you for posting your story. I hope that ABWE will have the courage to do the right thing by children and victims and will make their findings public. What happened to the transparency they promised last year? Clearly they underestimate how damaging it will be to their organization when the names they are protecting come to light not by their hand but by someone else’s, once again. They had an amazing opportunity here to show us they’ve changed. The message, clearly, is that they have not. Sadly, the burden to protect others has once again been placed squarely on the victims, and that’s really, really tragic.

    I cannot understand why the “ABWE family” of current missionaries and MKs is not up in arms that they are not being told who these people are–let alone the former and retired ones. Don’t mistake this, guys, if this statement ABWE released is complete, then it means they are keeping these names FROM THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Notice it says only pastors and “authorities” were informed. People who may still spend time with these alleged abusers, even if they are no longer on the field–people ABWE has on their payroll and can easily track down to inform–are not being told. It’s really tragic.

    • C.J. says:

      Tamara, thank you for your genuine love and support. Had we even known there was only one more victim it would have been a lot shorter of an ordeal and a lot less expensive. Jay is feeding his wife Eleanor some really bizzare stories and she has been taking it hook line and sinker claiming that one of my sisters made the stories up and fed them to us and we made the whole thing up. I cannot believe she actually believed that! What a couple of mental cases they have become to believe their own lies. Satan has them by the throats!

      • D.S. says:

        I just looked up Jay Walsh to see if it is the same one I met. I think so. Did he and his wife have the “guest house” on the Harrisburg property at one point? Our family stayed overnight there one December and went sledding down the hill in the dark on pieces of vinyl flooring. That’s a fun memory for our kids. And to think….

  7. Jim West says:

    There is no justification, Scriptural or otherwise, for keeping the name(s) of perpetrators of such heinous crimes of pedophilia hidden from the public. If there are still some violators of children out there, and ABWE knows who they are, and ABWE is protecting their privacy, this is as serious an offense as the crime itself. ABWE is prohibiting the public from protecting itself against such persons. If ABWE’s leadership refuses to come clean and expose the sin of leaders according to 1 Tim. 5:20, its leadership should all step down. It is time for “judgment to begin at the house of God.” In the absence of ABWE’s taking responsibility in these matters, churches should drop all support of the Mission. That is one way they will get the message.

    • C.J. says:

      This is so true. Money talks and so does the absence of it.

    • D.S. says:

      Actually, I believe not reporting known molesters is in itself criminal. Of course, they -said- they reported it to the authorities. But…, why should we believe them? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

  8. Get the names of the abusers out. CJ publish your letters and block your names if you desire but get the out there. Pedophiles don’t stop you are endangering other children. Old age doesn’t stop them either.
    People I know you mean well but you are playing into the hands of ABWE by hesitating. They want you to be afraid, that is how they have always controlled. Send a letter to every church with the names of any known pedophiles. Don’t send them just to the pastor they throw away most of the mail they get without looking at it. Find some women in the churches and send them the letter, you may find a lot more support. Contact everyone you know on FB and send them a copy on their wall.
    Also I am not sure how it works but it this site tagged so it will come up on Google. I did not find it on the first page of a site. But the more hits you get the closer to the top your site is seen.
    Don’t give up, for yourself first it helps with your healing, second it will save other children. I know it is a long road I am from Mamou and our abuse in some cases is sixty years old.

  9. D.S. says:

    What I am concerned about, and possibly why CJ hasn’t posted the letter, or said the name here…., how to protect herself from exposure? If she reveals them, can she still stay anonymous?

    • C.J. says:

      I do not need to be anonymous. We just had to wait until ABWE brought the letter to us or we could be doing the wrong thing.

  10. amazed says:

    CJ’s motives are her own, as a survivor whether to reveal or not must certainly take commitment, bravery, and a lot of prayer. The emotions and memories and turmoil it brings are real, and she should be supported. CJ no doubt knows that there will be resistance and even those that will deny or even turn upon her instead of supporting her. Praying for you CJ this is a very very difficult thing to do. In God’s timing and in God’s way! The Lord give you His peace, peace that is not like the world’s.

  11. Judy David says:

    Ok now we have Don Ketchum and Jay Walsh, CJ ‘s abuser might have already been identified or CJ could just add another name to the list. Either way I believe you CJ

    • C.J. says:

      Yes, Jay Walsh is the pedophile I was speaking of. We just had to wait until ABWE coughed up the letter so it was coming from them. Sorry about making you wait. Mrs. James did an excellent job of writing the blog. My sisters and I do not care about our names being kept silent. Jay and Eleanor definitely know who we are and have tried in vain to try to get my parents to be friends with then again. What a joke! I do see our names were blocked from the blog but honestly, we had nothing to do with it, we were clearly marked victims and Jay knows it. I am so enraged that ABWE has lied and lied and lied for 23 stinking years. It should be telecasted, especially in Pennsylvania! Dr. Phil would be all over this one, what do you think?

      • D.S. says:

        This blog – it’s different than this one?

      • amazed says:

        Just wanted to say CJ that I’m glad you are able to give voice to this publicly. It is freeing you from the lies, I pray that this will be a part of your healing. Thankful to you for opening up and being able to share. The letter just adds to it that abwe currently is not owning this either- making a statement to someone in August that he didn’t know, or couching his words as if to seem that way; all the while knowing he’d signed a letter back in May verifying the sexual abuse by Walsh tells us much about abwe as a whole; and in particular the president of the board. Anyway, so very very relieved that you are able to give voice to that which has been wrong for so long. Praying for you!

      • C.J. says:

        Thank you for your kind and supportive words. Bless you!

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