People Still Care – Do You?

That Donn Ketcham is a pedophile and ABWE has grossly mishandled this issue from the beginning is still a hot topic on the world wide web.  Just take a look at the two blog posts from the last couple of days (linked below).  Be sure to read the comments as well.

The question is:  Are you still concerned about the women who were abused by Donn Ketcham and then mistreated (ignored and disregarded) by ABWE?  Are you still willing to stand with the courageous survivors and insist on change?   Or, are you getting bored by the topic of sexual abuse in the church?  How long are you willing to fight this battle?  Is it important enough to you to keep going or are you willing to retreat and let others fight it without you?  They will, you know.  They will keep fighting…because it is the right thing to do.   Because they have nothing else to lose.  Keep in mind that any help and support you give will bolster them with hope, strength and courage.


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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  1. paulspassingthoughts says:

    Still here. I won’t forget until they repent.

  2. paulspassingthoughts says:

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  3. amazed says:

    Thanks for the links to what others are saying. Still here and still praying, still communicating truth to others over this.

  4. Jim & Pam Leffew says:

    Yes, Pam and I are still concerned and praying.

  5. I’m still here. I don’t feel like I can do much other than pray. And try to raise awareness.


      I supported ABWE missionaries, so a part of my support went to the office at ABWE, and in part paid for the salaries of the men that made these evil choices.

      I was NOT vigilant, I ASSUMED that ABWE was the mission agency they portrayed themselves to be. I hope and pray everyone that has or does support ANY current ABWE missionary realizes they are sending their money to an organization that continues to put out PR press releases that are less than factual about their part in this evil situation and they continue to choose a Godly and timely response for their poor, evil choices of the past and present.

      I believe in the INSPIRATION of SCRIPTURE. I believe that God does not just SUGGEST that we be good STEWARDS of all HE has so richly given us, HE holds US accountable, even if we were ignorant, even if we did not know the money we sent to ABWE was used to cover a multitude of sins.

      WE KNOW NOW!

      Again, I can not thank the “brave ladies of the blog” enough for their willingness to open their lives and bring this evil cancer like growing sinful situation to our attention, and through their sharing of this horrible pain that is continued by the actions of ABWE to this day, they have most certainly helped others.

      I am sure that one day when they reach Heaven’s Shores they will be able to see that through their willingness to share their pain, they STOPPED similar situations from occurring.


      Until the new ABWE leaders made them accountable, NO! Until the ABWE board members made them accountable, NO! Until the leadership of the GARBC made them accountable, NO! Until a group of Pastors made them accountable, NO! For decades, they waited, they pleaded, they cried out for help, nothing was going to bring this evil to light, UNTIL the BRAVE LADIES OF THE BLOG chose to share the TRUTH so all who unknowingly had a part in this organization called ABWE could chose to stand with evil and continue to prop up the lies and deciet or stand with the brave ladies of the blog and demand justice be sought for the truth they painfully shared!

      Nothing changed, no actions of any legal consequence, or licensing regulations changed until the brave ladies of the blog SPOKE UP via the blog.

      When the “brave ladies of the blog” shared the sinful acts of ABWE in print for us to see, and the phone calls, emails, texts, twitters, letters from churches and individuals flooded (surely only second to the days of Noah), into ABWE and they saw the possibility of grave financial loss, when they feared the GODLY missionaries that prop up their org., pay for the generous salaries for those in leadership positions, and for the lavish/ luxurious campus/ home office at ABWE, when they feared they would loose it all, then and only then did they decide they must respond to the situation after decades of little, or at the least grossly negligent response!

      They did NOT respond because they feared an angry God, or that righteous men must seek justice, repent, confess, make amends. I know this because they choose to continue to hide, ignore, delay and give less then honest facts and a honest accounting of the situation!

      WHAT ABOUT GOD’S LAW? May I suggest that ABWE start on the real path of change by throwing out their infamous polices/ practices/procedures/PR press releases and pick up the WORD OF GOD!

      I see no where in Scripture where God gives his children a pass on sin, because they are not in the US. That should speak volumes as far as the REAL heartbeat at ABWE and their choosing their own little morality clause or “situation ethics.”

      When in a foreign country, you do not have to obey the laws of the US or the laws of God. Let me restate that, for the benefit of the org./ABWE you can choose to ignore the laws for decades!

      ABWE still chooses not listen, really listen to the brave ladies of the blog, or to VALIDATE their pain and this evil, to not seek justice, to hide the sinful acts of all those involved in the past and the present.

      I choose to VALIDATE the truth they have shared and I believe the evil that continues in that org. to this day.

      I pray for justice to be sought on every level and I choose to STAND with the “brave ladies of the blog.”

      I am sure every PASTOR, CAMP DIRECTOR, YOUTH WORKER, MISSIONARY, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER, that has heard of this situation will act immediately to any knowledge of a similar situation, or FEAR that their name will appear on this or a similar blog: HALL OF “NAMES OF SHAME.”

      It should be for the sake of righteousness that they would act, but we have seen through the history of this situation that there are those that choose NOT to stand with these brave ladies, but choose to be in the “inner circle” of the likes of those that have chosen to hide the evil at ABWE.

      However, when those that work with young people today, weigh the ramifications of reporting abuse and the abuser or hiding the abuse, and risk having their name put out there for all to see via a blog they will most certainly choose that it would be to their benefit to make the choice they should make for righteousness sake.

      The reason I believe such things are still occurring is because so called godly men are still choosing to stand with ABWE.

      If the fear of a blog sharing their poor choices in the future is the ONLY reason that encourages them to report known abuse so be it!

      Of course we all would rather ” righteous men” would make righteous decisions, but this blog is proof that we look on the outward appearance, but God looks and knows the heart. MANY of the the ABWE leaders and board members once thought to be righteous by man, are certainly seen differently by a RIGHTEOUS AND A JUST GOD!

      If one child is kept from such a horrible experience due to the fear of the abuser being “outed” than this blog has served a valuable and righteous reason for existing.

      I have no doubt due to the evil sinful nature of men, and due to the fact that the desire to be in the “inner circle” has been proven by this blog to be more compelling than the desire to please God, that these ladies may never know the IMPACT they have made, how much GOOD they have done in making us all accountable for our actions,.

      Yes, ALL of us, sending money to an evil org. that encourages sinful choices, makes the enabler/giver part of the sin!

      If one more church is now aware that it is THEIR responsibility to hold mission agencies and missionaries responsible for their support, than again this blog has done us all a great service.

      t I do believe that these “brave ladies of the blog” though not revealed to us now, may be revealed to us one day when their crowns filled with rubies, will by each of them on their on accord, be lovingly removed from their heads and laid at Jesus feet, and HE will say to them: “WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS.”

      “But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for HE hath prepared for them a city.”
      Hebrews 11:16

      Although I have never met, never known the “brave ladies of the blog” I see them every time I read this verse in Hebrews.

      May God continue to bless you dear “brave ladies of the blog.”

  6. watching closely says:

    We are still here. We are still watching closely. We are still praying for you and praying that ABWE and all who support them will be moved by God Himself to do right. Period. Finally!

    Donna Bos

  7. isaiah 618 says:

    It is interesting to me that this post was opened 582 times the day it was published but there have been only 7 comments. That communicates a lot. People do care and are following, but many of you are unwilling to use your voice. If you think about it, you are still sending a message by not speaking.

    1. To ABWE: No one cares. You’re off the hook.

    2. To the Moderators who see the daily stats: I am watching but I am afraid to say it out loud.

    3. To the Victim Survivors: No one cares anymore. You are alone.

    Is this the message the remaining 575 of you intended to send? We are all waiting for the G.R.A.C.E. investigation to be completed but there IS a need for voices to still cry out that this is important and necessary and that we are all still here, caring, praying and watching! To reassure both the survivors and ABWE that we are not going away and that we will see this through to the end. I am disappointed in so many who jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning and who have now fallen silent. I am sure that once that report comes out we will hear from you again. But where are you today? Why can’t you find your voice that says, “We’re here, holding up your arms.”

    And ABWE…the ones who say they now really, truly care. Where are your voices? The leadership who is making changes in a positive direction (or so they say)…where are you? Why not come onto the blog and write…tell us what is going on on The Hill, share the good things that are supposedly taking place? To the now-grown MK friends or aunts and uncles in the home office…where are your voices that are here to share these things with us or how you are still praying for change?

    You have fallen silent again and your silence says so much. Consider using your voice today so that your silence doesn’t communicate something you don’t want it to.

    – DD

  8. Alice Moody says:

    Still praying for you! Did not mean to be silence, but at times not sure if words were only that words! NOT on your part but mine. Have stopped giving money to any and all of the missionary home offices as NONE of them can be trusted. At time not sure I shouldn’t stop giving to the church period or anything that says they are there to help people. Trusting the Bible so I still give on Sundays. Should ABWE be reported to the AG of state of Penn. ?

  9. Jo says:

    Good points, Isaiah 618. I plan to put together a brief but strong letter to ABWE in the next few days. Must think it through carefully and I’ll sign my name. I have no “clout” in this other than 25 years in 2 GARB churches plus the fact that 1 of them was involved in a cover-up where I was the victim. I know how it feels. It’s like the deer-in-the-headlights look and they pretend not to ‘get it’.

  10. Sorry about the above comment but I have been having trouble posting since my husband started some blogs. I don’t understand why but I reckon this technology has a mind all its own. Anyway, looks like all is well and I just wanted to say yes indeed I do still care. I have been following the Penn State sin saga and I too see the similarities of Paterno/Ebersole. I don’t need to remind myself that ABWE is a “good ole boys club.” The fact that Bill Pierson of ABWE being on the advisory board of DNA Global Network of which Michael Loftis now finds himself is just an example of that. I believe GRACE is doing a very thorough job of assessing the mind set of ABWE. The corruptness of ABWE is finally being exposed. We have a story, for just wanting to resign we get terminated but an adulterer (Dr. Donn William Ketcham) gets treated with care and dignity. However, our story is of no consequence compared to the victims of Dr. Donn William Ketcham. I reckon if this mentality of ABWE is conquered they will cease to exist which I have no trouble with at all. I don’t believe in the balance theory that since ABWE does so much good it outweighs the bad they allow. My husband produced a power point about the bangladeshmksspeak blog and it got one comment and to say the least it was negative. He was a missionary in Africa and said shame on him for exposing this. This missionary said he had no right to expose it since he was not a witness to the fact. My husband’s answer was shame on the missionaries, pastors and churches who are not condemning ABWE for what they have allowed. He has had no reply from that yet. It is so disheartening to believe missionaries would think like this. All I can say is I don’t want any of these kind of thinking people around my grandchildren. Full stop.

  11. Donna Bos says:

    One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn in life is that I am responsible for my choices and not for those of other people. I must choose to do what is right even if I’m the only one doing what is right. Many times I’m tempted to look around at fellow believers in Christ and ask, “But God, what about xxxx and yyyyy?” The answer I always get is that God will deal with them, in His own time and in His own way. My job is to see that I choose obedience.

    Isaiah 618 is right about the silence. It is deafening, disgraceful. Still, I can understand how some can feel afraid, intimidated, black-mailed into silence. There is a temptation to hold back out of fear that they will be the next neck on the chopping block. I’ve also learned a lesson about that. At some point you realize you have nothing more to lose. Your mind opens up, your tongue is no longer paralyzed, and you are finally free to speak the truth with boldness.

    I guess in addition to praying for the MK’s and their families and for the people at GRACE, we should also pray for those who are still teetering fearfully on the fence. May God instill in them an extraordinary clarity of mind and the bold freedom to break the silence.

    Donna Bos, previously a missionary with the late EBM

  12. Penn State must care about sexual abuse as they are pulling down a statue of Paterno but I am sad to say Baptist Bible college in Clarks Summit is naming a building after Dr. Wendell Kempton who was president when this sin of Dr. Donn William Ketcham was happening. Shame on them. Full stop.

  13. Roger Fenton says:

    Thank you Pamela; as an alumnus of BBC/BBS I am offended also!
    In a recent issue of the Message there is an article about the Wendell Kempton Medical and Ministry Center being built in Togo and that huge monetary gifts were given by a farmer. Quoting Don Trott: “He didn’t want his name on any of the buildings at the hospital complex. He wanted to make sure God received the glory.” This is somewhat incongruous since the name of the complex is one whose history at ABWE is under intense scrutiny.

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