Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty – NCPTC Press Release

Please read the attached press release by the National Child Protection Training Center.

I am praising God for courageous survivors who relived traumatic memories in a crowded courtroom.  I praise God for America sitting up and paying attention, listening with her heart.  I praise God for truth and justice.

Remember the reality, though.  As the mother of one victim stated tonight, “Nobody wins.  We’ve all lost.”. We must remember that child sexual abuse leaves deep, deep scars.  The survivors will continue to be haunted by childhood memories and the memories of this trial.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers as the Lord brings them to mind.  

Diana Durrill


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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9 Responses to Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty – NCPTC Press Release

  1. isaiah 618 says:

    Mike McCreary observed Jerry Sandusky sexual assaulting a child in the shower in 2002. It took a decade to bring Jerry Sandusky to justice. That is too long. Too long. How many more children did Jerry Sandusky have access to and abuse in that time period? What could have been prevented?

    Ebersole and Lloyd (among others) were key players in the Donn Ketcham story. The abuse that they knew about and “dealt with” in July of 1989 happened 23 years ago. Donn Ketcham was sent home with his hands slapped and went on to continue practicing medicine for at least 22 of those 23 years. That is too long. Too long. How many women and children have been assaulted in those two plus decades? How many more could have been prevented?

    I pray there were no further victims after my sister, but if there have been, I pray they find the courage to step up and speak out. If there are more victims, I pray they are surrounded by family and friends who will faithfully hold their hands and hearts as they report Dr. Donn Ketcham to the authorities. I pray, oh I do pray they find the courage to come forward.

    Diana Durrill

  2. isaiah 618 says:

    “Who would believe a kid?”
    The answer is, “Belfont, Pennsylvania believes a kid.”

    Praise the Lord. PRAISE THE LORD.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Not just the conviction of Jerry Sandusky, but the recent conviction (also in PA) of Catholic church officials for failing to act to protect children, should SHOULD give ABWE officials further pause and trepidation. The courage of the prosecutors in both these cases should be applauded and rewarded. There is NO such thing as an easy child abuse case to prosecute and juries are strange, fickle creatures. To secure such a quick and overwhelming conviction, that’s good work.

    May God be glorified by the actions of those who work tirelessly to protect the “least of these” and to help those damaged by the predatory behavior of others.

  4. Roger Fenton says:

    As we watched Jerry Sandusky led away in handcuffs, it came to mind that those handcuffs would have fit Donn Ketcham very well. Thanks to the afore mentioned key players, Ebersole and Lloyd (among others), DK was enabled to escape prosecution for his horrible deeds. There is still time for ABWE to come to grips with their cover-up and to make the needed changes, before some inquisitive investigative type pokes around, digs up and brings everything to light for the world to see.

  5. I must apologize as a member of a GARBC church, I am SHOCKED and APPALLED to learn that the GARBC conference posts on the GARBC national conference facebook info is actually PROMOTING the mission agency ABWE and encouraging the attendees to fellowship with ABWE at their request.


    If I were there I would ask one very important question, how many other children do you think Dr. K was given the opportunity to abuse, due to the holding back information of his sinful, immoral and illegal actions. Why did ABWE decide their were international boundaries on sin!

    I remember hearing last year when the GARBC offered their “RESOLUTIONS” and then the leaders kept putting out statements that they did not offer their infamous seal of approval to ABWE or any other org., or agencies, colleges, etc.

    Evidently the GARBC has had a change of heart as far as their fellowship and approval of this mission board.

    The GARBC does still approve of the mission agency ABWE!

    Let me state this a little more clearly, ABWE KNEW that Dr. K used his position as a doctor to abuse little girls, they KNEW that he was still practicing as a doctor in MI until the brave ladies of the blog brought it to our attention. Did ABWE share this info with the state board in MI, no, did the GARBC share this info with the state board in MI, no. How did it happen that after decades this admitted pedophile had to surrender his license? After the painful sharing of news and the demanding of accountability due to the blog info.

    ABWE did everything they could to hide the sin, and for decades tried to cover this story!

    What a slap on the face the GARBC has given these ladies, I will be talking to my deacons today, I do not want any support on any level to this association!

    What evil complicity and spiritual wickedness in high places!

    I realize it is one thing to pray for the ladies of the blog, but if every church member associated with the GARBC and everyone associated with this mission board does not take a stand right now when will we take a stand!!!

    Pretty sad that a secular college in PA and authorities there are held to a higher standard than ABWE and the GARBC!

    How the actions of both of these organizations must grieve our Lord!

  6. Phil Walsh says:

    I praise the Lord for a conviction in this case. I’m so glad the secular world is addressing such things. When will the Christian world catch up? I’m still waiting for ABWE to follow up on a promised investigation in Bangladesh where money from American churches was/is being used to support national “leaders” who have abused their authority by sexually molesting women and raping young girls with impunity. Some of these leaders are still in the highest positions of authority under ABWE in Bangladesh. I have told my story and have been willing to present my evidence since 2002, but have still not been asked once to share what I know by anyone at ABWE in the past 10 years. They appear to be more interested in chasing down old leads against missionaries than they are in hearing how brown-skinned Bangladeshi girls have more recently been horribly abused by ABWE supported national men. The spiritual decay of ABWE’s work in Bangladesh is plainly evident to anyone with any objectivity. It is a spiritual mess there! When will anyone listen?

  7. Patricia says:

    Thank you, Phil Walsh, for your courage and for speaking for those that can not speak. ABWE is being called on to be transparent, to deal with the sinful deeds of the past and the present, and the light of God is shining on their wickedness, not by the staff of ABWE, not by the board of ABWE, but by HIS vessels willing to stand for Christ, the ones that were once associated with ABWE and that are listed on this blog, that bravely are taking a stand for righteousness.

    To all those once associated with ABWE that are so bravely pleading for righteousness and accountability, continue your stand for the LORD, you are not seeking the applause of men, your are not seeking the adoration of the sinful works of evil men, you can stand with HONOR because you seek HIS righteousness!

    When I saw the news reports in PA last Fri. night, all I could think about was the men at the college in PA that were once in the “good ole boys club,” the people that once walked with, talked with and propped up the “Who’s who in Whoville” are trembling that they will be next to be prosecuted. They no longer wanted to be in that inner circle, they can not get far enough from the putrid smell of all those involved in the cover up and the fear their association on any level will mark them with the stain of their shame!

    It will happen at ABWE, I am so encouraged that the AJ in PA is not impressed with answers, like I tried to tell, we didn’t know, we should have checked more closely. WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, rings pretty pathetically hollow as the testimonies came forward and as the charges were read.

    CHILDREN WERE ABUSED AND INJURED, FAMILIES WERE CRUSHED WITH THE PAIN FOR EVER, hiding the information and allowing a pedophile to hide even to work among children just like the ones he abused, tolerating a mission board that covers sin is NOT and option, not legally and surely not before a righteous GOD!

    I most definitively would rather stand with the brave vessels used of the LORD for righteousness on this blog, than those associated with ABWE past and present that are hoping their evil deeds that they have chosen to continue to hide, will not see the cleansing light of the Lord and our judicial system.

    PTL! ABWE has chosen in the past and in now the present they want no part of correcting evil EVEN among their chosen workers, GOD’S chosen vessels are the vehicles HE will use to cleanse the evil once hidden, now revealed. HE is working!

    Praying for all of you, stand strong, God is at work!

    “……..HE who hath begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it……..”

  8. Roger Fenton says:

    Our church sent this letter to ABWE on the 27th of June.

    June 27, 2012
    Dr. Al Cockrell
    Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
    PO Box 8585
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585

    Dear Dr. Cockrell and the ABWE Board,

    Greetings from the pastors, the missions committee and congregation of ______ _______ Baptist Church.

    In November of last year we wrote to you expressing our concerns with the way you are handling the Bangladesh MK crisis and the serious breach of Christian leadership involving Dr. Ketcham. Although we did not solicit a reply to our letter, there was no acknowledgement that it was received.

    We try to keep up to date with the MK’s, the infrequent reports from GRACE, and your website. This past March the announcement came from said website that Dr. Ketcham’s medical license had been revoked. This is extremely good news; thanks to three brave ladies. You stated that: “we are resolved to do everything possible to promote healing.” March 11th marked the one year anniversary of the “Abuse by Mission Doctor in Bangladesh” website. During that one year period there was no visible evidence that healing was promoted. As we attempt to remain abreast of the crisis, there are suggestions that ABWE has become aloof and detached from the churches to whom they need to be accountable. Finally, you recently have provided an update detailing two steps of repentance toward the MK’s. We believe that it is prudent at this juncture to stand back, evaluate your progress and the effect that it has on healing.

    As of January 1, 2012, our church has discontinued the monthly support to the ABWE organization; the support to our missionaries continues. We would hope that there are more churches willing to confront and face up to these concerns. We firmly believe that if Baptist churches were more proactive in the role of missions and missionaries that this letter would not be necessary.

    For the sake of the Gospel.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      You should know that a sizable percentage of your missionaries’ support goes directly to the home office to fund their salaries and expenses. We are in no way recommending that you drop your missionaries’ support. However, we encourage you to inquire into the details regarding the allocation of those funds.

      The Blog Team

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