The waiting

As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the waiting continues.

We’re still waiting for the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH.

For many of us life goes on. We hustle from one little league game to the next.  We watch our little girl’s dance recital and go to kindergarten graduation. Life is busy. As her best friend, I can’t help but mourn for what my friend will never have. She was robbed of this life back when she was still a little girl herself. She won’t dress her own little girl or put pigtails in her hair. She won’t cheer as her little boy rounds the bases and heads for home.

It’s just not fair! You can tell me that “life isn’t fair”. I’ve heard that a million times. I know. It stinks.

It’s not right! You have to agree with me on this one.  Even my little ones know to keep their hands to themselves!

You can’t put a dollar figure on what was taken from her. You can’t give it back. It’s gone forever.

I can only pray that one day, and we may have to wait for Christ Himself to return, the record will be set straight. The WHOLE TRUTH will be known. When that day comes, healing will too!

Until then… we press on.

-Susannah Goddard Weldy

About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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5 Responses to The waiting

  1. ann delange says:

    I want you to know that there are people out here watching closely but not blogging because we aren’t directly involved. I care about you, pray for you, and wish there was more I could do to help. You aren’t alone.

  2. Patricia says:

    …….and the waiting continues, I have been told that I often choose to look at life situations with “rosy tinted” glasses.

    I like to think I believe that a person that truly loves God and seeks righteousness will have direction in their lives to make a REAL difference and make their life count for eternity.

    I also have felt that in some of the once GARBC approved mission boards/org./camps/colleges there MUST be a remnant of Godly people that would so appalled by the sinful acts that were so deceitfully covered up by those in leadership, that there would be a grand exodus when the truth was revealed.

    I felt maybe there would come a day that the GARBC would realize that by their own doing, by recommending this mission board as well as individuals involved in the acts and the deceit, they would see their need to come clean and have NO association until there was a COMPLETE investigation, confession and a turning away from their sin.

    I thought I would go to the GARBC web page and see that they had ACTUALLY felt a responsibility to stand with the brave ladies of the blog and have no association with anyone or anything to do with ABWE,

    I was WRONG, the reccomending of ABWE missionaries, the good ole boys club is till at work, and in light of what we now know, it must displease the LORD.

    Resolutions were written/published last year, words are cheap, actions are much harder, what has changed since then, so I am going to ask: WHY in light of all that is now known are there not any council of 18 members willing to stand up and say, I will no longer put my stamp of approval on anything to do with this mission, if I need to leave this association, so be it.

    WHY? Does someone on that council FEAR that they will also be called into account? Is that why we do or don’t respond for righteousness sake?

    Pastors, conference attendees, are you going to stand for righteousness, or keep working on getting the pats of the back, and keep swimming towards that inner circle. Are you sucked in yet? If not, maybe this year, maybe YOU could make a difference. What are YOU willing to do to stand for righteousness, what are YOU willing to suffer for the cause of Christ. You can not believe this pleases the Lord. Make your life and time count!

    Look at the names, look at the past associations, look at the circle, both large and the inner circle, and if you have an opportunity to ask the questions on a personal level, DO IT!

    I am waiting, I am praying, to all attendees and to the leadership of the GARBC-make this conference count!

  3. Patricia says:

    The waiting is over in PA. The pundits are already talking about the speed that we will see in which they now are able to go ahead charge and hold accountable those that knew first hand what Sandusky was doing and all those that chose to HIDE the evil for the sake of the college.

    I hope and pray that all those that had anything to do with the cover up, past and present at ABWE will NOT get any sleep tonight! I hope as they listen to the news reports of how repugnant our society views those that aid and hide any abuse of a child for any reason are not highly regarded or have a place in our society, and certainly not before God!

    Listen to the Friday night, 10:00 Special report by Shephard Smith on Fox News, listen to the interview and how Greta Van Sustern warns any institution or person that is covering up abuse, or has covered up abuse in the past, better report the abuse or pay the consequences, listen to Arthur Ordell talk about the legal ramifications of all those that abuse and aid in a cover up and the hurt that is inflicted that can never be taken away because of the abuse!

    EVEN in the secular world, ABUSE and COVER UP of ABUSE, and friendship of THOSE THAT ABUSE and THOSE THAT HIDE THE ABUSE are NOT acceptable.

    Why on earth would it be OK for a Christian to be associated with an organization that claims to be a CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION and is guilty of the same issues be acceptable. GOD FORBID!

    It took too long, but justice was served tonight in PA.

    It will happen at ABWE as well!

    “…..Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soeth, that shall he also reap…”

  4. If only the waiting were over for the brave missionary daughters from Bangladesh.

    ABWE, really look and observe how our nation is responding to the PA story.

    As I indicated on the comment section on the FACEBOOK ” news alert” for FOX NEWS (comment #793) and Yahoo, it is time for the ABWE story to get the same attention by the main stream news media!

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