ABWE update 5/3/2012

May 2012 G.R.A.C.E. Investigation Report

Al Cockrell

ABWE Headquarters — There are three flagpoles in front of our office in Harrisburg. Two of them fly the American and Canadian flags, and the third changes each month, in honor of one of the more than 70 nations where ABWE serves. This month, because of a sequence determined years ago, the third flag is from Bangladesh, a visible reminder of not only those who are faithfully serving God in that special land but also of the reality of sin in a fallen world and its horrible consequences.

In May 2011, ABWE entered into an agreement with the G.R.A.C.E. organization, asking it to investigate the tragic child abuse more than two decades ago by Donn Ketcham in Bangladesh. At the time, we wrote to tell you why it was so necessary for us to probe deeply into what happened in 1989 and its aftermath.

This May, we need to give you an update, to open our heart to you about how deeply we are grieved by the hurt caused by actions so wrong that they can only be described as indefensible. We need also to tell you about the changes we have already made.

The G.R.A.C.E. investigation is not complete, and we do not know how much longer it will take to complete it. However, we already know of things that need to be changed. Repentance does not wait.

The first step in repentance is to acknowledge one’s failure. We have acknowledged that people in leadership positions made decisions that were unwise and unacceptable. These include:

  • the signing of a confession by the first known victim;
  • the insistence the victim ask forgiveness of the perpetrator;
  • the failure to investigate fully the first reported incident to determine if there were other victims;
  • the failure to fully inform the sending and supporting churches of the specific nature of Donn Ketcham’s sin;
  • the failure to fully investigate when MKs informed ABWE of additional victims;
  • lack of notification of all appropriate authorities;
  • by using the phrase moral failure, we failed to clearly identify the sin as child abuse; and
  • the inadequate response to those MKs who sought help from ABWE.

The second step in repentance is to change. Over the past year, we have made a series of personnel moves that ensure no one involved in these decisions will be involved in such matters at ABWE again.

We have reported Donn Ketcham’s abuse to the Michigan Board of Medicine, which resulted in the surrendering of his medical licenses.

ABWE also hired a highly experienced independent investigator to conduct a much more extensive examination of ABWE beyond the actions of Donn Ketcham. This investigative team looked into our history to determine if other child abuse issues had been mishandled.

A search of our records found other incidents. Each is being reinvestigated and handled in accordance with currently acceptable legal practices, including the notification of authorities and supporting churches. We are continuing our intense efforts to strengthen our child safety policy, protocols, training, and use of independent investigators.

We have begun the process of meeting with the families of victims of the tragic child abuse by Donn Ketcham in Bangladesh.  It is our desire to meet with all the MKs who have been hurt and do whatever we can to right our past failures. We desire to express to them directly our regret.

Although we will never be able to change what has happened, we are committed to redressing the wrongs and making right what we can. Please be in prayer for us as we seek to fulfill God’s plan for reconciliation.


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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  1. redhen02 says:

    Prayers for not only spotlighting, but for compassion and restitution as much as is possible, for health and recovery, from the ones who hear and respond.. !

  2. pauldohse says:

    Let us not forget that the ONLY reason this is happening is because the Mk’s took a stand. Let us not forget that they would have done NOTHING otherwise. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

  3. amazed says:

    It is my prayer that ABWE will send personal letters of apology – reaffirming that the mks were right. And stating in said letter to the 1989 14 year old, that they are sorry: that she was basically taken from her guardians in the states without female escort, bullied, not allowed to see her parents when she should have been, and then treated as guilty by made to sign a confession. Then ABWE needs to state that no employee will EVER handle things that way in future. They need to affirm that what was done was wrong- not in an impersonal list.

    My prayer is that the head will now compose personalized letters to each as testimonies unfold as each survivors tragedy is their own story and should be honored in such a way not with ‘findings’ and public displays. I sincerely hope that ABWE will be sending such letters.

    My skeptical nature reads that they are trying, but that they are also not willing to relinquish control. They want credit, how can this be? It was the survivors who initiated this, who have continued to insist that the right things be done.

    Still standing with you!

  4. Sue McCoy says:

    This is a contrived press release type statement made by ABWE to put them in good standing. At no point in the past 20 years, did they do what God commands in shedding light on evil. What ABWE did was a crime in covering up the sins of Donn Ketcham. By their negligent cover-up, Donn
    Ketcham was enabled to commit crimes on untold amounts of women and children.

    • amazed says:

      Okay, yup have to agree, I just noticed the wording ‘personnel moves’ ACK! Now I am a bit embarrassed I did not notice that before. Now that I have I’m agitated! Moves? How about out- done kaputt not in any position in the mission so that they will NEVER ever be able to do such things. Sorry to all that I didn’t see that sooner. More PR spin then. Sue and others- I’m still praying. Thank you all for the faith you show by continuing.

  5. Sue McCoy says:

    As a former victim of Donn Ketcham, I am beyond saddened that ABWE would try to act like they initiated this intervention by GRACE. The victims have sacrificed much in order to get to this place of a third party investigation , and no where along the way, were they encouraged or supported by ABWE until the blog brought this in the light.

  6. Sue McCoy says:

    If ABWE was serious about this, they would not only fly an unidentified”flag” they would post this as a serious issue to be “Prayed For” on their “Pray For” highighted website area….I was deeply saddened when I went to the “pray for” site and saw NO MENTION of the abuse victims of the missionary that ABWE protected for many decades!

  7. Sue McCoy says:

    ABWE says, “people in leadership made decisions that were unwise and unacceptable”..REALLY.?????…they were CRIMINAL and LIFE-ALTERING !!

  8. isaiah 618 says:

    I have so much to say that I can’t find the words. I have to take some time before laying it all out on here for the world to see but let me assure you, it is coming. I have a lot on my heart and I have learned a lot over the past 3 months….I have to share it with you all but I have to make sure my spirit is right. Today – it’s not. Today – it would all be unkind. I don’t want to be that….even though the things I would say would be true. Please pray for me to find the right balance with ugly truth and the grace of God.

    Diana Durrill

    • isaiah 618 says:

      As a fellow moderator, I share this struggle with you. I have written and rewritten my “response” several times. (Now I’ve deleted it altogether!)

      I am thankful that there is an All Knowing Judge who sits on His throne. He- and He only- will be the One to have the final word. He doesn’t judge on outward appearance. He looks at the heart. I can’t begin to see into the heart of another person. I know my heart. My heart is broken.

      Absolutely broken, but held together by the Wounded Hands of the One who died for MY sins.

      -Susannah Goddard Weldy

      • pauldohse says:

        Bottom line: More children will be protected now because you put them in a position where they had to do something. However, and this is probably not what you want to hear, but your work has just begun. You will have to continue to hold them accountable or they will slack off on what has been established resuting in more children being put in harms way. ABWE is a business that will continue to be supported by mindless GARB churches because of the….and here it is: “greater good.” Forget ABWE–their heart is black. Do it for the children.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Why does really loving (sacrificially-like Jesus does) have to hurt so much?


      • paulspassingthoughts says:

        This is not our home. If we suffer for Him we will be like Him. Work while it is still daylight. Without somebody keeping the heat on ABWE, children will once again be put in harms way. They don’t give a damn–its all about the money. Expand your ministry to a top-notch information agency; ie., a data base of pedophile leaders, and a hotline where MKs can report abuse anonymously. Supply real counseling and work with the police. Form a non-profit and take donations–I will be first on your mailing list.

  9. paulspassingthoughts says:

    BTW, is it just me, or is their press release saying that all who were involved in the coverup will be fired, or just kept from positions where those types of decisions can be made?

    • isaiah 618 says:

      The way I read it, they just played departmental musical chairs.

    • Bob B says:

      ABWE failed to name names. Oh, I forgot, that would be doing things Biblically, as John and Paul both named specific individuals who were sinning and harming the church. ABWE leadership, in common with other mission boards, is composed of politicians who are well versed in doublespeak.

  10. Linda T says:

    It’s been a few months since I have visited this site. As an ABWE MK, I thought I’d get an update on how the G.R.A.C.E. investigation has been going. Glad to see some progress. Admission and restitution (as much as is feasible) IS progress. Repentance for sin is an ongoing process and repeated renewal of the mind is key, lest our pride rear its head again – a divine work in the heart of willing participants. I pray that all “participants” will be truly willing to see this “situation” as God does and to love others as God would. And, yes, most times love has to be tough! Praying for God-given healing for the victims as well. I long for the eternal balm of Gilead, don’t you?

  11. concerned reader says:

    Questions/Comments for ABWE:
    1. Who is the “highly experienced investigator to conduct a much more extensive investigation” ? Is this in additional to GRACE investigators?
    2. While today there may be better ways to help victims/survivors of abuse… this has always been a CRIME for an adult to be involved with and underage youth.. call it sin as well but still WAS and IS a CRIME.
    3. You need to add the failure to investigate DK’s affairs and why he was able to be “restored” while others involved with him lost their positions and were sent home as another one of the failures to your list.. horrifically this would not have happened if you had done the right thing at the time it first presented itself.
    4.I am hearing the interim president (and board?), are truly sorry and regretful about what has happened.. My question is, Has there been accountablity of the people involved in this situation or are they STILL at ABWE? Have the men INVOLVED been in touch with the victims/survivors to seek forgiveness? You know who you are and you should be heart broken and with a contrite spirit humbly ask forgiveness — and anything else these sweet young ladies request of you…
    5. ABWE: you are also hurting the missionaries on the field now as God has clearly told our family to withhold funds until the authors of this blog are satisfied, and I hope there are many others who are doing the same..
    6. Finally, there is much more on my heart and I am trying to be restrained but there is something wrong with this “update” I am struggling to understand what that is… maybe we will have to wait to hear from the GRACE report…
    May none of my words hurt the authors of this blog espeically if this update was helpful to them, but as I said something with it seems “OFF” to me.. and feel free to help me understand if I am wrong on this and just being skeptical…. thank you for listening…

  12. Roger Fenton says:

    This letter is in the mail to ABWE:

    May 12, 2012

    Dear Dr. Cockrell,
    As a former ABWE missionary, I sent you a letter on December 8, 2011 expressing my concern regarding the permission of continued immorality in a carte blanche manner of Dr. Ketcham prior to his confession of pedophilia. I have not received a reply or acknowledgement of reception of the letter.
    Now my concern is with your recent follow-up. Regardless of the First step in repentance in the May 2012 G.R.A.C.E. Investigation Report; the Second Step is wanting. I quote your report:
    “The second step in repentance is to change. Over the past year, we have made a series of personnel moves that ensure no one involved in these decisions will be involved in such matters at ABWE again.”
    If there ever was consensus of opinion it is the conviction, by the MK’s, that those whom you describe “involved in these decisions” should be fired, dismissed, or somehow be disconnected from ABWE. I will quote the demand in comments by A wounded MK dated October 23, 2011. “Remove everyone from your organization who participated in the cover-up. EVERYONE. No matter how nice they are, no matter what they’ve done in God’s name and for the Gospel. They hurt God’s children. They must be disciplined. It’s time for them to go.”
    In my opinion, this is the mindset of all these ladies.
    Don’t you recognize that you have repeated the very mistakes that were done in Bangladesh, i.e. protecting Dr. Ketcham by moving him around inside and outside the country? Was that not “A series of personnel moves”? It is time that you heed the desires of these ladies.
    This was the theme of my first letter, and it has been one the main goals of the Bangladesh MK’s since March 2011.
    Very Truly Yours

    Roger F. Fenton
    4312 Longview Ave. Erie, PA 16510
    814-825-4228 fentonroger@hotmail.com

    • redhen02 says:

      Excellent, WEll spoken Mr. Fenton. Thank you for your courage and for spotlighting the problem again!

  13. redhen02 says:

    Thank you, Mr. Fenton!
    Thank you for spotlighting and uncovering the real problem once again. This evasion is nothing more than an unholy alliance, a cover-up of evil. It is intended to preserve the life of this organization, it’s members, and it is a futile effort. All things will be revealed..and those who take a snake into their bosom can only expect to be bitten..
    You see.. this disingenuous evasion and denial, this cover-up is the primary reason that I,( a survivor of CMA/Mamou Alliance Academy in West Africa.. in the mountainous region of Guinee)
    can’t find an ounce of trust to invest in Christian organizations, or in Christian churches. Unless, like Compassion International, set up by Wess Stafford, my peer/friend and survivor, now CEO of C.I., I KNOW “Who” they are, and that honesty and vulnerability in ALL things, especially to the inside world as well as the outside world, remains the first priority.
    Dishonesty, denial, self-protect, stonewalling.. THESE mark the Christian world…These are those who represent the Most High…and by claiming that status, they crush the trust of any sensible and insightful person who has been abused and crushed by that world..

    • pauldohse says:

      Amen, but I think the major problem can be traced back to Augustinian Reformed theology that sees an enlightened class among “totally depraved” humanity. Honestly, I think John Immel nails the source of 90% of abuse within the church in “Blight in the Vineyard.” And, those who run GRACE possess more of that theology than I care to think about. But I pray that I am proved wrong by GRACE; nevertheless, it is time for them to fish or cut bait. My goodness, think about it, in regard to this issue, Penn State didn’t even think twice about kicking the icon Joe Paterno to the curb. GRACE needs to do the following yesterday: 1. Recommend that all who were involved in the coverup be immediately terminated from all associations with ABWE. 2. Recommend that the local churches that these individuals belong to rebuke them publicly per Scripture. 3. Specify all aspects of the coverup that were criminal, and cite the jurisdictions and codes. 4. Demand restitution to the MKs for their duties in holding ABWE accountable; ie., time, and personal money spent. 5. A face to face meeting where all involved ask for specific forgiveness with no “BUTS” anywhere in the confession. A mega-meeting of prayer and forthright confession.
      C’mon GRACE, show us your “scandalous gospel,” your “radical gospel,” etc., etc, add more all show and no go. The MKs have done all the work–what’s the holdup?

      • redhen02 says:

        Thank you for your insight and your suggestions..Yes, isn’t it ironic that a secular university deals hardly and swiftly with sexual scandal; the place that says it is Christ’s hands and feet to the community is as scummy and disingenuous as a covering up- organization could ever be..

        One preacher I honor for his response to the prayer messages for help with sex abuse issues, is John Hagee, who pastors a very large church in San Antonio,Texas.
        Pastor became aware of the flood of complaints and cries of counselling in the notes collected each week. With investigation, he discovered several of his leadership, and a number of lay leaders were named as perps. He then took legal action, alerting the local law officials. Several of the leaders went to state prison after a trial. All of them paid for their crimes. Hagees’ church is now a very safe place where predators won’t go.
        He also worked to aid the victims get counseling and therapy.
        I could happily attend that church..not that I agree with the teachings of dispensational theology. But then, I don’t have to agree…I would just be happy to feel safe!
        Yes, if you go to Google for MKSafetyNet, you will see the work of over 2 decades that MK survivors and advocates have done and are still doing.CMA is hte missionary sending org. that ran the academy boarding school.. I and my peers spent many years there. I was there for about 9 years in total.

      • Sue McCoy says:

        For such a many-layered cover-up,and in this case,where there also were multiple victims, the Grace organization is conducting a very thorough and extensive investigation.I appreciate their willingness to undertake such a massive investigation and I have full confidence that they will uncover all necessary information to complete their investigation. The fact that this process takes time, in no way, should be interpreted as compliance with past crimes, but rather is providing the neccessary measures to thoroughly uncover all crimes committed.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Absolutely. During my interview, I felt the GRACE team was all about getting to the bottom of this. It does take time. A long time. There are so many layers of lies, so many years and so many people involved.

        -Susannah Goddard Weldy

      • paulspassingthoughts says:

        Sue McCoy,
        Where are the GRACE statements that show their concern for how long the MK’s have waited for justice? Where are their statements that show their disdain for what the MKs had to do to bring this to light? Why can’t the report be done in stages? Ok, if the Mk’s still have confidence in them, I will too, but grudgingly. Please, judge them by the MK’s–I think they are utterly pathetic, and I don’t trust them. Just my opinion–wish I had MK patience/tolerance.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        The truth is, ABWE has been slow to release some information that GRACE has asked for. And the truth also is that we, too, have been slow to get information to them. AND the truth is also that the GRACE team is working full time in other jobs. Sure, they are getting paid for it but imagine juggling family, work, AND the ministry of GRACE (which is their passion) all while trying to coordinate schedules with dozens of MKs and missionaries who happen to live all across the world.

        I wish it were going more quickly. I really do. But then again, I know how hard it was to schedule my time away from home for the interviews and how hard it is (time consuming) to collect the data that they’ve asked us for. I find myself frustrated…but more at myself than with GRACE.

        I do feel that ABWE is making some good strides in the right direction but I still question their motives. I don’t know that I will ever stop. It’s just too difficult to trust them after all these years.

        – Diana Durrill

      • paul dohse says:

        This ministry receives its share of information (including my own experience) that clearly shows that organizations like Peacemakers are in the mix to preserve organizations. Time will only tell (and apparently, a lot of it) if that’s GRACE as well. At any rate, I guarantee you that children have been spared because ABWE has been held to the fire. And I say again: they will have to watched until the Lord returns because they just don’t get it, or they don’t care, or it’s all about the money, or all of the above. ONE GUY GOT FIRED (SORT OF!) FOR THE COVERUP (WE THINK, ABWE DIDN’T SAY DEFINITIVELY), AND HE IS A HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER SPEAKER IN GARB CIRCLES! They just don’t get it–and they never will.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I’m not completely sure I am following you. Are you saying that GRACE has to be watched because…

        a) they just don’t get it, or
        b) they just don’t care, or
        c) it’s all about the money, or
        d) all of the above???

        Or are you talking about ABWE?

        I have worked with GRACE on other ministry-related projects and they most definitely GET IT. I have never, ever met a group of men and women more passionate about stopping child abuse. I have never worked with anyone who is more angry (righteously so) over the sin. I have the greatest respect for the GRACE team. Like any organization, GRACE is made up human beings (which means it will be flawed) doing their best to fulfill the task God has laid out before them with the time, energy, and funding they have. They are not perfect, but they DO care. I am sure of that because they have demonstrated that to me personally over-and-over-and-over again.

        ABWE, on the other hand, has had ONE person take the time to demonstrate that they care. And still, I am wary. I do believe this person cares…I want to believe and choose to believe that he is on the right side of this issue for the right reasons, but I find myself still very, very unsure of his motives. It can’t be helped. They have a history (with me and my family) of grievous sin and personal offense. There is a still a long, long way to go in order to prove their sincerity with me and it would serve them well to begin with complete transparency.

        Paul – I suggest you tread carefully. The MKs are wounded and grieving but still hopeful. Your support and words have of encouragement have been appreciated but I must warn you: to keep throwing cold water on the only hope we have right now (the GRACE investigation) is not wise if you desire to still have a voice on this blog. I am not trying to threaten you as much as I am urging you to please return to being a voice of encouragement.

        – Diana Durrill

  14. Patricia says:

    WOW! Who do they get to write these press releases, there are people out there in the political arena looking for a good spin master so who ever you are if you need a job in the near future, you’ve got all your empty worded, spiritual sounding jargon, mumbo jumbo press releases to put in your portfolio for a job interview.

    But as for me, let me just say:

    Not impressed, I am sure there will still be those that will be impressed by the “spiritual jargon.” I mean Satan has no new tricks, and it has worked for years at ABWE. I mean for years, WHO KNEW, who knew as we read the press releases, the articles, the deep and sickening ABCESS that was hidden by the leadership and the board of ABWE the putrid, sinful, sickening abscess that was taking over the organization, WHO KNEW.

    The ladies of the blog, and the RIGHTEOUS ONE, yes God KNEW and was NOT impressed!

    I would be impressed if the statement included something like:


    “We chose to hide the sin as long as we could, we had no desire to make it right, until the brave ladies of the blog came foward and like Aachen we could hide it no longer!

    WE must admit the only reason we began to deal with this issue is because the brave ladies of the blog brought it to light and people demanded from the leadership and the board an answer and a response that we chose NOT to give for YEARS.

    As those in leadership positions, we did not respond out of a prompting of the Holy Spirit, we chose to ignore that for years, it was an IT’S IN OUR FACE AND WE NOW MUST DEAL WITH IT moment.

    Therefore all those in areas of leadership on any level,and all those involved as board members past or present will no longer have any position in any decision making process at ABWE. They will have no association with ABWE from this day forward.

    We will have new leadership and a new board. We will not continue our deceitful practice of the past and move staff into new positions. All those in leadership roles in the past, including all board members, will no longer be involved in our org.on any level, if their is legal action to be taken it will be taken.

    Since we CHOSE not to LISTEN to the ladies of the blog in the past, and by these actions we CHOSE to continue to hurt the victims, and as our org., did not protect children against our chosen staff we choose to rid our org. of any and all staff and board members past and present knowing it is necessary to rid the camp of all sin, and remove the whole ABSCESS for healing to begin.

    The ladies of the blog have shown much more discernment than our leaders and board when dealing with sin and making things right so they will now be asked serve as an advisory board to our new board members, specifically dealing with how to go forward to correct this horrible and painful issue.

    In addition, for our org. to right the wrong, no matter the cost, financially or corporately to ABWE. as an org. we realize these actions are necessary and will cost our organization shame in the community of believers but we also realize we CHOSE that shame when we CHOSE to hide our sin, continued to inflict pain and suffering on the victims and their families and CHOSE to delay any reasonable response, we now CHOOSE to take accountability for our wrong doing.

    The abscess grew, it can not be hid any longer, we need the cleansing work of the Great Physician, and the powerful healing of the COUNSELLOR.

    We choose this day, to please the Lord, confess our sins, and right the wrong, no matter the cost!

    This the letter I am looking for, they can feel free to use this one, but I am not holding my breath, it looks like they have one pattern, no matter how deep the hurt, no matter how sinful the action, put forth a great press release, some will still be impressed, but I just have to believe due to the brave ladies of the blog, it is getting harder to continue to put a pretty face on the abscess filled and this deceitful organization called ABWE.

    • Sue McCoy says:

      dear paulspassingthoughts….it might be worth your time to look up the report that Grace compiled on the New Tribes Mission abuse scandal. This will give you a glimpse of the intergrity and experitse that Grace employs. As a victim myself of Donn Ketcham, I certainly hold as much at stake in the outcome of justice for all involved here. From my personal interaction with Grace, and from all I’ve read that they have accomplished in the name of justice, I am highly confident that the rights of the victims ,the judgement of the perpetrators, and the role the Christian community is commissioned to employ in ensuring safety and justice, is their highest goal.

  15. isaiah 618 says:

    Dear paulspassingthoughts –

    Regarding your statement that says,

    “GRACE needs to do the following yesterday: 1. Recommend that all who were involved in the coverup be immediately terminated from all associations with ABWE. 2. Recommend that the local churches that these individuals belong to rebuke them publicly per Scripture. 3. Specify all aspects of the coverup that were criminal, and cite the jurisdictions and codes. 4. Demand restitution to the MKs for their duties in holding ABWE accountable; ie., time, and personal money spent. 5. A face to face meeting where all involved ask for specific forgiveness with no “BUTS” anywhere in the confession. A mega-meeting of prayer and forthright confession.”

    You forget that with Penn State it took two years for the investigation by the Pennsylvania attorney general to be completed and to get the final grand jury report. It was begun in early 2009 and Paterno and Spanier were let go, effective immediately on November 9, 2011.

    These things take time. We are only about 14 months in from the start of the blog in March 2011 and not quite a year in from the official securing of GRACE. And, again, if you could grasp the size of the Bangladesh field (current and former missionaries and their kids) you would have more patience.

    Don’t get me wrong…I am feeling impatient, too. But in light of living the past 23 years with the knowledge that Donn Ketcham was treated more carefully by ABWE than my own sister (the victim of his disgusting, self-centered, sinful and criminal behavior), the past 12 months have been full of tremendous action and accomplishment.

    – Diana Durrill

  16. paul dohse says:

    Diana, I am sure (actually positive) that you say that GRACE is the MKs “only hope” in a manner of speaking. We all know that full justice will eventually come one way or the other through Christ. As a victim of spiritual tyranny myself, notwithstanding to the same degree, but loosing one’s family is no cakewalk either, we must never lose our full confidence and trust in Christ. Regardless of the results of the GRACE report, a worthy work has already been accomplished by the MKs. Take them out of this equation–I would hate to even think. Though I am not looking to have a voice anywhere, your rebuke is well received.

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Yes, of course it is only in a manner of speaking. I know we already have the victory because Christ has already won it on our behalf, and I’m not just referring to salvation. He has won the victory in my family’s lives as we’ve battled this issue for decades. We are not bitter, we are close-knit, and we are confident in the love and care of Jehovah-Rapha. It is truly only God, Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit that could do a work like that in our lives. But GRACE is our only hope in the sense of the world sitting up and taking notice. (And I do lump the church in with the world here.) Believers and unbelievers alike need to learn from past tragedies. No one, least of all my sister, wants to be the object of a lesson of this nature, but at least we know that God can and will bring some good out of it. If God uses her story to protect the countless children of the future then I’m sure she will find some small measure of solace in that.

      Thank you for hearing my heart regarding the need for encouraging words. It is our biggest need these days as we literally feel that we are hanging by a thread. We are determined and not going anywhere, but we are also fragile.

      – Diana

  17. Sue McCoy says:


    I hear what you are saying….and I’m praying for all involved here.

    I love and take comfort in the verse from Proverbs 20:24 that say, “How can we understand the road we travel, it is the Lord who directs our steps.”

    The Lord has definitely been in favor of bringing this evil into the Light and directing the steps of those abused to the place where this information has been shared and given a voice.

    Please remember that God permits what He hates, in order to accomplish what He loves. The troubles in our life can fuel a relentless mission….for God to get the Glory!! God will get Glory if SIN is exposed for what it is and children and victims are valued and shown tangible love!!

    Be strong and encouraged because..GREATER is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world!!

    Thank you Jesus!

  18. Sue McCoy says:

    For some encouragement, listen to Selah’s new song, “I Turn To You”…talk about grasping the reality of this life in a fallen world…what else can we do, but turn to God! I’m so thankful He is there to turn to!

  19. Patricia says:

    “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” As a child and through the years, I remember hearing so many sermons on this subject. As I have read these blogs for over a year now, I have finally realized the issue that has been tugging at my heart. TIME! If only we could go back in time, if only different men had been in leadership and these girls could have back their childhood and the pain they have gone through all these years, but what I have just realized is the issue that tugs at my heart now is still TIME as in THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT!

    How much more TIME has to be added to their pain, why won’t God’s people act now!

    The days are evil! This blog would not even be necessary if that were not true. I realize the only reason ABWE still exists is because there are still God loving and God honoring missionaries, and possibly even staff members that love the Lord still associated with the org. And maybe, although knowing what they now know, I kind of am doubtful, but maybe even a board member or two that truly does love the Lord and hates sin, and realizes the importance of “redeeming the time.”

    God wants no part of sin, you can not serve two masters, you either hate sin or you hate God.

    This is a call to action to all those associated on any level with ABWE.

    I am going to ask a very shocking question: HOW MUCH MORE TIME HAS TO PASS BEFORE YOU CUT ALL TIES WITH THIS ORGANIZATION? If you are a missionary, then you well know some of your support goes to ABWE. If you are a staff member than in some part you are part of this problem, every day you stand up and walk through the door of that building you are standing with evil, and certainly if you are a board member you have written the time that has passed. The org. you support on any level, continues to drain TIME etched in pain, from the lives of these brave ladies of the blog. Why won’t YOU take a stand!


    If every God fearing missionary, staff member, and board member, walked away from this org.,/ ABWE today, TIME WOULD STAND STILL and SOMETHING would happen IMMEDIATELY!

    Can you imagine a press release like this: Missionaries and Staff leave ABWE in support of victims! Do you know how many AMENS and PTL’s would be voiced around this nation!

    Maybe you should choose to do it because it is the right thing to do. Read Psalms 1

    It would speak volumes to GRACE! What are you waiting for, what is holding you back, you sing songs like “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold” I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause, and “He’s all I need, He’s all I need, Jesus is all I need, really, or are those just words?

    If the people that are carrying the water for this org. took a stand, and walked away, something would happen, and something would happen NOW!

    There is work to do, souls need to be saved, the days are evil, but our loving Heavenly Father also knows that victims need to be healed, stop aiding the delay.

    By your fruits ye shall know them, redeem the time!

    Examine the alter call in your hearts, you have enabled this org., to take more TIME from these ladies lives by your lack of action. Redeem the time, the days are evil, and you either are part of the solution or part of the problem!

    The TIME to act is NOW!

    • paulspassingthoughts says:

      Wow. Your words could recite my very heart on this matter. One little biblical word could prevent immeasurable pain in this world: “separation.” ABWE is doing something token, and then checking the ledger. Doing a little more, and then checking the ledger again. Their inaction in this matter tells me that they have a significant amount of denial mentality remaining. Does it not boil down to the belief that God cares more about big picture results than one child? Oh my! Patricia, how much more right could you be? If such a press conference was planned, and there were enough participants represented, somebody tell me that this wouldn’t be a done deal! Patricia’s comment/statement should be sent to all who are involved, every GARB church, and every ABWE missionary.

    • paulspassingthoughts says:

      I would like permission to use this as a guest post on my blog. Please let me know: pmd@inbox.com

      • Patricia says:

        Absolutely! I feel a little bit like Abraham, I am no way equating my life to that patriarch of old, I am making the point of the depths of the sinfulness in the “camp” of God’s children!

        If you are associated with ABWE in ANY regard, past or present missionary, board member, staff member, and you have followed this blog, than let me say this a little more clearly: YOU DON”T HAVE TO HOLD A MENSA CARD or hold a degree in theology to see the tricks Satan is using through the wordage and press releases by ABWE with the full approval and knowledge of the staff and leadership and the board, think about that, really THINK!

        Think about it, have they given ANY credit to these ladies for their actions in the past year, NO check it out, EVERY action they have taken, EVERY action they try to get the credit. DING! DING! DING! How can you NOT see how hurtful and totally deceptive that is on the part of ABWE, how does that not speak volumes on the fact that they have NO desire to RIGHT the wrong, but instead make PR attempts to change the image of the horrible choices of the past.

        Remember the Abraham and Lot story, how could someone who loves GOD stay among such an evil and sinful environment, what is the benefit? Is it financial, is it social, who rules your life and your choices?

        To all retired, present, and past ABWE missionaries, staff members and board members,
        I am calling on you to leave “Sodom” and YES, there is a reason I am using this Biblical reference, why do you stay, why don’t YOU leave the evilness of Sodom and stand with these brave ladies of the blog? You do realize that was a TRUE story, not a parable, do you not remember hearing it for the first time and wondering HOW ANY ONE WHO CLAIMED TO LOVE OUR GOD COULD STAY IN SUCH AN EVIL SITUATION NO MATTER THE BENEFIT. Let me help you out: because they became so COMFORTABLE in the situation they became part of the evil!

        Are there 100, perhaps 50, maybe 10? How PATHETIC!

        Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the cross, lift high high HIS royal armor it must not suffer LOSS!

        Let, me help you with this idea, Stand UP, start your own blog and give GOD the glory, call yourselves what ever the Lord leads you too, maybe something like WE STAND FOR GOD!

        Are there 5, 1, don’t look back, STAND UP FOR JESUS!

        Remember when you believed and lived Psalms 1 Read it again, and STAND!

      • paul dohse says:

        Ok, thanks, this will be good because if the reports that we are getting are accurate, we are declaring this week “Mk’s Week” at PPT and inviting a host of people to write guest posts. The best info we have right now is that Dr. Micheal Loftus has been appointed to the board of trustees for Cedarville College.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        It is my understanding based on the Cedarville Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012. That Michael Loftis is serving a three year term on Cedarville’s board of trustees. This term will end June of 2013.

        I don’t like it, but I don’t believe it is a new development.

        -Susannah Goddard Weldy

      • paul dohse says:

        “New” seems to be relative in this situation. I hear from GARB folk that have only recently heard of the whole situation.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I agree. There are many people that are unaware of what has been and is still going on.

        I think it’s important for people to know that Michael Loftis is on the board of trustees for Cedarville. I just was making the point that he wasn’t “just appointed.” He has been on the board for a couple of years now and has at least one more year, as I understand it.

        Thank you for posting the information here for others to read.


      • paul dohse says:

        2 years. Unbelievable. We nearly joined a GARB church closely connected with Cedarville recently. Something else happened, but I guess I now know why the something else happened: we would have been out of there 3 months later. That’s a short stay.

        I will give Susan the heads up on her article in regard to the fact that this is a 2 year old appointment.

      • isaiah 618 says:

        I am just going by what I found online… the 2011-2012 undergraduate catalog (page #306).

        It states the following:

        Board of Trustees
        Cedarville University is governed by an autonomous, selfperpetuating
        board of trustees. Board members are selected for
        three-year terms. One-third of the board members are eligible
        for re-election each year. The executive committee of the board
        consists of the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, chairs of
        the standing committees, and the president of the University. The
        board meets in January, May, and October.
        William Brown, President
        Ronald Becker (2014), Chair
        Randal Wilcox (2014), Vice Chair
        Mary Howard (2013), Secretary
        Albert Stevens (2012), Treasurer

        Term of Office Ending June 2012
        Jack Kwok, Delaware, Ohio
        Kelly Miller, Traverse City, Michigan
        Beth Prentice, Houston, Texas
        Lorne Scharnberg, Des Moines, Iowa
        Albert Stevens, Moorestown, New Jersey
        Jeffory Willetts, Bellefontaine, Ohio
        Bill Williams, Lewis Center, Ohio

        Term of Office Ending June 2013
        William Bernhard, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
        Kezia McNeal Curry, Mililani, Hawaii
        James DeVries, Ada, Michigan
        David Gower, Elgin, Illinois
        John Hays, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
        Mary Howard, Northbrook, Illinois
        Deforia Lane, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
        David Lodwick, Portsmouth, Ohio
        Michael Loftis, Lewisberry, Pennsylvania
        Dominic McKinley, Greensboro, North Carolina
        Deborah Stephens, Cedarville, Ohio

        Term of Office Ending June 2014
        Ronald Becker, Cresson, Texas
        John Blodgett, Elkhart, Indiana
        William Bolthouse, Avila Beach, California
        David Graham, Erlanger, Kentucky
        Randy Patten, Noblesville, Indiana
        William Rudd, Muskegon, Michigan
        David Warren, Cedarville, Ohio
        Hayes Wicker, Naples, Florida
        Randal Wilcox, Farmington, Connecticut
        Christopher Williamson, Tennessee


  20. Patricia says:

    I would like to change one very important word in my recent post:Stand up, lift high HIS BANNER as in the BANNER of the LORD. That is the BANNER we hold, right, not an organizational banner, logo or name it is the Banner, amour is one part, how important the Gospel, but the BANNER will always be lifted up, even if it is by a very few righteous soldiers the BANNER will always be lifted high, again, I plead with you, STAND UP!

    Are you still a solider in the army, in the army of the King of Kings, or is your Banner, an organization?

    STAND UP! Walk out, don’t look back! Lift high HIS royal banner it must, not, it must not suffer loss!

  21. Just a continuing note about Michael Loftis. My husband informs me he is now Executive Director of DNA Global Network. One of the men that endorsed him was Larry Brown of New Tribe Missions. If you do not know who he is you can check out the fandeagles blog. These two men are like 2 peas in the same pod. Full stop.

    • amazed says:

      Was looking for Loftis name didn’t find it at DNA Global Network. (maybe I’m looking at the wrong branch) Actually, it is some sort of consulting firm- but it’s philosophy is scary. “Transform Leaders into Corporate Global Citizens” – I realize this is probably business, but somehow that statement strikes me wrong. However, this is a tangential issue. The good news maybe is that he is not in missions or mission boards? Hopefully, this company will not be involved in ‘helping mission boards’.

      Back to topic at hand– Praying for true repentance and missionaries serving under this board to know the truth. Praying also that churches would know the truth. Praying also for those missionaries and parents of specific missionaries in recent years appointed to have their eyes opened. Knowing a few and how they took ABWE’s word and that they were told to watch out for wrong sources and gossip. It made me upset with ABWE, this was before their recent confession. I doubt though that they have informed them of the truth. Also, I am not in contact with these parents so I have not asked them if they know the truth now. I did point to this blog, they did not seem interested.

      • amazed says:

        Correction see response to Pamela adding link– I was on the dot com the correct website is .dot org and does show Loftis and it is linked to organized religious activities.

  22. Patricia says:

    I am sure that since GRACE does such an awesome job of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together they will add this information to the many comments entered earlier about the inner circle of the GARBC and other org., that had Cedarville, ABWE, , and institutions on their lists as GARB approved agencies The “seal” of approval obviously had NOTHING to do with anything spiritual but quite the opposite, protecting the boys in the good ole boy network.

    There were godly men in the organization at one time, I am so glad my Dad is in Heaven, and he would be very proud of his missionary daughter and Pastor son that took their families and RAN from this ungodliness. Just kind of makes me wonder why there are still people that want to be associated with such wickedness and deciet!

    • amazed says:

      My Dad is also in heaven as his pastorial retirement. I can tell you this much- he would have been contending on the side of right in this issue. Before he died he stated that he was tired of contending, but would continue for Jesus. Not long after that God retired him. The encouragement in your statements and mine for these ladies is that there are those out there listening and doing and praying! I praise God for these women and that they continue in Him!

  23. Patricia says:

    After having some time to think about the above information, I again go back to the Psalms 1 verses of walking godly in an ungodly world, even among people who claim the name of Christ.

    I would NOT want to walk, stand, and certainly not SIT in the company of these men. Men that preach, the love, compassion, and righteousness of God and yet for some reason act as if children are not to be included in that group. Really? Everything I read about in the Bible any example dealt with children and ANYONE that would injure, offend, despise their youth, and choose to not become like one of them would have no place in the kingdom of Heaven.

    I do not want to get distracted from the issue at hand here, BUT all children are to be protected, loved nurtured and trained so that we provide the road for them to be able to choose to accept of their own free will to be part of the family of God. WHAT CHILD WOULD BE ENCOURAGED BY THE ACTIONS OF THE ADULTS THAT AIDED A PEDOPHILE AND TO THIS DAY ARE SENDING UP A SMOKE SCREEN TO PROTECT THEIR HORRIBLE CHOICES!

    On one level I don’t understand how good people associated with ABWE can keep quiet, continue to be a part of this association, but on the other hand, I remember when my sister, brother in law along with their family members painfully chose to leave the organization that they once thought had their values, the pressure that was put on them, even though they were no longer with the mission to keep quiet less they SIN by gossiping was intense.

    Yet, ABWE could not WAIT to send letters out telling their side of the story as to why this family who had served with them for decades were no longer worthy of their group.

    But God still chose to keep them in the country they felt called to and they are still serving, and I am so thankful for the Pastors and churches that responded to ABWE with; ” you know what, we have seen this scenario happen quite often lately and we KNOW these people and something about this does NOT smell right, we choose to continue to support them.” One of those Pastors was very young, but he had wisdom that could have only come from God.

    I would like to add another thought. My Dad was a very well respected Pastor in the churches and communities that he served, he was also very well respected among the churches in the state as well as nationally in the GARBC.

    One day after he had traveled home from a meeting with the council of ( ) in the state, he told my Mom that he had shared with the members that he felt God wanted him to allow someone else to serve in his place.

    He went on to share with her that he told them he also wanted to take the same action with the men he served with on the camp board. He explained that he was getting very concerned because it appeared that instead of having a few Pastors or a few heads of organizations, but more laymen from the churches that were from all areas of life, farmers, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, the boards in the state and more so on the national GARBC level were getting very top heavy with Pastors and organizational leaders.

    It really hit him when he attended the last GARBC National meeting and every speaker was introduced by the all the accolades the boards on which they served, etc., etc.

    My Mom a nurse, reminded him at medical conferences they too would brag about the credentials of the speakers.

    My Dad responded, but we are shepherds, we are suppose to lead the sheep. How can we lead them if we spend so much time around other shepherds. He went on to say that he was very concerned that there would be a loss of accountability and there would soon be corruption as one leader would not want to shine a light on the other for fear they may look at his organization.

    My Dad was very comfortable with his choice, God, then family was his priority. His children and grandchildren still testify as to how he lived that truth out in his life. He did not miss his meetings, he took the grandchildren fishing, adored and treasured his wife even right up to the week he died.

    He did not just follow and lead by example for days, months but for years. He was married to my Mom for 67 years and everyone that knew them could not spend enough time over coffee and their awesome hospitality to share in their wisdom of how God led in their lives.

    When she could not get an appt. at the assisted living home with the Hair Salon for a style and painting her nails to be perfect for sandals at her grandson’s graduation, my Dad, blind in one eye hands shaking from the tremors of Parkinson’s painted her nails, we know because we walked in on the situation, oh we laughed at his feeble attemps, but the point was, he wanted to be the man God wanted him to be, not the man with a list of prestigious christian organizations and boards after his name.

    When we were helping them pack up to move into that home I was in my Dad’s study, I told my Dad I would be careful to pack his wall hangings, ordination certificate, degree, honors etc., etc. He looked at me almost as if he were hurt by my comment and replied, these don’t mark my life, they are really just pieces of paper. If you children want any of them you may take them, I really don’t need to move them, but Patti, that is what the measure of my life is about and he pointed to the embarrassing high school graduation pictures of each of his seven children that hung in the hall and had hung in the hall of every home they lived in!

    It had been decades since any of us graduated we were all married, most of us had children that had graduated too. My Dad went on to explain how everyday he and my Mom started out the day praying for each of us, they considered being an example of an earthly Father and Mother would be the best way to show their children and grandchildren the love of our Heavenly Father. We were so blessed that we were treasured by such godly people.

    Evidently that is not the ideology, theology, or thought process of ABWE.

    My Dad was a VERY wise man!

    As he stands before the throne, he will not be found wanting as a Husband, Father, Pastor, or one given the responsibility of showing a child the love of God.

    When the men that have made the decisions that have so hurt these children and the board and leadership that continue to inflict the pain for lack of action, how will you answer to God for your choices.

    He is not just a very wise man, HE IS A HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS GOD! He is NOT impressed with degrees, credentials and number of boards served and men you sit with in the inner circle. You have been so slow to answer, someday you will!

    Your list of WHO’s WHO in the WHOVILLE will not be with you as you stand before the Lord-think about it!

  24. http://www.dnaglobalnetwork.org/our-endorsements/
    You can find the endorsements for Michael Loftis at this site.

    • amazed says:

      Thanks for the link- I was on a different website I was on the dot com website, which has nothing to do with Missions, obviously why I didn’t find Loftis. The correct link is dot org.

  25. I am just gobsmacked at all this. The good ole boys club is far reaching. Where are the churches? The power is in their hands to stop this. God expects them to be responsible. You stop the money flow, you stop the organization. These organizations are replicating themselves over and over. When is enough, enough? I guess sin in the camp is ok if you are of the elite. Full stop.

  26. I just sent DNA Global Network a message through their contact. A picture of Michael Loftis and his wife appears on the page so don’t know that my message will get past him but I just said in my comment to check out bangladeshmksspeak. I am sure they know all about this but I reckon they need to be reminded. From what I can read on something Jo Beth wrote they have been with this organization over a year, something about from Burma to Brooklyn. This job must have been lined up before or soon after he was “concluded” from ABWE. My husband said he will have no problem getting another “like” job. He was right, but then he usually is. The good ole boys club at work. Full stop.

  27. My husband informed me Michael Loftis started the job as Executive Director of DNA Global Network in October so I was wrong in my thinking. He got “concluded” from ABWE in June so it doesn’t appear he went right into his “like” job. Full stop.

    • concerned reader says:

      HI Pamela,
      Have you checked out the rest of the DNA Global website? I tried to see who all the other staff included.. seems it is his wife and another couple from Czech…as far as I can find. I was easily able to see how to give on line:) Noticed they will be traveling during August.

  28. Concerned reader, I have been all over the website. I am assuming this new “like” job is not new news to some but it was to us. I have to admit I don’t quite follow what his position is all about. Makes me think of New Tribes Mission in what they say their goal is. Did this organization have a background or did he start it? I saw that the men on the board are from Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe if I do more research I will find the answers to my questions. I guess I am just cranky that someone who was so involved in the ABWE, Dr. Donn William Ketcham, bangladeshmksspeak sex scandal can just keep on keeping on without it seems any accountability. Full stop.

  29. Found what I was looking for. There is a connection between Michael Loftis’ DNA Global Network and ABWE. Bill Pierson, treasurer at ABWE, is on the advisory board of DNA Global Network. DNA Global Network is a ministry of DNA Ministries. I am assuming DNA Global Network is a brainchild of Michael Loftis, of course I don’t know this for a fact but it appears this is a new branch of DNA Ministries. Full stop.

  30. Patricia says:

    After I started reading this blog, I felt I needed to share with family and friends the seriousness of the “inner circle” and the resulting corruption of the boards, agencies, colleges, camps and mission boards with in the ranks of what was once known as the GARBC and their approved agencies.

    Many of my family members and friends sought out answers and these are the statements that seemed to be repeated over, and over and over, as far as what is going to be done if anything and the accountability required by the GARBC and the continued lack of action on the part of ABWE an agency they their approved and promoted.

    “There is no longer an approval system by the GARBC so any actions by the agencies does not really reflect on the GARBC.”

    “The boards members are not accountable because they have no idea of what decisions are made on behalf of the agencies, they have no input on the decisions, they are just there for “window dressing” and by their name to give agencies added PR and credibility.”

    “You can not directly use Biblical references to any wrong doing on the part of an agency because it is not a church, it is a “para-church.” You must view the decisions that have been made, the actions that have been taken more or less in the arena like a business.” (Let me just say that I have noticed that ABWE uses plenty Biblical references when it is convenient for their PR or money making endeavors).

    What has become very clear, is ABWE has and does have a group or an “inner circle” and they have and continue to protect and promote their leaders.

    Quite frankly, I work in the public arena with children and if this information had come to light, my school board would DEMAND that action was taken IMMEDIATELY, and ALL participants past and present would be held accountable.

    How sad that an agency that claims the name of Christ continues to stall, put up a smoke screen and run interference in the GRACE investigation.

    They have stated that they actually have PROFESSIONAL staff trained in the area of child abuse to protect the children from this happening again.

    One of the news releases that was sent out by ABWE stated that they have taken several steps to make sure nothing like this would ever happen again, and they have added PROFESSIONAL staff to talk to any victims past from the past or if there is a present situation so the people involved in any wrong doing would be held accountable.

    Then they announced “they” had asked GRACE to come aboard and investigate and they would cooperate in all areas of the investigation. I believe ABWE uses the word “transparent” with their new image.

    If that is true, why did the PROFESSIONAL STAFF not step in and tell ABWE that is was not “good practice” to talk to the victims and/or their families before their investigative work of GRACE was completed.

    There is only one reason I can think of that they INTERFERED with the investigation, it is the same reason they have have not done “due diligence” and made the right moral, ethical, and most importantly the Biblical decisions in the past. ABWE has NO desire to do the right thing, they are all about protection of the name and existence of ABWE.

    Speaks volumes about the benefit of having added the “PROFESSIONAL STAFF.”

    As far as the above comments, that were given to family and friends that sought answers as to what, how and why this could happen. I believe a personal relationship with Jesus Christ requires a daily walk with Him in all areas of my life, home, business and community. I do not get a pass on decisions made when I am at work or in the community. I am accountable to God for all decisions made at all times. So is ABWE.

    The continued sinful actions of this agency will be brought to light, and the people that have left the agency will not be sad that they are not a part of the inner circle or that their garments are not SPOTTED by the ASSOCIATION of being a part, on any level with this agency!

    As far as the “inner circle” it does seem to be having a rippling effect, and if the GARBC does not soon realize that they too are part of this wrong doing and come out and take a stand totally and completely cut off all ties on all levels with this organization, their leaders, their staff and their missionaries, they will suffer the ramifications of associating with they doers of iniquity!

    That might seem harsh, I do believe that there are godly missionaries that are still a part of ABWE, but again I ask, why on earth with what is known would you want to PROMOTE this agency as you share Christ. Why on earth would you want part of the money you raise for support going to an agency that continues to run interference and most of all an agency that has proven they care little about the poor choices they made and are making that affect children!

    What more does an agency/organization have to do before you say, I will be no part of it!

    Is it possible that all agencies once approved by the GARBC and the GARBC itself need to be investigated, since they continue to “walk, talk, and run” and protect these men, is the corruption so deep that the light of truth needs to shine on all the sister agencies that were and are propping up ABWE?

    Is the GARBC ready to apologize to these women for their part in approving this agency during this time evil time and be willing to take whatever action they can take to try to show they are really sorry for their part?

    Is the GARBC ready to have GRACE come in and look at them and see what associations and decisions they made that aided ABWE past and even to this day in their hurtful and wrong decisions and how it continues to affect these families.

    Shine the light on darkness!

    • redhen02 says:

      Good comments, Patricia,
      This collusion and dissembling by mission sending organizations is not new, but has a long history. I can refer to all the website, MK SafetyNet. It can be Googled. The reason I suggest this is to reveal the struggle, now over two decades that survivors and individuals (who once served CMA) still have to gain real child protective policy changes in the board system.

      The CMA school, Mamou Alliance Academy was set in the mountains of Guinee ,West Africa. It was a group of people that missionary families trusted to care for their children. while they did “GODS work”. Which in itself is a problem, since no where in the Bible or in any psychology training, or common-sensical approach do I read that children are rightfully to be removed from family settings and nurturing so missionaries an fulfill their call (whatever field that is or was , my folks worked in language and translation of the local dialect in Ivory Coast, West Africa) and placed into the hands of “friends and co-workers” for schooling in a place far far away…we saw our parents for 3 months out of every year. The distance and travel was prohibitive; and the Mamou Alliance protocol stated parents should not visit their children during the year because it would disturb the little ones. If only our parents knew what went on behind closed doors.

      For more exact detail.. please watch the dvd, All Gods Children, developed by Good Hard Working People,GHWP. This can be found on MK Safety Net. It explains the sub-culture nature, the lack of accountability, irresponsibility and evasive tactics ensuing an investigation. This dvd is a good guide; it explains a great deal.
      What I am reading here mirrors the same attitudes, evasions, and outright lies.. for self- protecting of the System..

  31. Joyce Brough says:

    Actually I believe the GARB no longer endorses Cedarville as a GARB approved school since the school decided to reach out to the Southern Baptists. Obviously that doesn’t mean you won’t see prominent GARB people on the board but the “seal of approval” was lifted several years ago. My dad, who recently retired from Cedarville, was rather disgusted over the GARB stance on the SBC when it happened.

  32. Patricia says:

    The GARBC and their once “seal” of approved agencies have been playing that game to their advantage for years, of course they can have what ever stand of “separation” they wish, but the dishonesty of being one thing to one group and another thing to another group for financial benefit, of the GARBC and ALL their once approved colleges, agencies and mission boards it the tip of the ice berg.

    No matter what your personal belief on separation may be, we all prefer to know what “is” is. But while we were all concerned about the tip of the ice berg/separation the ice flows were building the berg for the onslaught of the titanic. Funny the captain of the ship is still screaming, no harm here, everything is fine, and all his mates are going right along with the ride.

    If the GARBC and all of the organizations/agencies that once desired that seal of approval were as righteous as they proclaim, they would stand up and shout, this is evil, I will have NO part of it, we are standing for righteousness and a decision should have been made years ago, the delay is wrong. This ABWE tragedy of their own making by their very own evil decisions, would be a done deal, not an ongoing nightmare!

    Funny, how we pathetically look at politicians as skirting the truth, weighing every word so they won’t get caught in their own web of words, so many Christians are so disgusted with the AJ of the US and his poor choices, how he won’t be open/transparent and come forward and answer the tough questions.

    I have NO doubt in God’s scheme of things the actions of ABWE and the men in all the good ole boys club in the other organizations and agencies once under the “seal” of the GARBC but even today in a “secret club of the good ole boys” to be protected at all costs, is putrid smelling to HIM, to HIM everything is transparent, every motive is known, for HE sees, knows, and understands all things!

    I am so proud of the brave ladies of this blog. They have given permission to all MK’s and their parents to begin to heal the burdens they have from the past.

    I have heard from other MK’s some pretty sad stories as well, and maybe that is part of the problem, maybe, just maybe there is a fear in the hierarchy of ABWE and the sister organizations with leadership and boards they share, that if ALL the MK’s that are carrying burdens from the past, not due to poor choices of their parents but due to poor choices of those in authority there would be a “flood” of emotions only topped by the flood in the days of Noah.

    I say, “open the flood gates.”

  33. wikersham says:

    If the the first step toward repentance is recognizing what you have done ABWE, than in my opinion you still don’t get it. What happened was not “unwise and unacceptable”, it was evil and ungodly.

    What these men did to these abuse victims is to cover up evil, which is evil.

    Pr 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate.

  34. Where I Would Ply My Trade if I Were A Pedophile. http://bit.ly/LUHDbm

    Craig Olson
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  35. Sue McCoy says:

    Thank you for such a well written article. I am so sorry for the personal pain you have gone through, but can totally relate, as can many other abuse vitims and parents of abused children within the Christian community. I hope this makes parents think twice about the safety of the church and the expectations for righteousness and truth they have for their pastors and those in leadership. As a mother who was put through a massive cover-up of sexual abuse in the local church regarding a child, and also,
    as someone who experienced it herself, this article really hits it!! The church, for some reason, loves itself , more than the God of righteousness, truth, and compassion for the least of these. Parents….beware..and do not fall for the cover-up and blame of “an unforgiving spirit” if you find yourself fighting for exposure of the perpetrator!! God is on your side!!

    • paulspassingthoughts says:

      To your point, we are talking with some folks who thought they were being spiritual by “forgiving the way they were forgiven” and leaving quietly. Now at least one guy I know of feels bad because he found out about some abuse at the same church that might have been prevented if he had taken a stand. As author John Immel says: “Private virtue is like the proverbial tree falling in the woods–irrelevant, and without a witness.”

  36. watching closely says:

    BTW, we’re still here, still waiting, still praying. Time has a way of slipping by without notice. Still, God is on the throne and His timing is perfect.

    Donna Bos

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