Keeping On

As we are all well aware, it has been over a year since ABWE and Dr. Donn Ketcham were called out publicly for the sins they’ve committed.  A very. long. year.  We are hanging in there, by a thread in recent days, but we are still hanging in there.  We believe that the truth will set people free and the truth, dear readers, is worth fighting for.  So we keep fighting.  And praying.  And watching.  And waiting.  All the while, trusting that God is working in and through all who’ve chosen to use their voices and have had the courage to speak out, the G.R.A.C.E. team, and all those who are praying for us.

God has reminded us, over and over again, that we all need to

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Open your mouths, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  Proverbs 31:8-9

We cry out not for ourselves but for our sisters – mute because they lost their voices as children.  We speak out for our loved ones who are emotionally destitute.  We stand up in defense for the needy.  We are doing this for the special women in our lives who’ve been asked to pay too high a price for one man’s selfishness and an organization’s pride.

We are tired. We are worn out.  We are discouraged.  We are occasionally tempted to give up.

But we won’t.


What Donn Ketcham did to these girls was wrong. It was criminal.  It was SIN.  It has a name:

Sexual Assault.

What ABWE did to these girls is almost worse. It was criminal.  It was SIN.  It, too, has a name:


Both of these things require action.  Serious action.  We cannot let ourselves become complacent, content that G.R.A.C.E. is doing an investigation and Donn Ketcham has surrendered his license.   It’s not enough.

It is not enough.

written by Diana Durrill, sister of the 14 year old survivor

About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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  1. Still here says:

    We are here- waiting, praying.

  2. paulspassingthoughts says:

    yes, we certainly don’t need to send a message that victims eventually go away. I can tell you I don’t plan to unless the Lord has other plans. Of course I will pray, but I will also have a MK day on my blog today. Least I can do.

  3. Peter Waud says:

    Have continued to follow this sad story all year and pray for you all.
    But decided it was time to send a note.
    I think there are many like we who are watching and waiting and hoping the honorable thing will be done.
    Yours for the Gospel
    Peter Waud

  4. Anne Smith says:

    Still waiting and praying. Thankful for the GRACE team to do what most of us could not do. Thank you for your time and effort you have put into this investigation. We will continue to pray for you every day that God will give you wisdom and discernment and strength to do this and your other many jobs you have. Once again, Thank you!
    Another sister of the 14 year old survivor- Anne Smith

  5. amazed says:

    Dear Ladies:
    My prayers continue, and my heart is more open toward others hurting because of this blog. Often now I evaluate things said concerning this topic and find them woefully lacking in our churches. Mostly the focus is on ‘prevention’ but what about ministry to those who are broken. Are we not called to bind up the broken? So I thank God for you, as you’ve helped inform my perspective on abuse its affects.

    Be encouraged, many are still here and praying. Thank you for the update. sometimes, when you come by it must break your heart and be a difficult thing to post here. Tonight while reading your post my heart broke again and tears fell for you, and your families. God knows all our tears. Psalm 56:8-9 “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? when I cry unto thee then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.”

  6. Patricia says:

    Thank you! Thank you for sharing from your heart the gut wrenching emotions that flow when sin is present. You have already ACCOMPLISHED so much for other victims, I now read, hear mentally process PR memos and other info from ALL religious org. from a different lens!

    One of the issues that has really come to light through this situation is how talented men/org. can use words and legal lease to prop up their lies. In fact I guess it punctuates the fact that Satan has no new tricks. For example, in the last press release from ABWE, it almost appears as if the report to the MI division of licensing and regulation of the doctor, and the GRACE investigation was the decision of ABWE. When you purposefully try to change an opinion by NOT giving credit where credit it due, and try to make a horrible situation look more palatable by lack of total disclosure of the situation, it is a LIE!

    However we all know in TRUTH, it was because of the brave ladies of the blog, but ABWE did not state that, did not state that because of their lack of due diligence the hurt has been allowed to continue and they have now seen the error or their ways and have asked for forgiveness and from this time forward they will do all they can to help right the wrong and will cease from inflicting anymore hurt and pain.

    This also is true, due to the brave ladies of the blog, since the first day this posted, I am sure that there have been decisions made in many churches, individual lives, and org. NOT to cover for a predator, not just because it is wrong but because they do not want their decision to end up on the blog! Of course the reason should be completely because covering and not immediately dealing with the situation is wrong, however from the perspective of stopping a predator I say, YOU GO GIRLS! You did it, and I am sure some day in Heaven they will “reap the reward” including this fact, their sharing stopped pain!

    Gone are the days that people believe an adult just because they can issue a well written statement, or release a spiritual sounding document. The brave ladies of the blog have taught us all that it is time to BELIEVE THE CHILDREN. There was a reason Christ said let the little children come unto me and forbid them not. HE did NOT see them as lesser people, or have lesser value than an adult, even and adult doctor with a prestigious name!

    ABWE still has not gotten that message, they should have listened years ago but they were too busy trying to put forth a good image, they still are NOT listening, they still have NOT learned the importance and the value of the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being of a child at the hands of a Christian org. or a person that represents that org. making them responsible for all actions.

    Praying and def. watching and thankful for your courage!

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Thank you all for your supportive comments and prayers!

      I, too, am disappointed that ABWE did not give credit in their last public statement to the girls who have shown so much courage. They pretend to be listening but they aren’t. Not really, truly, carefully listening with their hearts. They are taking action but from my perspective it appears to still be pretty self-serving. As in: recover, recover, recover! I can’t throw out all they are doing, for I have seen some really great steps taken on behalf of my sister and family, but the truth is – if they were listening with their hearts they would know that direct communication and humility are both of the utmost importance.

      Let me spell out what I mean:

      When they make a serious decision to remove someone related to this issue from office, they should CALL one of us (they have our numbers) and they should say something to the effect of, “We wanted to let you know that we have removed so-and-so from the home office for these reasons….We want to thank you for bringing this to our attention and we would like all the brave survivors to know that we admire their courage for bringing this to light. Please know that we are listening, we do care, and we are on their team.”

      When they make a public statement they would do well to include a sentence or two that says something like this, “We are deeply appreciative for the brave women who brought these matters to our attention. While it has been a painful and humbling process for the ABWE BoD, we have found that the information they have shared publicly was indeed true and called for our attention. After further investigation, we believe that it was necessary to take the following action(s)….”

      You know, it’s not really about getting all the credit as much as it is about them (ABWE) being HONEST. It is not comforting or reassuring to us for them to give the impression that they have chosen to do something really great in response to this issue without crediting the survivors. Rather, it is disturbing….because it means that they haven’t really changed. They are still all about their image.

      Maybe someday they’ll get it. Maybe.

      – Diana Durrill

      • watching closely says:

        You’ve said it so well there is not much more to say, except that I agree completely. You are right: it’s not about the credit, it’s about honesty.

        Sunday’s sermon in our church mentioned the Judgment Seat of Christ and how our deeds, words, thoughts, and even MOTIVES will be judged. The time to analyze and correct our motives is NOW!

        You and all who made this blog possible have done all you could to help point out error – in deeds, words, thoughts, and motives. Let’s pray that ABWE and other organizations like it will hear the real message and heed the warnings, before it is too late for them, before those who knew better are called to give an account at the Judgment.

        D. Bos

  7. I am with you all, Diana. Hang in there and keep on keeping on. I love you all very much!


  8. watching closely says:

    I wanted to comment on this new post Sunday evening but by the time I was it the hour was too late and I wanted a little more time to think about what I wanted to say. Yesterday went by quickly and I did not get a chance to visit the site.

    Today, I was so encouraged to see a new word come to the forefront: survivors! In so many of the past posts people referred to the abused children as victims, and they truly were victimized. To keep using the word, however, would make it so much harder for the girls and their families to move forward towards healing.

    The word survivor is a much better choice. It is so much more positive, empowering, I believe the day will come, and am praying to that end, that we can say the girls and their families are victors or victorious. I don’t necessarily mean victorious over DK or over ABWE, though that may also be included. I am referring to experiencing victory over so many of the chains that still hinder the health and growth of all those who suffered so much all these years. I’m talking about victory that brings freedom from the suffering of the past and hope for a better future.

    I too am still here, still watching and waiting, still praying for you all. I’m also praying that ABWE and other organizations in similar shoes will finally get the point, will finally see clearly, and will finally care more about people, about you, than they do about themselves and/or their image.

    Still watching closely,

    Donna Bos

  9. amazed says:

    Thank you to those who posted the link to the ABWE update. I had not read it, and now I have. It is apparent to me that ABWE still wants to be in control. They fear not being in control. To admit that they were forced by a blog would be to lose control. They are forgetting: what I myself often forget, I’m not in control– God is! To Justly, Love mercy and walk humbly ABWE!

    To Donna and Isaiah 6:18 and watching closely— say on– say on!

  10. shary hauber says:

    I encourage you to stay strong. Sad to say even if forced to acknowledge and pay for the abuse done no one can change an organization’s heart. If organizations don’t want to be open they won’t. We must hold them accountable every time. They will not openly acknowledge wrong doing in their group unless forced to each time. They will look at each incident as one they do not have to disclose. ABWE is not alone in this, many missions and churches are doing the same. Stay strong.

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