Paterno – Out of His Element

Paterno speaks publicly about the Sandusky abuse since his departure from Penn State.  He admits to passing it off to people he hoped would know how to deal with it better.  As the article says, “It didn’t work out that way.”

The moral of the story?  PREPARE.  Leaders need to know how to handle issues like this when they happen….because they will happen.  Why are churches and schools continuing to stick their heads in the sand and refusing to educate and prepare themselves?

You and YOUR MINISTRY can be prepared.  Call G.R.A.C.E.  We had them come give a seminar to our school and several churches in the Denver area on the topic of the prevention of and response to child abuse.  The information presented in that seminar was enlightening and invaluable.

PLEASE….I BEG YOU….please be prepared to handle the issue when it arrives at your door.  Prevent being another Joe Paterno.  If you want more information on holding a seminar in your area, call G.R.A.C.E. or get in touch with me, Diana Durrill, and I will help you get the ball rolling.  I urge you to take these steps.

ABWE – please, please follow Joe’s example and at least admit this much…”We were in over our heads with the Donn Ketcham tragedy and therefore, we grossly mishandled it to the detriment of at least one very, special mk girl, her parents and family.”

Diana Durrill

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