ABWE and Paterno: Not Isolated Incidents of Moral Cowardice

Yet another article is telling the sad tale of Penn State, but I found this one interesting and different because it points out that maybe–just maybe–the signs that these men were not actually “good men” were there and have been there for quite some time. The same is very true of ABWE leadership. Author Nick Summers says:

To many, Paterno’s fall from grace has come as a sudden and stunning shock. But in recent years, the football regime over which he presided like a god had begun to show signs of ethical decay. A search of media and court records by the Daily Beast reveals a program at Penn State marred by allegations of sexual aggression. At times those incidents met with apparent indulgence by Paterno and college authorities. Paterno’s failure to report Sandusky’s alleged assault was not the only time the head coach appeared to have an ambiguous approach toward members of his program accused of sexual misconduct.

And that’s how it is for those in the know about ABWE’s leadership in areas of sexual misconduct. Show me a child molester they turned over to authorities. You cannot tell me Donn Ketcham was the only child molester they ever experienced in their decades of missions and the only one they ever let slide through without so much as an actual discussion of facts with his pastor (they lied about that, remember?). It’s simply a statistical improbability that he’s the only one.


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The poll that’s been running on my site for a few weeks now hits at the heart of this issue. And yet, the alignment of votes cast thus far are very disturbing to me. The poll asks this question: “Should ABWE continue operating as a mission agency after having willingly harbored a criminal pedophile within their ranks for decades?” As of this comment, the tally is 208 YES and 75 NO. Three to one, voters believe that the ABWE leadership are not guilty of covering up for a pedophile, that they are not guilty in having allowed a pedophile to run free and continue in his ways for another 22 years. Three to one, those who have voted give the same allegiance to ABWE and its leadership that the riotous Penn State students gave to Coach Joe Paterno, a man who had equally covered up and looked the other way for another known pedophile. Those so-called Christians who are voting on my website are now “covering up” for the pedophiles, too, in my humble opinion. It makes me sick, and it disgusts me to no end. What does this do to our Lord Jesus Christ? God help us. We sure need it.

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