A Deficiency of Love: Thoughts from Penn State’s Campus Crusade Pastor

Why would “good men” do nothing? Perhaps a deficiency of love.

I will first warn you that this Facebook note from Tim Henderson, the pastor of Campus Crusade’s Penn State chapter, describes the events that are known about in some graphic detail, and so some of you may not choose to read it. (Or may choose to scroll down to where this favorite quote from the piece begins.) In it he says:

Guys, I want to suggest to you that what we’ve seen on campus this week, at multiple levels in the organization, and maybe in our own hearts as well, is a deficiency of love.

Who should be fired? Who should be in jail?  I don’t know.  The cops and judges and the Board of Trustees- that’s their job.  But do you think that if the witnesses, coaches and administrators had loved the boys who were being raped, they’d be quibbling about obligations? 

Love compels action.  Love moves to protect. 

What do you think? In our situation, has a deficiency of love for the victims–after all, many of those on the ABWE board and in ABWE headquarters have either never met any of the victims or have never seen them in the last 20-plus years–kept ABWE from doing the right things?

Does this come down to who you love more?

Or, for those parents of victims who still cannot decide whose side they are on, does it come down to obligations overriding love? To that I would ask, is a parent not obliged to stand with his or her child … even if the victimization happened 30 years ago?

And by NOT standing with adult victims who are brave enough to come forward, are we not victimizing them all over again? 


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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2 Responses to A Deficiency of Love: Thoughts from Penn State’s Campus Crusade Pastor

  1. Laurie M says:

    As we drove in to work this morning, my husband and I were discussing this. How sad that it needs to be pointed out to people that the outrage is not JoePa’s being fired, but should be for the children that this man violated and molested. The outrage should be that it was covered up, not that it is finally being brought to light. The outrage should be that people did nothing or acted just barely within the minimum of the required law. They certainly did not meet moral obligation, not a human obligation.

    I personally think part of the reason there is less outrage or outcry about what happened to the innocent little girls in Bangladesh is because we are a society of instant gratification and we have voyeur tendencies. As a society we are so accustomed to “seeing” instantly, floods, earthquakes, riots, a presidential arrival somewhere, a red carpet walk by a celebrity. We are spoiled by the instant “know now” we get from media, from cell phones or social networks.

    The word chum comes to mind. Chum: “Shark bait composed of unwanted or useless fish parts” is used to attract sharks, make them circle and frenzy. Chum is used in television and newspapers to gain interest (although I’m sure a good advertising exec would find a more appropriate word for it). You didn’t spread chum and I am appreciative of your deliberate choice to not resort to that!

    Please don’t take that the wrong way, I have and still do find myself admiring the grace and dignity that this blog and forum site have shown in how the information is conveyed. You have not succumbed to the use of buzz words or profanity, even in your righteous indignation; you have stayed above the level of slinging mud and have respected privacy and feelings. I suspect though, in order to stir up a louder cry, to be that squeaky wheel in today’s society, you almost have to feed the frenzy.

    I stay committed to you in prayer. I stay committed to you by heart. I will not forget. I will not lose interest. I will continue to “porcupine” my pastors and I will continue to share with others. Be strong and keep your faith in God. Allow God to do his work, including working in the hearts and minds of the people who will need to make decisions within the ABWE in the future.

  2. watching closely says:

    This was an excellent article! I like the pastor’s question “Am I one who loves?” What a sobering question! Great job taking the focus off of ourselves and what we, “the public” have lost and putting it where it belongs.

    I’m praying that at a nation we can mourn for the victims of the Penn State abuse cases. I’m praying that as believers, as the Church, we can mourn for the victims of the Bangladesh abuse cases. I’m praying that we can mourn our own deficiency of love and that we can learn to love as Christ does.

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