Penn State & ABWE: “Insular Communities”

This article by author and speaker Daniel Darling is one of the first we’ve seen offering lessons for the Christian community from Penn State. It would be so easy to take the entire article and just substitute “ABWE” for every place he says “Penn State.” The similarities are uncanny:

“The Danger of Insular Communities” by Daniel Darling

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We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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6 Responses to Penn State & ABWE: “Insular Communities”

  1. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing!

  2. isaiah 618 says:

    And now we can add Albert Mohler to the list of those taking down the lessons for the church. Is ABWE taking notes yet?

    A Call to Action: The Tragic Lessons of Penn State

  3. isaiah 618 says:

    Ahhh … and StopBaptistPredators blogger calls Southern Baptist Al Mohler out because he has not (not publicly anyway) called for the firing of Southern Baptist Pastor Jack Graham who also knew about an abuser and did nothing. There is a lot of this going around. Zero tolerance, anyone? Is any denomination or institution safe if they do not heed the advice of REPORT, REPORT, REPORT?

    • watching closely says:

      Wow! Someone shook the mountain and now we are seeing an avalanche of child-abusers (pedophiles) shaking loose! I’m starting to wonder if it would be easier to list the churches, institutions and agencies who did not abuse children and/or cover it up, instead of listing all those who did. Where will it all end? Is this why so many of our “good” churches are drying up and closing the doors? Let’s stop blaming everyone else – the politicians, the liberals, the false religions – for killing our churches! We are killing them ourselves by closing our eyes to sin in our midst and embracing financial gain instead. It’s all so sad, I’ve run out of ways to express it!

      Donna Bos, former missionary

  4. Here’s another article calling Christians to put policies in place to prevent this from happening – with a quote at the end: “So, let your first impulse be to protect children, not reputation. When that is the priority, all else is secondary. Penn State missed that and more children suffered. Make sure your church never makes the same mistake.”

    • isaiah 618 says:

      Debi, thank you for this. It is a gift from God today, because it has revealed a sad thing that must come to light and that is the unwillingness of Christians to stand up for what is right when their pals are involved.

      The statements in it from Ed Stetzer in the article are great, and I agree with everything he says. However … I warned him privately on May 6, 2011, that ABWE was doing these very things. I reminded him his name and photo were on their website. I begged him to help with whatever influence he had. His staff at Lifeway assured me he would read it, but I never heard anything back from him. I emailed him again today with our latest post. I agree with what he is saying publicly, I just wish he’d said it in May, and I wish he’d separate himself publicly from ABWE. Maybe now he will.

      Sad that it took Penn State to get Christians to speak out about child abuse. Why was the heartache of ABWE MKs not enough?

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