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Donn Ketcham, ABWE & the GARBC

Many people don’t really understand why a mission board with such strict regulations and rules that its missionaries cannot dance or drink would allow a man who has broken his marriage vows and conducts himself suspiciously around the opposite sex … Continue reading

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DEAR ABWE: A Few Words About the “Appearance of Evil”

Dear ABWE Board Members, As an MK under ABWE I was taught from a young age the importance of Christians avoiding “the appearance of evil.” We weren’t supposed to play with playing cards, because people gamble with them. In fact, … Continue reading

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We’ve seen it before: You’re in leadership. You screw up. You make a statement saying you are sorry. And then what? You go on an apology tour.  That’s right. There’s actually a name for it now. Apology tour. And of all … Continue reading

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