NOTICE from GRACE for all Bangladesh MKs

We’ve been asked by GRACE’s team to please post the following on this blog and our forums, with a link to the questionnaire:

 This questionnaire was sent to MKs known to have been on the BD field during the time Donn Ketcham was also present. There are some individuals for whom current contact information is not known.   If you or someone you know was an MK during that time and did not receive this questionnaire, and are willing to assist in this investigation, please notify GRACE immediately as GRACE has asked to have all completed questionnaires returned by September 20, 2011.  GRACE will then be scheduling interviews as quickly as possible with those who have agreed to an in person interview. GRACE will also be following up with anyone who has indicated that they wish to provide a written statement.
THE QUESTIONNAIRE: Click on the link you’ll find, it will download and you can view it and the instructions for returning it to GRACE (not us). It is a very brief questionnaire that is easy to fill out. We promise the link is our own, contains no malicious software, etc. It is simply a link to where we’ve placed the document.