Abused MKs, Including Co-Founder of BangladeshMKsSpeak.com, on CBN


Just a note to let you know that Susannah Beals Baker, who co-founded this website with the unnamed victim of 1989, was interviewed for a CBN news segment, alongside other abused MKs from different mission boards. We are proud of her voice, and hope that others will watch.

About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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9 Responses to Abused MKs, Including Co-Founder of BangladeshMKsSpeak.com, on CBN

  1. paulspassingthoughts says:

    Thanks for the update. I will be tuning in.

  2. Tamara Barrick Rice says:

    An old friend of ours has started a blog about the subtle and not-so subtle flaws of modern missions that can be reformed. It’s worth a read: http://bamissions.blogspot.com/ A lot of these flaws are what led to situations like the one ABWE currently faces with DK.

    • Patricia says:

      I can not even imagine the courage it has taken to post this blog.

      I also believe that your actions have and will help others in the same situation.

      You have already been used of the Lord. I will be praying for the interview on Friday. I now that many are praying for you and for a Christ honoring resolution. This should have occurred years ago.

      God bless you for your courage!

      • isaiah 618 says:

        Dear Patricia,
        Thank you for your prayers. I am not actually looking forward to being on TV or the internet but felt it was something God wanted me to do. Thanks for your encouragement.
        Susannah Beals Baker

  3. amazed says:

    Will be in prayer! This most likely will increase awareness, but also satan’s attacks. Specifically, even right now I pray that the peace of God will keep you through this time. Been praying for all and the investigation and will continue to do so.

  4. alice moody says:

    praying for you. Saw the interview and know there are more people out there. Many saying that’s me to. Maybe we should be pushing for the mission boards to be shut down and watching church leaders in general more closely. Satan comes as an angel of light and his voice is loud and clear.

  5. amazed says:

    Excellent start, I hope they do follow up segments. Susan Beals Baker, how courageous to stand up and speak! 🙂

  6. Pamela E. Bennett says:

    I watched the story but had to watch it with my husband, I knew I couldn’t on my own. Susannah is a very brave young woman, may God give her comfort as only He can. I read a comment by Jennifer on Russ Lloyd Diary and I felt she was speaking for a lot of us.

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