Russ Lloyd Diary

We decided to post the diary kept by Russ Lloyd to demonstrate why we are calling for a third party investigation, specifically G.R.A.C.E.  We trust GRACE and trust is not something that comes easily for us.

Please feel free to leave your comments regarding this diary under this post.

Susannah Baker


About Bangladesh MKs Speak

We are a group of American former missionary kids (MKs) who lived in Bangladesh while Donn Ketcham worked as a missionary doctor there with the mission agency Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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20 Responses to Russ Lloyd Diary

  1. N.L. says:

    I’m not personally connected to anyone suffering through this nightmare. However was a member of a supporting church and well aware of the BD hospital and staff . We heard the good reports of work, and the danger of living in Bangadesh. Never would have dreamed of the danger within the compound.
    Have cried for all of you this past week and am outraged at the actions of DK and ABWE. Even more so today after reading the 5 page diary.
    There are many glaring errors of judgement and lack of ability to SEE what was happening. The arrogance of a mission board to take over the life of a child and not include, in every meeting, the support and permission of her parents is simply unimaginable. This smacks of extreme arrogance from the leadership.
    To the 14 yr old at the time.. and to all of the wounded women. My heartfelt sympathy for the years of silence and suffering.

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow! I am speechless!! Having gone to HHBC I am familiar with this man and ABWE..I always found it suspicious, even as a teenager that while the missionaries labored in the field the big-wigs at ABWE headquarters lived high on the hog! It is sickening to read this mans diary and see how they blamed the 14 year old for this affair. I beleive their was a statment about her not telling them the whole truth “Suspicious”!! . What a travesty of justice that they felt the need to take the blame away from Dr. Ketchem and place it on a child! Is this how they justified sending a pedophile into the mission field??? Their were so many crimes committed here I don’t know where to start! A child was raped by a man of God, she was forced to sign a confession, she was treated like the offender not the victim and in the end the abuser was allowed to roam free to continue his abuse!! The bottom line is these men were not sent to find out the truth but rather to find out exactly what they needed to do to cover this up! It is ashame this did not occur on US Soil or they could be charged with accessory to a crime as well as the scum bag pedophile would be locked up! No one covered this up for Christ or for the Family…they covered it up to save their own skin plain and simple! What makes it worse is the victim was made to feel like this was her fault and was forced to live her life with her abuser free to potentially harm her anytime he choose…These people were not doing God’s work at all, they cared about themselves, their reputation and their paycheck. It is also sad that some of the missionaries associated with ABWE who were truly great people and were doing God’s work will be forever tainted because of their association with them. There apology letter to the victim is nothing more than a sorry we got caught!

  2. Is it just me or does this sound like they think the 14 year old girl was having an affair with DK? Rather than being molested? It sounds like they are considering her to be partly to blame. I’m appalled! How on earth? I cannot even imagine the pain that their family is experiencing and has had to go through over the last many years. My heart breaks again.

    • Trying to Make Sense of It (But Finding it Difficult) says:

      I wondered the same thing, but then realized that maybe that was his defense to try to excuse DK. Definitely not appropriate, but it was the only reason I could come up with.

    • Against collusion says:

      There is NO doubt in my mind. They considered and treated her as partly, even equally, to blame.

      The striking difference between suspicion towards her and giving DK the benefit of the doubt. — Leaving her to think that this situation was an “affair” shows that they considered her partly to blame. — I said it before. Others have said it. This was 100% mishandled. She had NO blame in this abuse. NONE! This was a power play on his part.

      It makes me wonder if the “affairs” with the adult women were truly “consensual.” I don’t know how it works on the BD field. Is the doctor/nurse, big name respected missionary/lesser status missionary relationship similar to clergy/parishioner? If so, those were not affairs but exploitation, also abuse, and even more proof that he is a sexual predator.
      has information and links where more can be learned about this
      one of the pages is this

      Particularly check out the information found on this website
      Especially this page…..

      • Against collusion says:

        this post is just so I can click the email notification of follow up comments box – i forgot to do that with my post

    • It is NOT your fault! says:

      There is a REASON states set a legal age of consent and also have, like in my state, an age spread limit. The legal age of consent in my state is 16 and the age spread rule is 3 years. Example: a 16 year old “consents” to sex with an 18 year old and that is viewed as “ok”. But if a 16 year old “consents” with a 20 year old… It is a crime. There is a 4 year difference. Another Example: if a 13 year old “consents” with a 17 year old then the 17 year old committed a crime. A 13 year old CANNOT consent.

      Here is my point… Even if th Russ duo thought it was an “affair” it would never hold up because
      1) a 12-14 year old CANNOT consent to sex or sexual actions. This is because developmentally and emotionally they can’t really understand what they are doing and ramifications of their actions
      2) obviously there was way mor than 3 years difference (>30!). The rationale behind this is “power and control”. The perp automatically has power and contr over the victim, coertion. Furthermore the very position of being a doctor is a “power and control” issue. Ever wonder why professionals such as doctors, teachers, therapists, etc can loose thier license over “romantic” involvement with a patient/student/client? Power and Control!

      My dear 14 year old… If you have been made to believe the lies that this was your fault…. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! you were taken advantage of! Parents… IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! you were taken advantage of by a man in a position of power and control (dk) and by men in positions of power and control (Russ duo). Sisters and brothers, “aunts and uncles”, BD MKs IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! you were taken advantage of by a man in a position of power and control AND by an organization in a position of power and control.
      I pray some day you can truly believe that.

  3. C. H. says:


  4. Brokenhearted says:

    Dear Young Ladies and Families, I do not know you. I do know however that justice has not been wrought for you. As I read the accounts in Russ Lloyd’s diary I literally wept. How could they have “extracted” a confession from a 14-year old and then accepted a confession of “emotional abuse” from the perpetrator (page 4 of diary)? How could they not have let this young girl talk to her Mom and Dad? How could they have insisted until she finally signed a confession? How could they say that perhaps she was having “sexual fantasies”? To my knowledge a 14-year-old girl who has lived a sheltered life on the mission field with limited contact with the outside world, has no knowledge of such unless someone has informed her or abused her before. I was appalled by the diary entries. No, I was very angry. I am so very sorry for your hurts. May God’s loving arms surround you and support you. May justice be done and the men removed who have ignored your pleas for help.

  5. L Tucker says:

    Reading the diary exposes the arrogance of the leadership. It is a shame that this went on for so many years. I am so thankful that we serve a God who keeps the records of wrong and is dealing with those who were involved in covering up for their “famous” friend.

  6. GRBC '84 Grad says:

    I find it interesting that they allowed DK to tell his wife without anyone else present – who knows what he told her? It does not sound like they clarified anything with her to be sure she knew exactly what he had done.

  7. Cheryl P says:

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    Cheryl P

  8. Lynn West says:

    I am a teacher of Emotionally Impaired children. What bothered me then and continues to bother me (after I read Russ Lloyd’s notes) is that the family of this 14 year old and the 14 year old were never given any help after this happened. I read in the notes that the family was in shock……and, what was done about that? There should have been counseling set up for this family. Had they not tried to protect Donn, perhaps more would have been done to help the hurt.
    Reading Russ Lloyd’s notes is like a kick in the gut. Again, I am so sorry for all the girls that DK violated. I am praying for you all.

  9. Dan DeCook says:

    Okay, this one may hurt a bit more, since it’s very likely these are people I know, and people I like. But it seems as if we must go there.

    The journal entries of Mr Lloyd (and I hesitate to use the word “dr.” in front of his name, as his professional credibility seems ever more doubtful) offer disturbing insights into the thought processes of Messrs. Russ as they “handled” this crisis. The appropriateness of the rapid response to Indiana, the “snatch” of a 14 yr old (and it really can be called nothing other than a snatch), the whisking her off to Bangladesh to confront a middle-aged pedophile with his crimes, the lack of surrounding her with anybody she knew and was comfortable with (let alone female), the shielding of her from her proper parental support and protection–all of this can and should be beat on like a filthy rug, for it is all so very wrong.

    The entries regarding the interviews with Donn are perhaps most illuminating, for in retrospect is has the clear hallmarks of an orchestrated performance. Confessions too easily brought forth, token tears, jokes and banter, all these suggest a carefully planned soliloquy of a trained actor. Perhaps he’d spent months, even years, anticipating just this moment. And to their credit, the Messrs. Russ seemed to catch (at least a little), that they were being led, not leading.

    Which makes the “final” performance (which is not in journal entries, but can be gathered from other contributions of those who were there) the more stunning. Evidently, the responsible adults of MCH were gathered into SGR1 and told something (and I would hope that that “something” was something like the truth), and then told that no one would talk about it, that it was now being “handled” by appropriate authorities. And the evident way in which it was “handled” was to now whisk Donn out of BD under the cover of “sexual improprieties”, and leave the shame draped silently around the neck of a child. They were told to drink the Koolaid by those in authority, and apparently they all did.

    I hope you can hear a pin drop, when you stop and think about that. Did no one not think that this was wrong? That even if it seemed perhaps barely an appropriate way to handle things given the awful immediate shock of the revelations, did it, could it, not have seemed wrong with just a few days (or even a few hours) reflections? Were there not fathers of daughters in attendance that day? Are there not fathers of daughters out here who are screaming “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!”? Does not God put within every one of us a moral compass, one that must have been spinning madly in all directions at that point? What was the lodestone? Did Satan so lower his hands over the Malumghat campus that all light was blotted out, when this decision was arrived at?

    And if the ABWE policy on authority was such that no one felt free to stand up and express revulsion and distate for this “plan” as it was carried out, then this is a culture that needs dismantling. We do all operate under “command;” we are all expected to follow and do things we are told to do, even when we do not always understand everything we would like to understand about an issue. We do it in an atmosphere of trust, hoping that the authority over us is truly representing God and His will.

    But God never calls us to abandon our brain, our heart, our convictions of His truth. This is the gift of all of us being priests within His kingdom. I am sure there were many more hearts ripped open by this than just Aunt Jeanie, who so honestly expressed her desire that she would have spoken out at that meeting. Abusing Scripture, covering this by an admonition “not to be a gossp,” reminds one of other great social crimes covered by an excerpted verse or two. As Steve Kelley wrote, I clap my hand over my mouth in shock, over how this went down.

    There is broad and deep repentance called for here.

    And as a side note, I think this was mostly done to prevent the Bengalis from finding out “what really went on;” that it would “damage the ministry.” Which I find incredibly naive. They knew when we blew our noses, they knew when we cheated at Clue or Monopoly, they knew what we did in our schools, and in our houses, and in our private moments. The bamboo telegraph is extremely effective, and the observational skills of household help extraordinary. I’m sure they were well aware of Donn and his proclivities long before it came out publicly to his colleagues.

    And I’m sure they are well aware of how it was covered. Here we were trying to teach (and live) Scripture and model Jesus, and the lesson some may most remember is how to cover sin. It is more than sad.

    “He looked for justice, but saw only bloodshed;
    for righteousness, but heard cries of distress.”

    “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall,
    and stand before me in the gap,
    on behalf of the land…..”

  10. Tamara Barrick Rice says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Dan. My only caveat is that I think spiritual abuse was at play and the mishandling was not fully revealed until later. Not even as fully until the publishing of these documents. So I must give some of the adults credit there, in that they trusted Russ’s judgment. I’m sure many made assumptions about what would happen to Donn that turned out not to be true (i.e. that the board would force him out of medicine?). I know many were SHOCKED to discover later on that he was working as a doctor in Michigan again. I agree it sounds so unbelievable in hindsight that no one in SGR1 would stand up and shout that it was wrong, but at the same time … I can see how it would have been hard to see past the “this is how we should handle this” and “this is what’s best for the ministry” and “this is what’s best for XXXX victim” that was being thrown at them. I’d like to think I’d have done differently if I were there that day as an adult. But honestly … I can’t say that for sure. Spiritual abuse is a powerful weapon in the hands of an unworthy warrior, which is why this conversation is SO important and must not stop.

  11. Truth vs. Trashing says:

    If ABWE has nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear. Yet they’ve already confessed to many, many sins of ommission and allowing sin to go without consequence.

    They acted as God, with mercy on sinners and little compassion for victims. Any who fear ABWE is being trashed are not focused on the right issues.

    Love it or hate it, this blog got a confession out of them that 22 years of Matthew whatever did not. Love it or hate it, this blog has to continue until justice rolls and truth is exposed.

    Remember. If the creator of this blog wanted to destroy a mission board, this person would have gone to a district attorney in Pennsylvania, rather than crying out to fellow Christians to help her hold other Christians accountable.

    This blog is about accountability, and that’s why I support it. You can choose to see it as truth or you can choose to see it as trash, but I think that how you view it says a lot about your faith.

  12. Concerned Supporter says:

    As a representative of a supporting church I received an email from ABWE notifying their supporting churches of this situation. This is how I learned of the blog and came on to read some. After reading, I am disturbed to say the least. And saddened. The cause of Christ takes a blow when such wickedness occurs in the Body, and confirms the enemy’s accusations that Christians are hypocrites. We know, however, that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, and God can use all things for good. Even this.

    In trying to understand why ABWE mis- handled this situation so grossly, I believe there must have been several driving factors – to silence all talk to avoid it blowing up and hurting ABWE, and hindering the good work that was being done aside from DK through ABWE. There was obvious prejudice against the victim, as she was treated as a seductress with DK posing as a victim and shame shame shame on ABWE for this! ALL of it! It’s all shocking and awful. Just awful.

    I find it hard to fathom that even with confession and pleas for forgiveness on the part of ABWE that this organization would not ever be the same. What they tried so desperately to avoid by silencing the victims, sweeping the ugly truth under the rug has come back seven fold. Dud not one of them consider that this sexual predator might go on to continue his predation on young girls wherever he was moved to? What gross irresponsibility. As time unfolds, it is likely (rather certain) that women will begin to come forward to share post-1989 experiences.

    One question- did this doctor also treat local girls and women (Bangladesh girls/women)? I would imagine that they would have been poor easy victims. I certainly hope he did not.

    Now these young girls who were victimized and silenced are grown up women who are speaking out. The truth always comes out in the end, doesn’t it.

    My heart goes out to the victims, and my heart also goes out to ABWE. While they clearly blew it, they followed what they thought they should do at the time, as shocking and unbelievable as that may be. I hope this is an isolated incident and something that doesn’t usually occur on fields. It is heartbreaking. A wolf disguised as a sheep entered the fold, attacked the sheep, and was allowed to continue his disguise of a sheep elsewhere.

    Praying for restoration of all parties.

    • Elaine Kennedy says:

      Not child abuse, but another incident of impropriety and perhaps immorality (we do not really know) was swept into the closet of secrecy on a totally different field but by one of the Russ’s. We went to the field intending to work with this couple, yet no one–no one! told us of the situation…We only learned of their leaving when we arrived, and they left the country…secretly, privately. At that time, leadership went out of their way to reduce ‘gossip’ yet all the locals knew all the details, and it had split a local national church. But within ABWE, silence…dead silence! Not to talk about it…not to wonder, but to respect the leadership who handled the problem. ABWE leadership promoted Galatians 6:1 (anyone overtaken in a fault..for the spiritual one to restore him) over 1 Corinthians 5:5–to publicly throw him out of the organization (not quietly). While this couple were dismissed, this cloak of secrecy remains until this day, promoting the idea that the problem was settled in some way, yet the problems of disunity exist on the field 30+ years later. If ABWE had taken a stand then, these current problems would not exist. So, we keep having to drag issues through the mud of the past. That’s how I see it.

  13. Concerned Supporter says:

    Forgot to mention: A reading of the internal documents and actions of ABWE seems to indicate that the incidents were viewed by the ABWE leadership as consensual encounters rather than abuse. It’s as if they completely overlooked the fact that the female was 14! The handling of the situation looks like what one would expect to see if it had been consenting adults. It wasn’t! This is odd beyond belief. Nothing less than shocking. Can’t make any sense of it.
    Glad they finally acknowledge that they handled it wrong.



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